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Rocker Ronnie Wood, 65, Marries 34-Year-Old Girlfriend Sally Humphreys

Rocker Marries Girlfriend

Rocker Ronnie Wood married his girlfriend, Sally Humphreys, in a private ceremony held at the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, London on Friday.

The Rolling Stones rocker, 65, was dressed sharply in a navy suit for the wedding to 34-year-old Humphreys, reports The New York Daily News.

Wood also reportedly had three best men, including Stones guitarist Keith Richards and musician Rod Stewart. Humphreys, meanwhile, donned a floor-length gown that came complete with three-quarter-length sleeves and a layered taffeta skirt.

The bride wore simple accessories, like a red heart-shaped necklace and a silver headband. The rocker has known his theatre producer wife for nine years. Yahoo! News notes that Humphries dished earlier this year that Wood proposed to her after he asked her father’s permission at the premiere of Crossfire Hurricane, the Rolling Stones documentary. She stated:

“There’s no problem with the age difference. I can understand why people would have a problem with it but it doesn’t seem to cause any problems. We get on very well.”

The Rolling Stones rocker has been married twice before. His first marriage was to Krissy Findlay and lasted from 1971 until 1978. He married second wife Jo and they stayed together for more than 20 years until their split in 2008. Jo recently auctioned off several items from their marriage together — a move that sparked a feud with her former husband, who told her his Rolling Stones tour outfits were not something she was allowed to sell.

Along with getting married, the rocker stated that he and Sally Humphries are not ruling out the possibility of kids. Ronnie Wood stated that, while the couple has no plans for kids, they also have “no non-plans” for the idea.

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72 Responses to “Rocker Ronnie Wood, 65, Marries 34-Year-Old Girlfriend Sally Humphreys”

  1. Anonymous

    WTH? The guy's a mummy! Amazing what some women will do for money! I guess some people will say that she is smart. Please don't tell me that she loves him. And the hairdo? Talk about out-of-touch with reality! This guy belongs in a looney farm.

  2. Anonymous

    wear out that young vagina , Ron paid a lot of money for that pussy.

  3. Mark Coonan

    Instead, he's got a finer woman than you and is worth about $90 million.

  4. Ed Williams

    You think there going to give it away to some one who looks like that. You get what you pay for!

  5. Anonymous

    Thirty-one years older; he could be her father, but he looks like her grandfather! Eeew. Some guys never learn.

  6. K-Man Eastburn

    And you know damm well if he worked at a carwash, she wouldn't even look at him! Maybe tip him a dollar…

  7. Rob Purifoy

    That dude has so much money and fame- does anyone really think he's going to marry an old bag his age? Don't get me wrong-I like Cougars too but a Cougar to him would be like 80 years old so can't go in that direction, gotta go younger.

  8. Alena Carter

    I am hearing Donna Summer in my head right now.."She works hard for the MONEY, So hard for it honey"…This is a LOL + Barf situation.

  9. Anonymous

    Why do woman marry for money! I could not stand it if I had to look at this person every day and know I didn't love him. Its so wrong to do that, why does she go to work & make her own money. He has to buy a girlfriend. She basically gets paid to marry him otherwise she probably never would if he didn't have money.

  10. Kathy N Ron

    Gosh he is aging well, look at all his hair and not a gray one in sight. Amazing.

  11. Mary Jo Swift Belanger

    A woman who does this is called a cougar- a man who does it is called lucky.

  12. Iamjust'thatDamn Good

    Old bag his age? That means he's an old bag, and he knows she's there for the money.

  13. Iamjust'thatDamn Good

    he knows shes there for the money, and he still married her so don't put the blame on the woman

  14. Peter E. Gould

    Sad Old man! He andhugh Hefner will be in a wheel chair and their wives will be riding the chauffeur. Sad way to be and he had a wife years ago. When he is with her and says "remember when" she says nothing. No grandkids, drugs, alcohol and little sleep. He is a human wreck with no true center to his being. He should have "rented" her once a week! Its cheaper. (x) (x) is all he sees.

  15. Ralph Nadle

    Good for Ron….don't know the man from a hill of beans but I have always loved his playing….Slide on this is an excellent album.

  16. Randy Haha Fabian

    I have been a FACES fan and ROLLING STONES fan for about 45 years. Ronnie Wood is not only a talented musician, he's also a famous artist who can draw and paint better than most. I've seen him at both on stage and in art expos and I can tell you they guy is always working on a project. This girl is beautiful and Ronnie is a great guy and is obviously in love. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  17. Anonymous

    Nothing wrong with his marriage. The Bible says a man should marry a woman half his age plus 7, so he's only off by about 5 years on the younger side; good for him! Irregardless best wish to the Bride and Groom.

  18. Alec Sevins

    She is a very nicely shaped woman (see other photos). This reminds me of "Paris, Texas" with H.D. Stanton and his improbable partner, but they were both poor in that story.

  19. Bob Smith

    gross, I wonder how much money he slipped the father when he asked permission.

  20. Anonymous

    Ronny got runover by a reindeer, drinking over our house christmas eve, met a girl who he's old enough to father, whipped out a wad of cash and asked her please…. sung to the tune of grandma got runover..

  21. Shelley Nuss

    You said it yourself, she works and has her own money, therefore she didn't need to marry him for his money. And here is a little tid-bit; Beauty is in the eye of the person looking. There are ugly fat women who weigh 400 lbs but have a husband. There are also men who are dumpy and strange but they have a wife. Stop looking with your mind. There are women who think Mick Jagger is ugly, an there are women who think he's a hunk. If I knew him personally and he treated me well, I would marry him, too. But I am 51. They may think that I am too old.(smile)

  22. Trucker Dave

    Kids! Apparently not be willing to risk genetic disorders for future children isn't part of this insane parental hookup. It seems like the two are standing on a firm bedrock of moral principles.

  23. Rich Davies

    You would of married a skeleton with rubber lips, are you kidding and money didn't matter!!!!! If you saw this guy at Starbucks and didn't know who he is you wouldn't give him the time of day!!!!!!

  24. Rick Dalton

    A damn ass married a gold digger after only one thing money he did one to many drugs in his days burn his brain out wait that right he sold his soul to the devil and his hell starts with this gold digger lol.

  25. Rick Dalton

    The rolling stones is a thing of the past.she a gold digger and he to eat up to know it

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