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Cassidy Goodson, Teen Who Strangled Her Newborn Son, Gets 18 Months In Plea Deal

Cassidy Goodson Gets 18 Months

Bartow, FL – Lakeland teen, Cassidy Goodson, will serve 18 months, for murdering her infant son. She was given notable leniency, when comparing the grisliness of the crime versus the terms of her plea deal.

In September 19, 2012 Goodson went into labor in a bathroom in her home. The 14-year-old had hidden her pregnancy from her family. She birthed a living 9 pound baby boy. Thereafter, the details are disturbing. Investigators allege that Goodson wrapped her hands around the infant’s neck and applied pressure until the newborn stopped breathing. Goodson cleaned the scene, and placed the infant’s deceased body into a shoebox.

When asked about the mess and soiled items in the bathroom, Goodson confessed to her mother that she’d simply miscarried. Her mother, having suspected the teen had been pregnant, took her to the Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Three days later, her mother made the gruesome discovery in the shoebox and called authorities. Goodson was arrested and charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse, as reported by ABC News. She later re-enacted how she killed the baby boy using a doll.

Goodson plead-out to a lesser charge of manslaughter, and will serve up to 18 months in a maximum security facility for juveniles. reports that had Cassidy been convicted of murder, and sent to prison, all those involved agreed it would simply have been a second life lost. They all felt the girl deserved a second chance. No one wants to see her life be thrown away on such a senseless act.

Upon sentencing, the judge was satisfied that the teen had no other criminal history, and was unlikely to be a threat. If Cassidy completes her program without incident, she’ll reappear before the judge in 18 months, be placed on probation, and be set free. If she violates the terms of her release, Goodson could be charged as an adult, and face up to 15 years.

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344 Responses to “Cassidy Goodson, Teen Who Strangled Her Newborn Son, Gets 18 Months In Plea Deal”

  1. Josie Leeds

    Has she been evaluated for mental illness? Strikes me as an incipient sociopath or psychopath. I don't think the judge gave proper weight to the MURDER of a perfectly healthy NINE POUND child.

  2. Aiesha Ja'Nae

    Wth???? The baby didnt get a second chance … And how the hell did she go 9months without anyone knowing she was pregnant???

  3. Rebecca Nichols

    In the good ole USA you CAN get away with Murder; sad but true.

  4. Judi Meier

    she deserves a life sentence for what she did to that innocent baby. After all he didn't ask to be born. Her son never had a chance, why should she.

  5. Megan Perez

    Sickening, her mother thought she was pregnant, but did nothing, she could have intervened, that baby could still be alive and with a loving family. I blame the parents. That girl is sick and needs to be locked up and the key thrown away!

  6. Sue Guy

    Murder is Murder no matter what your age is you kill someone you do life this is showin a example to other teen moms who get pregnant now thinkin they could kill there baby and only do a couple years.

  7. Cathy Franzosa

    SICK BITCH WHORE! 18 months are you freakin serious. Killing her own baby? Another Caylee Anthony story! Nice job stupid Florida. She should be fixed! My daughter had a baby when she was 16 and now 22 years old with two children she loves so much!

  8. Kevin O'Neal

    Yes, this is very disgusting. She's been given a second chance; this stupid girl killed her baby so when was the baby given a second chance?

  9. Jessica Hernandez

    This Is Sickening! I Think She Deserves More Than 18 Months Child Or Not She Knows Right From Wrong.. & She Shouldnt Have Beeb Having Sex Unprotected If She Didnt Want The Baby There Are Other Options!

  10. Janette Miller

    She should go to prison for life if not they should at the very least not allow he to be around children like they do with Predators. No child will ever be safe around her she is a Murderer. She was clever enough to hide the body and lie many time to her parents and others.

  11. Hylaree K. Moren

    This girl is completely ignorant. Her poor baby..yes it was a living, breathing infant, not a fetus. If her mother suspected, she could've prevented this. I hope she's not aloud to have children in the future, who knows what could happen to them.

  12. April Wright

    This is HORRIBLE. Was anyone thinking about the life lost from her own doing? When she gets pregnant again in 19 months and the same outcome happens I hope the judge is FIRED. This angers me so damn deeply. And of course its in Florida. The only state you can break your wifes neck and get a Man 2 charge. Congratulations Florida you have failed another helpless child!

  13. Sandy Simpson

    Obviously a helpless infant's life is not worth much to the justice system! They said she is not going to be a danger in the future? What about the next baby she decides she doesn't want? Our society is on a slippery slope, watch your step folks!

  14. Cathy Franzosa

    9 pound baby fit in shoe box…NO NO I don't think she gave birth to a 9LB baby.

  15. Susie Scherer

    I would like to know how she hide her being pregnant for nine months. She should have gotten life. That baby didn't do anything for his mom to do that.

  16. Frances Milazzo Ireland

    Sorry I think death, I would like to put the needle in her arm. she will be put out on the streets in 18 mo. and go do this act again. They should sew up her lower parts, so she can't have anymore.

  17. Holly Szmyt

    We live in hell on earth. What kind of society and legal system do we live in where it's ok to murder an innocent helpless newborn and get away with it?? A second chance?? She's a POS!! She doesn't deserve a second chance. Her child will never get another chance. So disgusted…another Casey Anthony.

  18. Samantha Simms

    She should be sentenced as a adult, she was acting like one when she got pregnant that poor baby, she could of chose adoption ect

  19. Rebecca Nichols

    I'm sorry, but now in the good ole USA you CAN get away with murder, because the bleeding heart liberals think the Death Penalty is inhumane–BS–this is why it keeps happening over and over again–throw them in prison , 3 hots and a cot–hell, they have it made; and they still commit murder.

  20. Raspberry Mocha Velez


  21. Krystle Chamberland

    She deserves far more than 18 months, along with her parents forneglecting their own child. Theres no reason for a 14 yr old to be pregnant especially with her parents not even having a clue about it! There should be no leniency with murderers, period!

  22. Nicole Hinton

    This is horrid…. now tell me seriously what does this tell our teens…. its ok to kill your baby because "its a second life lost" if we convict you…. so smack your hands and don't do it again…. hello this is so disturbing…. she should be held accountable… THINK your big enough to be having sex let alone get pregnant and deliver this baby then murder it then by God she is big enough to face her full consequences…. I am so furious…

  23. Tara Cosgrove

    I am 33 yrs old and I had my first child when I was 14 and in no way did it even cross my mind to do something like that I kept my son he is 18 now I could not think of what my life would be with out him. She took the easy way out and I believe she knew it was wrong and did anyway she deserves to pay for what she had done this really angers me.

  24. Jessica Mabbutt

    Simply put it she is a 14 yr old girl who got pregnant an pretty simply didn't want her family to found out so she killed her baby! I am not saying I is right because it disgusts me but it sounds like from reading the article that she was scared!

  25. Marvin Dexter

    I would like to know how as a concerned parent you have no idea your 14 yr old daughter is pregnant? I personally think that Cassidys parents should of been held responsible for her actions as well as her… She is only a child herself but still she knows right from wrong also….And I do think she needs to be evaluated for mental problems before she is released back into society…

  26. 'Aja Mzpriss Parks

    That's bullshit. So if she had been 25 would she get a longer sentence. The leniency they showed in her will make these teenage girls think they'll get the same sentence because of their age. Smh just ridiculous

  27. Ariane Dennison

    Look at this girl's face. No remorse whatsoever in both the mug shot and her appearance in court, yet this judge is going to be lenient? WHEN (not if) she violates and harms another life, this judge should also be disbarred for gross negligence and being an utter idiot. Wonder if there was a "private meeting" in his office before sentencing. She ended the life of what could've possibly been our next president, the man to cure cancer, the next Ghandi or peacemaker… for what? She didn't want to get grounded? Perfect example of the decline of modern mankind. I hope the inmates broom-handle her nicely. One of the 1st times I am NOT proud of Florida.

  28. Blake Comiskey

    if she didnt want the risk of becoming pregnant than she shouldnt of had sex at this age. that is what is happening now a days with babies having babies. its not fairtothe new baby when there is people that want a kid and cant have one.

  29. Margaret Morales Pulido

    what kind of shit is that I don't care if shes only 14 she killed an inocent baby why woyuld they give her only 18 months hell no this makes me upset she knew what she was doing she shouldn't have opened her legs at that can't believe her stupid ass girl.

  30. Dorothy Barth

    This is what I thought, and we say "where do these kids come from" ?? We talk about mental illness being detected early.. HELLLLOOOO ???

  31. Alexandra Bonifield

    And where is the MALE who impregnated this child? Walking around free as a bird, no doubt.

  32. Donna Rega

    Sorry but sane moral people just wouldn't be able to do that…the girl is not right and needs to be punished and treated and not live in the free world.

  33. Lynn Crider Smith

    She should have gotten a harsher sentence! She took a life so why should she get a second chance – the little angel she killed doesn't get another chance.

  34. Marvin Dexter

    Can i ask why the race card??? You think only white girls get away with this kinda shit… You just don't hear about it as much is all…

  35. Elizabeth Marie Anderson

    Depends on the size of the shoe box in all actuality.. there are no specifications as to the type of show box it was so realistically a 9lb baby could fit into a shoe box depending on type and size.

  36. Waylon Atlookan

    why do these people that kill their babies get so short sentences

  37. Celia Archuleta

    He wasn't the one that strangled the baby so why shouldn't he? She could have hid the pregnancy from him as well

  38. Trisha Angela Valdez

    That's bullshit. She MURDERED an innocent newborn
    Wow look what our society has come too…. She gets a lesser sentance to give her a second chance? WHAT ABOUT THE BABY? Where is his second chance WHERE?

  39. Marilou Kishur

    Cathy Franzosa Depends on the shoes. Maybe they were a nice pair of UGG boots? A shoe box for a pair of women's dress shoes might not have been sufficient, but I don't think we have sufficient information to determine the authorities who gave out the information are too stupid to know better.

  40. Regina Price

    I usually don't comment on this kinda stuff, but I too am a mother who had a baby at 14 and no one (in my mind… anyway) could have been more scared than I was but I never had thoughts of this nature. He didn't grow up to do some of the things I dreamed of him doing but I love him just the same and couldn't imagine where I'd be without that experience. We as a society need to stop buying these kids things do we don't have to deal with them and start holding their tails accountable for their actions and start telling them early that every action has a reaction! What was she scared of? We're her parents going to kill her? REALLY? REALLY?

  41. Marilou Kishur

    Debbie Varney Pratt Selfishness can also be an expected side affect of being a teen-ager. And evil, just how does one become that evil? Do you believe some children are born evil? And then, we're back to parental responsibility to intervene, aren't we?

  42. Patti Neslusan

    I am always in favor of strong punishment for criminals but she's just a baby herself. I have a grand daughter 4 years younger than her. Why wasn't her mother there to teach this KID about responsibility and PROTECTION. No child should be having a baby at 14. Parents teach your kids about personal responsibility and about contraception. Never say they are to young. Egads this is just so sad…..

  43. Marilou Kishur

    I think a more likely cause would be that the teen-ager would realize that if they'd only done something a few weeks earlier to kill their child, it would have been legal, something that perhaps crossed this child's mind.

  44. Bobby Lee Cotter

    What the fuck is wrong with the justice system? Seriously? It seems that, If you are a mother and you murder your child, you are eaither Set Free, or given a slap on the wrist, or just a short term. Fuck. That. these people KNOW what they are doing when they do it! If they are old enough to have sex and get pregnant in the first place, they are old enough to face the consequences of their actions as adults! I say she get Life with a CHANCE of parole after 13 years.

  45. Audrey Zimmerle

    i hope you dont claim to be a christian.. yes what she did is completly wrong and 18 months is not near enough but for you to go so far as to want to be the one to put a needle in her arm and sew her up…..then your no better than her, or the guy on all those damn SAW movies…..just sayin. dont fight brutality with brutality.

  46. Jeanette Terrana Balazs

    She doesn't deserve anything. If she's that disconnected from her parents that she couldn't ask for help in that bathroom she's probably a sociopath . Watching that baby take it's last breath and going about her business?? Psycho!!

  47. Toni Murphy

    If she can lay down and make a baby she can own up to a real punishment other than a smack on the hand. She needs to be put away for a long while.

  48. Amanda Parker Tillman

    What I don't understand is Fl has a safe haven law. All she had to do was take the baby to a hospital or a firehouse/fire dept. She wouldn't be in prison and that poor baby would still be alive.

  49. Cynthia Perry

    This sentence seems fair to me. Just because her body was able to have a baby doesn't mean her mind was old enough to shoulder all the stress. Her teenage years will be gone ,ample punishment. If she had aborted not many would have blinked an eye. At least she is getting some punishment for the murder of a child.

  50. Heather Hyden

    Some people shouldnt be parents.. The least she could have done is give it up for adoption…. Cant believe they gave her a plea bargain stupid justice system..

  51. Jamie Benedict

    People serve life for much less!!! This is a great example of our system failing!! They don't want a second life being wasted over this? Are you kidding me!!! What about the life of the precious child she took by her own hands? If she did that she's capable of anything! The judge, prosecutors and everybody involved should be ashamed!

  52. Chris Gartman Willhoit

    Did her baby get a second chance? They should have sent her to prison where she belongs. Who's to say she won't do it again?

  53. Laura Bullins Peters

    When Jesus hung on the cross next to two criminals, one said to Jesus, "remember me when you enter your kingdom" and Jesus replied, "today you will be with me in PARADISE" What does that say about us if Jesus promised paradise to a criminal? He gives second chances. Understand this life here is not forever. Heaven is a much better place than here. We need to love one another, help and build up our brothers and sisters so they can understand and know who Jesus to be able to repend and ask for forgiveness and live forever. God bless

  54. Angela Silvestre Padilla

    This is BS…. if she didnt want the baby there were other ways she could of went about it…. the fact that she is a WHITE teen that KILLED a HELPLESS BABY…and getting charged as a minor if not even close to justice for that baby…. the little b**tch opened her legs and acted like an adult then she should of took action like one as well and since she didnt then she SHOULD BE CHARGED AS AN ADULT!!!! No justice for that baby at all

  55. Sarah Brooks McGillen

    Honestly this is getting out of hand ppl murding other ppl and getting less than 2 yrs but someone gets a dui or drug charge and they get up to 15 and we wonder whats wrong with society our legal system is so screwed up that ppl dont care anymore

  56. Laura Bullins Peters

    When Jesus hung on the cross next to two criminals, one said to Jesus, "remember me when you enter your kingdom" and Jesus replied, "today you will be with me in PARADISE" What does that say about us if Jesus promised paradise to a criminal? He gives second chances. Understand this life here is not forever. Heaven is a much better place than here. We need to love one another, help and build up our brothers and sisters so they can understand and know who Jesus to be able to repent and ask for forgiveness and live forever. God bless

  57. Michelle Cooper Hubbart

    I disagree, I don't think this little girl should get life in prison. 18 months seems too lenient though. She definitely needs counseling. Being a young pregnant girl can be a very frightening thing and if she was hiding it from everyone she most likely convinced herself too that it was not real. It is sad that a baby's life was lost but I don't really see the difference if she had gotten an abortion except that someone else would have done the killing. This is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life and that may very well be punishment enough.

  58. Phil Stewart

    The baby got murdered and his murderer gets a slap on the wrist? Our "justice" system is a freaking farce!

  59. Kristen Hill

    If late term abortion is ok, then a child that is every bit as ready for life as that baby doesn't really count. I am not a fanatical pro lifer, I am making the point that, if this disgusts you and you think she is a monster, please ask yourself at what point in her pregnancy did she change from a woman's rights activist to a vile creature?

  60. Christine Kimball McLelland

    Did they find out who the father was and arrest him for having sex with a minor? Did they arrest the parents for child abuse because they obviously have not taught her wrong from right, and they allowed her to be in situations where she could get pregnant in the first place? I have a 14 year old, and there is no way I would allow her to be insituations where she'd be having sex at such a young age, and not know that she is pregnant or would do nothing about it if I thought she was (take her to a doctor duh?). Of course, there are many horrible, irresponsible parents out there and they just go on doing horrible things to their kids. 14 is a child and that is why we have child laws, because their brains are not developed fully yet and there parents are supposed to keep them safe and out of situations like this. I hope with this chance she's been given, as lenient as it seems, that she realizes what she's done and makes ammends by leading a meaningful life when she is an adult (and gets away from her parents).

  61. Trish Santagata

    What! That is sick! 2 lives lost…no only one would be, she deserves to pay for what she did…had she been 24 there would be no question she committed murder…what is wrong with this country

  62. Heathy Wi

    She should have gotten more time the that and her parents are fucking morons… How the hell did they not notice this kid being pregnant….she should have been tried as an adult…. She'll forever be known as the baby killer… I hope you die in prison during those 18 months bitch

  63. Jeannie Heath

    Not enough! She should be monitored for life at the least. BUT – my always question besides just blaming her parent (another seems like just Mom around) where is Her Dad and the excuse who should be probably be charged with SR who fathered the child. Gut tells me not another 14 year old and if even so – what was his role?

  64. Kristen Hill

    And yes, I think she deserves a longer sentence. No, she should not spend her life in prison. She is a baby, she doesn't really know what she did. Once she's old enough to understand the consequences of her actions then she should be able to make decisions on her own again.

  65. Kenny Ambiance

    Wtf is someone so young doing having a kid? Some people just have a bad thought process or something. Doesn't make any sense -_-

  66. Kenny Ambiance

    If she was that scared, she shouldn't have done the dirty deed 9 months before the baby was born

  67. Ryan Carranza

    Mental health is something we all need to accept is important. Seems be a growing issue in Florida… What's the deal down there?

  68. Cheryl Sakelakos

    "had Cassidy been convicted of murder, and sent to prison, all those involved agreed it would simply have been a second life lost. They all felt the girl deserved a second chance. No one wants to see her life be thrown away on such a senseless act."

    That baby didn't even get a first chance at it's life, she does not at all deserve a second chance in hers. Anyone that can kill a just born baby that has no way at all of fighting back does not deserve life themselves.

  69. Hillary Lynn Henry

    I think she should go to jail longer idc if shes.only 14 she killed her son thats a life setince in my eyes

  70. Wendy Lee Stephenson

    Disturbed by the adults that think this girl should have life in prison!!! She's 14! She obviously has had a messed up childhood to do something so disturbing but she needs intense counseling, not life in prison. You adults that fe that way are sick and hopefully not parents yourselves.

  71. Lisa Bennett Human

    Julie Turgeon-If she wasn't evil she wouldn't have taken that sweet baby's life..Yes she's scared, but guess what???? She needs to have the shit scared out of her in prison!!

  72. Djamila Cristina Graca

    That's really disturbing. I just had my daughter 2 wks ago and I have a17 month old son. I can't imagine doing somethng like that to them. Life in prison. So what she's young. A kid that age should know

  73. Dee McCoy

    Someone should strangle her ass! She could havve at the least gave the baby up for adoption.

  74. Mikki Vickrey-Scoville

    SENSELESS act, please!!!! She is a prime example of what this world has come to!!!! Let her get away with this and she will do worse!!!! What about the poor baby that got strangled by his own mothers hands, where are his rights?? How the hell did she hide a 9lb. baby inside her?? Come on, give me a break. She hid this she knew it was wrong. Sentence her according to what she did not because she is hiding behind her age!!!!

  75. Janette Hall Campanilla

    This just make sick, all they are saying to teens is its ok to get pregnant and kill the baby and not serve hardly no time! That baby didn't have a second chance and the stupid girl shouldn't either. This just bring tears to my eyes and then I wonder what this world is coming too, its just not right, teach your kids not to be scared to talk their parents about anything.

  76. Dawn Nordahl

    If she is old enough to have sex and then hide her pregnancy for 9 months she is old enough to know right from wrong and that what she did is very very wrong! She did not give that baby a second chance so why the hell should she get a second chance? That is just wrong! She needs to be locked up for the rest of her life! This is totally wrong! And people wonder why this country is in so much trouble!

  77. Justin T S Buckhardt

    Wtf! I was in prison and dats fucced up! Dat lil bitch need to die
    i had a neice born den she died and how cn u approve of dis and wat she did
    she knw wat she was doin wen she did it which means premetaded murder

  78. Nnimnoabasi Solachi Voz Essien

    If she can kill a defenseless baby then in 18 mo. the rest of us turn into target practice. This is ridiculous.

  79. Jeff Eads

    WTF 18 months and she be able to spread her legs and have a chance to repeat this all over again. She should have tp get fixed so she can never have the chance to be a mom again….

  80. Tami Lynn Johnson

    I hate to say but I believe she should get a life sentence for killing a baby……makes me sick that people are that retarded to do that to a innocent baby.

  81. Mercedes Schroetter

    I like the hysterectomy comment…..the rest is disgraceful.

  82. Wendy Miller

    That's the problem today, children's life aren't important as they should be. If she would have sold drugs she would have got life. It's so scare that she choke her, killed that precious baby, she only gets 18 months. How so very sad, it hurts my heart so much.

  83. Barbara Soriano

    wait: I had a 9 1/2 pounds baby girl…..I do not believe you can fit such a big baby on a shoe box….it doesn't ad up. plus, she must had a huge the hell did the mother only "suspected" thet the teen was pregnant? shes guilty too!

  84. Annie Olmstead Burmania

    I can not comprehend this 18 month sentence! 18 months for murder! 20 loveing familys just lost a child in the Sandy Hook case. 20 kids dead and gone from loveing people and this girl kills her baby and gets 18 months. She had to plan this what about premedation in this case! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! I just can't believe this!

  85. Robin Mechele Spencer

    Well hell at this rate let's just make it a law that it's ok to kill your baby, since all they get is a slap on the hands and they didn't even use a ruler. Damn it kids grow up, if you play the game and don't want the child someone else does. All my daughter has ever wanted is to be a mother and it's idiots like this girl that takes away those chances for so many.

  86. Kasey Ocheltree

    Wow and mom just shrugged it off that her 14 YEAR OLD had a miscarriage! OPEN UR EYES LADY, SHE KILLED YOUR GRANDCHILD!

  87. Kasey Ocheltree

    If she is old enough to commit MURDER, she is old enough to suffer the consequences in PRISON!

  88. Dorothy T. Murphy

    I feel sick. She should have got a decent sentence. Stupid little bitch took a life. I think anyone who kills someone is dangerous. Wtf judge?

  89. Cecilia Tayo Burmann

    This is so disturbing on every level!! That baby didn't get a first chance, why is this girl being coddled? She deserves the punishment that goes the crime. a crime no matter what!

  90. Leah Jayne Sell

    She wasn't just BORN, though. She's 14-years-old and knows right from wrong. I knew at 14 not to murder someone and the consequences of having unprotected sex. So I did neither. She had 14 years of conditioning from society and family heretofore the aforementioned atrocity against the most undeserving of victims. Selfish? Certainly. Evil; I do believe she is. Can strangling a newborn infant after just having given birth to it can be classified as an act of evil any more? That said, I hope it's been a sobering experience for her, one that I can only pray she really learns from and lives with the rest of her life.

  91. Wanda Brown

    Oh well Hell then let's just give all the first offenders of murder a second chance due to the fact that their lives are.
    more important than the ones they claimed. This girl is an animal and should stay behind bars like all the animals in the zoo…But go ahead put her back on the street in 18 months and let history repeat itself….after all God forbid her life goes to waste….U suck Polk County Florida.

  92. Connie Gilbert Buttrey

    She should have been tried as an adult! She could have given the baby to someone who deserves to have children and can't! That baby never had a chance, why should she get a second chance!

  93. Wanda Brown

    Oh well Hell then let's just give all the first offenders of murder a second chance due to the fact that their lives are.
    more important than the ones they claimed. This girl is an animal and should stay behind bars like all the animals in the zoo…But go ahead put her back on the street in 18 months and let history repeat itself….after all God forbid her life goes to waste….U suck Polk County Florida.

  94. Marie Hansen

    That child deserved a PRISON sentence. She is old enough to know right from wrong! Watch give it just a few years and she will; be back in for killing another person…. NO SECOND CHANCES unless there is a REAL REASON and that is not one!

  95. Leah Jayne Sell

    My mother only gained 13lbs when she was pregnant with my brother. I remember it well, she didn't appear to be pregnant at all.

  96. Janice Gibson

    The parents and child are all at fault ,and all need help . "senseless act " 18 months for murder.

  97. Cynthia Gilbert Brown

    This shows that if a teenager wants to get rid of a problem the judge will just say "well we don't want another life thrown away because of a senseless act so let's go easy on them so they can live their life and put this behind them" truly sickening…poor baby never had a chance.

  98. Tom Roach

    I think that once released she will have another child in life. Then what? She should have been mandated to be spaded!

  99. Misty Haydel

    She knowingly strangled and murdered a baby that could of been given up for adoption, she has committed murder! This is not justice for the child whom was killed due to this girl how he suffered gasping for life…. She is a killer… Where is the justice?

  100. Crystal Bennett

    this is sad! That girl is the one who choice to have sex that baby deserved to live.. Shr shoyld be locked up alot longer then 18 months u honestly think 18 months is gonna make her learn what she did was murder… that judge should not be a judge…

  101. Ivan Un Cervantes

    Disgusted, I started young, have four kids, am a single dad with custody, they drive me crazy at times and could never grasp the thought of ever hurting them or being without them

  102. Melinda Denise McCoy

    REALLY? They don't want to throw 2 lives away? Her MOTHER should go to prison as an accomplice! There is NO WAY that she didn't know 100% for sure that a tiny girl like that, who gave birth to a 9 POUND BABY, was pregnant!

  103. Delicia Dawn Kouzeva

    Such dis-regard for human life. I do not think she should get life in prison, but a better plan sure needs to be enacted, to make sure this girl is supervised and I do not mean probation, we already know probation doesn't work.

  104. Samantha Ayers

    She needs the 15 years now. She didn't give that poor baby a chance and she should not get a 2nd one. Sick people in the world and they are getting away with actual murder.

  105. Kerry Kehoe

    This story disgusts me also, she should spend the rest of her life behind bars, She killed another human being, and what makes it worse is the baby had no way to defend or protect himself from harm, There are so many people who can't conceive a child, Who would of been more than happy to of adopt this innocent baby. I think the girl should fry, If it was a growm woman doing the same thing to another human, baby or not, we would fry for our action, She should pay for what she has done.

  106. Aracely Valtierra

    I dont know how the girl could of done such a thing like that to a baby.One thing is that her own parents its to blame for one im sure theyve heard of 16 and pregnant but then again i dont think theyve been around there daughter to much to know what she was up too.

  107. Nancy Bemish

    a slap on her hand for murder, wth is that. she doesn't deserve a second chance, the baby don't get a second chance why should she. she did an adult crime, now treat her like an adult.

  108. Tara Bomhoff

    She was 14 of course she has had no priors…what does that matter? She murdered an innocent baby. 14 years old or not she should have to face life in prison. I'm sorry for her baby, not her. Also if her mother thought she was pregnant, which it says she did, why didn't she make her go to the Dr for check ups or talk to her . She possibly could have changed the outcome of this tragedy, by simply talking to her and helping her find the baby a good home. so sad for that poor baby.

  109. Åmbęrlÿ Rømęrõ

    I am at a loss for words…this is beyond despicable! She purposely and willfully took her child's life…and only gets 18 months? Then on top of that the judge is satisfied she is NOT A THREAT? Did he miss the whole case? Purposely taking a life sounds pretty threatening to me! Our society is going to hell in a handbasket!

  110. Ben Elmer

    She's sexually active, she's given birth and murdered. At least she should be in prison for the rest of her "childhood."

  111. Adriana Gonzalez

    This is horriable I had my 1st baby at 15 I didn't kill her I took care of my responsoblities I made an adult dection to have sex knowing getting pregnant was a possiblity and when I did get pregnant I didn't harm my baby I took care of her. Her baby didn't get a second chance but no worries god knows what she did and one day shell have to answer for it.

  112. Suzanne Webb

    Life in prison my ass! That bitch deserves the same fate the baby got.

  113. Tara Cooper

    if she is 14 then why hasn't her mum taken to the doctors and put her on Some for of contraception it doesn't take a genius to figure out if you daughter odds sexually active or will become active shortly. i think this is all a act of low parenting.

  114. Starr Johnson

    They should make it mandatory that she gets her tubes tied, she does NOT EVER need to breed again! 18 months, that is so wrong! She was adult enough to take the life of her child, she is adult enough to be treated as an adult in the justice system, this is all wrong!

  115. Wesley Kuns

    She should be ordered to not be able not to have kids and be made that way. How can you take a child's innocents.

  116. Eddie Cara Rice White

    One question no one is asking, Who was the Father? An why was this underage child pregnant in the first place? These are some questions that needed to be asked during the trial if they were not. It might be the reason she was scared to tell her mother, at 14 a Teenagers monthly cycle is usually perfect. How come the mother did not notice? It seems that once again, parenting skills and staying home to raise children takes a back seat to making more money.. It is truly a tragedy for both of these children, the 14 year old and the murdered baby boy. Love from the parents and watching how their daughter lived an who she was around would have helped stop this before it happened..

  117. Danielle Oyster

    She don't deserve a second chance. She KILLED her baby. She knew what she was doing and DIDN'T care. She should get life behind bars… no ands ifs or buts.. she's getting off easy..

  118. Whitney Mankey

    Only 18 months?! What the hell kind of person kills their baby?! There are options! Who gave this girl a deal???? This is disgusting.

  119. Gulzar Walia

    She murdered a human being. And the way I see it a budding sociopath. 18 months……old enough to have sex but not old enough for punishment?

  120. Patsy Jacobs

    How can a mother just "suspect" that their daughter is pregnant and then the child, a 14 year old, give birth to a 9 pound baby in the family bathroom? The mother should be held responsible as well.

  121. Shannon Marie Moyer

    FL is sick when it comes to these crimes, look at Casey Anthony and soon enough George Zimmerman is going to be free of charges. When it comes to murder they are too lenient but something less criminal such as drug posession gets them more time. Ridiculous

  122. Ashley N. Long

    She does't deserve shit in my opinion. Her son won't get a second chance; why should she? If she was my child I'd be on trial for murder. If she wasn't ready to be a parent she shouldn't have laid down and had sex. Her parents should have had her on birth control. I would disown her if she was my child. I got pregnant at 16 and wasnt ready to be a parent but my daughter is the best thing in my life. I see it as an eye for eye. If someone is old enough to take a life they deserve to be tried as an adult. She doesn't even look like she is sorry for any of it. The judge who tried her case needs to retire if he thinks that she deserves a second chance.

  123. Donna Harilla

    I don't care how old you are. Thats a selfish act and she is barely getting punished with a slap on her hand. Its murder. What kind of record would a 14 year old have. She does not deserve a second chance as her son did not have one. sick people.

  124. Patsy Jacobs

    There is no mention of the person (man or boy) that helped make the baby. There is also no mention of a father for Cassidy. This whole situation makes me so sad.

  125. Donna Davis

    This wrong on so many levels. That poor baby didn't deserve to be murdered nor will he get a "second chance." So, this girl serves only 18 months. I wonder if another teen girl commits the same offense will she be treated the same way? She had unprotected sex what in the hell did she think was going to eventually happen? My sympathy lies with the deceased baby.

  126. Amy Osborne Robinson

    Isn't brutality toward the defenseless a character of schizophrenia?
    Sick, sick, selfish act….she either needs serious help or a much harsher punishment.

  127. Larainne Rodriguez

    If not life in prison they should take away her ability to ever have kids again. She practily is getting away with murder this time they need to make sure it wont ever happen again.

  128. Douglas Bateson

    Baby Murderer, but than again this happened in Florida, a state where they get away with killing their babies, she should be fixed so no more babies have to suffer.

  129. Evelyn Perez-Maldonado

    Omg how awful. If teenage girls think you're old enough to spread their legs, get pregnant and murder their child, then they should be old enough to face the consequences. And it sure as hell should not be 18 months… How about life without parole as her second chance? Shame on that Judge for allowing such stupid lawyers to come up with crap like this, and shame on her mother for not being a good parent and not doing anything about her pregnancy. SHE HAD AN IDEA!!! She should have went to prison also.

  130. Natasha Vasquez


  131. Devin Wakefield

    She's 14 and had a 9 pound baby and the mom only suspected she might be pregnant…?

  132. Carvino Rick

    So, I guess all murderers should be set free as their lives are being wasted in prison. Damn liberal courts are the problem in this country and the jerk judges who run them.

  133. Peg Kull

    At what age does it become a real crime to kill babies? Not before birth and pretty obviously not after birth. Most of us are born wanting to save all life, animal and human. How many of you have tried to save a wild bird, bunny or squirrel? There are those among us that have no conscience. More and more of them. How frightening.

  134. Louise Harbison

    This is why these girls do what they do…no hard punishment at all..just a slap on the wrist..if she didn't want the baby , why not put it up for adoption? I don't feel sorry for her..she should have gotten life, period!

  135. Angie Burns

    I think they should atleast order her some cousiling cause this girl is going to feel the effects of what she did maybe not til later. I see what everyone is saying and I feel for the loss of life. I too think more time would've been better but juvinile detention facilities are sometimes more awful than prisons. SHe is young enough to be taught and get the help she needs at a full and productive live. Such a Tragic loss for everyone when something like this happens. I wish her family the best of luck and I hope she takes this chance and gets all the help she needs. Anyone saying if shes old enough to have a baby then she is old enough to spend life in prison should check themselves. You don't know the circumstances surrounding the Pregnancy for all you know this 14 yr old could be a frighten rape victim. She was scared which doesn't make it right but does locking up another baby for life going to make it go away… I think Not….

  136. Sarah Porter

    That baby never asked to be born or to be strangled to death by its mother! She's old enough to go to prison and to burn in hell for killing an innocent baby that her teenage sex having self created! And her mothers right there behind her!

  137. Iris Vela

    Bullshit like this is ridiculous. In my town a 19 yr old delivered and shoved the baby in a plastic bag and put it in a suitcase to die. Her parents found its corpse a few weeks later and all she got was 10 months probabtion. They had pics of her partying two days after the delivery like nothing happened. What ever happened to justice. Murder is murder and robbing a newborn of its own life because they are afraid of being judged by their parents is no justification for murder. And with this theory of not wasting 2 lives…hell let's let all the prisoners that are incarcerated for murder out because we are just wasting their lives. They could be out killing more people or following in the footsteps of this bitch and kill defenseless infants. But let's not waste their lives. And for those that say she was "mentally incapacitated" well then she should be in an institute for life so she can get the lifelong treatment she deserves. Sometimes the justice system fails and I she deserves to live with the memory of murdering her baby each and every day of her miserable life.

  138. Angel Blovely Hill

    why shoushe get a second chance, she took an innocent child's life for no reason at all. She should be thrown under the prison. this makes absolutely no sense to me.

  139. Marvetta Vetta Marie

    I know People who's served more than 18months in jail for shoplifting: /.

  140. Bill Webb

    SHe should be put to death. I have no pity for anyone that could or would kill a baby. I don't care how old they are. You take a life you for forfeit yours.

  141. Veronica Perez

    She should be put in prison where that fucken little bitch wont make it through the night!!!!she deserves to be choked to death stupid whore

  142. Krista N Mensch

    She was old enough to know about safe sex and she was old enough to know right from wrong. I am sick to my stomach, the justice system failed that little boy whom only new tragedy and never love. Shame on her I hope she gets what she truly deserves and shame on the American justice system!

  143. Dolly Evans

    Her mother suspected the girl was pregnant and did NOTHING! What did this child learn from her parents that made her unable to tell them that she was pregnant? What messages have they given her regarding teenage pregnancy that made her feel it was necessary to kill her own innocent child? People are saying that she had options…as a minor, those options are limited by her parents' influence. Children live what they learn. I think more attention should have been given to what her parents taught her regarding sex and pregnancy.

  144. Beth Barber

    I have a 9 month son, I would not have the heart to do such a thing…this makes me sick, she could've gave it up for adoption, I'm sure that anyone would of been more than happy to take him in as their own…I just feel like puking right now…

  145. Dianisa Cox

    Wow this is beyond retarded! At 14 years old you have some morals & a conscience where the fuck was hers?! Giving her 18 months will just give her enough time to do her homework on what she missed from the scene to have been caught & will plan to better her heartless act on another human being or beings.

  146. Robin Gartelman Stone

    She is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong……That baby could have been loved by someone. She could have brought the baby somewhere safe to be taken care of. SHAME on you, may it Haunt you for the rest of your life. You will burn in Hell………..

  147. Aimee Ayala

    She did it once, what happends the next time she is pregnant and doesn't want it? Prison, that's all I'm saying for life.

  148. Marlena Holden

    You kidding me only 18 months. She gets s second chanse but what about the life of the baby she took. At 14 she shouldn't be having sex and if so she should of been using protection. He mom thought she wss pregnant she should of confronted the teen

  149. Diana Smith

    Maybe they already did, and she was acting out of fear. You just don't know in this case, I think there's something more to it, did the girl have a long history of child abuse and neglect herself? Did her own mother make her feel so unwanted and unloved that the first boy she 'fell in love' with was the only one who treated her somewhat right? The truth is… you don't know. I honestly suspect something like that may have happened because of the way she acted. Children arn't born knowing how to hit, or how to kill, you have to hit them hard first.

  150. Diana Smith

    Did she really? Do you know that for certain? Was she kept out of school? Homeschooled? Foster child? That doesn't guarantee a sex education

  151. Sheryl Torrey Peterfi

    That is absurd. She knew exactly what she was doing. That poor little baby didn't have a prayer. She should spend 50 years in prison. This judge was far too lenient as most judges are these days. Man up and give the proper sentence.

  152. Kelly Crocker

    What the hell 1 months for killing her newborn all because shes 14 whatever she should fry if you ask me-what kind of person does that and what kind of judicial system gives a sentence of 18 months for murder.

  153. Kelly Crocker

    what the hell 18 months for killing her newborn she should fry-what kind of person does that-and what kind of judicial system sentences someone to 18 months just because she is only 14-murder is murder doesn't matter how old you are-sickening just sickening.

  154. Roslyn Norris

    Something is wrong here. Did the judge forget to sentence her to weekly visits for a psychiatrist. What happens to next time she get pregnant-delivers-and decides she doesn't it?

  155. Paula Qualls Gurley

    If she had wanted an abortion 24 hours earlier, many of you posters would have been fine with it. Talk about hypocrisy. This girl has no respect for life……a lot of that going around.

  156. Patty Snyder

    Unbelievable, murder is murder. Maybe she should have pleaded late term abortion then half our population would totally forgive her. She murdered her baby with her hands, what would the press and others be saying if she had shot the baby. It really would not matter in the end the baby is still dead and she will be back in school in a year and a half. (Mark)

  157. Joseph McCoy

    I guess murder is cheaper than an abortion, morally no different though, hey if you're going to do it at least get your own hands dirty right? It's okay to scramble their brains with a surgical coat hanger but you can't strangle them after birth? Kind of a double standard, I don't see why she's getting prison in the first place.

  158. Donna Diodati Drew

    She is 14. who is the father? she was raped. Who ever made her pregnant should be held accountable. What is it with you redneck a@@holes that you say she should get life? are you kidding me? All of these responses are blaming her. who got her pregnant? She is underage – and all these responses are like she is the criminal…

  159. Alicia Walpole

    You know someone who CAN'T have a baby and who really wants one is quite sad. We could've been a family that would have helped her and taken the baby for her. She should've gone to an adoption agency. Then she wouldn't have wanted to hurt her baby. Of course telling her parents should've happened first. I'm sure that's why she killed her baby-she didn't want to get caught. Oh, and why the hell, if you suspect that your teen is pregnant, why would you not confront and help her? The mother should be charged for neglect also. If parents were held accountable for their child a little more and have expectations for basic care, more parenting classes available, etc. maybe we would have so many tragedies like this one and the Newtown catastrophe.

  160. Jennifer Rose Hilton

    I agree with how they handled this situation.. yes she did something wrong , but it would be senseless to lock her away for life.. have mercy she is 14, you never know why she did this.. she was scared. serving 18 months & probation will be enough for her.. she will have to live with this her whole life, with people never letting her forget it. come on people you cant always say a life for a life!

  161. May Yates

    yes killing a baby is wrong and a sin. Their are hospitals that can take unwantedbabies, but why are kids so young having sex in the first place. Secound of all parents need to talk to their kids and now what, and where there kids are and who they are around. I believe this girl will have to deal with god and try to explain to him will be hard.

  162. Amanda Ragland

    I just had a 9lb baby and there was no way I could have hid my pregnancy, her parents are stupid!

  163. Janice Cook

    She dont deserve a second chance thats not teaching her anything she just do it again ifshe gets pregnant again thats what's wrong with the system they aren't harsh enough no ifa person steal cds they get ten yrs but why isnt a human life as important

  164. Glenda Wilson

    You need to rule out possible incest first. Who is the father of this child? Did anyone look into this at all? I am against killing a child at any age including abortions. Buit if incest was involved, not saying it was, she would be feeling dirty and ashamed and scared. And afraid to tell her mother, if it was incest, as that type of perpetrator ALWAYS tells the victim, if she was one, that she would be sorry if she told. And I had a friend who never showed being pregnant until she was about to deliver. I wish I could read Peoples hearts like Jesus could. But I am afraid to Judge, lest I be Judged. She does need some sort of punishment and probably counseling and maybe even therepy along with the punishment. We lost another precious life.

  165. May Yates

    I think a prayer for the baby and everyone involved is what we all should be doing not judging or wanting death for anyone because God has the final judgement.

  166. Ken Skinner

    And let her get unlimited visitation from coccerned citizens!!!! Daily flogging until moral improves!

  167. Chery Greenberg

    Gee, what happened to all the Christian beliefs in forgiveness and redemption?

  168. Deep Believer Dawn

    " No one wants to see her life be thrown away on such a senseless act." Seriously? She murdered another living innocent soul that is not an act it is murder and it was done with cruel uncaring intent. She does not deserve a second chance she deserves to be sterilized and placed in a prison cell to rot the rest of her pathetic life away. This child could have easily gone to a loving family that wanted him.

  169. Mel Moral

    no the parents have no real connection with this child..shes a kid! 14yrs old! she cant feel anything for a baby if shes a child herself? she felt trapped, like she had no options, its sad..I feel the judge was just because shes not mentally developed to really have this all sink in..she was afraid of her mom. the baby crying and how will she get it out of the bathroom..the girl made a poor choice and took a life of this innocent baby and I'm not defending that..but she is a child and the mentality isn't there so the judge weighd the decision and thought carefully and decided this was just enough..

  170. Jessica Cook

    If she was old enough at 14 to be having sex and getting pregnant, she is old enough to be tried as an adult. This is a serious miscarriage of justice. Not to mention gross negligence on her parents part. There is a special place in hell for people who hurt the innocent.

  171. Ashley Hicks-Bishop

    This is just sick how could you do this to a sweet baby. It's not the child's fault you opened your legs! She should of got life! A murder is a murder you don't deserve a 2nd chance! That sweet baby didn't get a 2nd chance

  172. Corinne Junior Brown

    she should be lock up for life she killed a baby. there women cant have kids and there kids having kids and killing them what up with that.she should pay for it and plus her parents should get in troblem to they let her get that way and not watch her. it ant all the kid fault the parents needed to watch the 14 year old better.

  173. Walter Fey

    how in your rightous christian mind can you forgive the killing of an 18 month old baby by any body, much less the babys own mother no matter what age, it's just murder and should be dealt with as such, that baby didn't get any "christian charity" Poor thing couldn't even defend it self from a murdering mother ,seek justice for the baby ,not forgiveness for the mother, that little bitch should burn in hell, thereis no redemtion for this kind of an act there is also no excuse for it ,at least not in any sane mind!


  174. Walter Fey

    the person that knocked her up has nothing to do with killing that poor baby ,if she was raped whiich i doubt ,he should be held accountable for that crime, but it still does not give her an excuse for murdering an 18mnth old.

  175. Michele Perry

    Our justice system is so messed up! She KILLED a baby! 18 months? People who do much less get much more jail time!

  176. Kayla Melton

    This is sad! If more parents would talk to their kids more about sex things like this wouldn't happen. It doesn't matter that she was only 14 and scared, because at 14 you know right from wrong! I'm just confused as to why her mother didn't know she was pregnant, I mean she had a 9 lb healthy baby how can you not notice that your daughter is getting bigger, and its stated the mother suspected her daughter to be pregnant so why did she not take her to the doctor to have her checked out! That's what good responsible parents do, and if you ask me the parents should be held responsible as well because according to the law you are responsible for your child until he/she is 17! All we can do now is pray God takes care of that poor little baby boys soul!

  177. Stephanie Wisler

    First, that would be double jeopardy. Second, the plea is unacceptable & what is wrong with the UNITED states.

  178. Brittany Rock

    This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of… Seriously 18 months, u get longer than that for a DUI, that just goes to show u how bad our legal system really is… The only thing that makes me feel just a little bit better about the whole thing is knowing what happens to those kind of people when they get to jail/prison…. And knowing that karma is a beyeah

  179. Juliana Flores

    That is horrible so teens can havee kids and just kill them and get away with it know? With just a slap on the hand basicly? That is stupid…..

  180. Lee Salerno

    Your Bible reads " An eye for a eye " T …There was nothing cheerful about what she did to that poor baby…Sorry to be so hard, But that could have been my baby nephew Chucky or your Geo!

  181. Tina Marie Fanzo

    Oh Lee.. don't get me wrong!!– what she did is unforgivable, disgusting, horrible– and this measly crappy punishment, surely doesn't fit the crime.. its a mere slap on the wrist!!! She'll meet her maker someday, and I know where he'll send her!

    Just want you to post something cheerful now!– its Christmas!!! Xoxo =)

  182. Constance Trittin

    lack of action by her mother when she suspected. mother should face charges also.

  183. Kathleen Lelli

    1.) Discourage kids to not have sex until 18. Explain if they think they are old enough to have sex then they better come to you for birthcontrol. Don't make them fear you. 2.) Know where your kid is at all times. Cell phones have tracking devices. 3.) Get to know her friends. Use your instincts if something doesn't feel right about her friend(s). 4.) Let your kids know that you love them unconditionally.

  184. Tonya Hice

    Gross miscarriage of "justice". This girl knew the risks of having sex & chose to do it anyway. So what if she didn't have a past record, her 1st offense was MURDER. The punishment should fit the crime, 18 months isn't nearly long enough! She knew what she was doing & did it to hide her pregnancy. If she didn't want the baby, there are other options she could have chosen. UGH!

  185. Cathleen Morgan

    She should get life in prison. She knew what she was doing. This just makes me sick!

  186. Jason Haas

    I sit 18 months for writing bad checks and this little BITCH gets 18 months for murder! I MEAN REALLY! this an insult to what our justice system is "supposed" to stand for. MURDER IS MURDER no matter how old the person who commited the crime is.

  187. Irene Lambert

    girls like this disgust me…if she is old enough to open her legs up and have sex, then she is old enough to get the death penalty and die just like she killed that poor innocent little baby boy….

  188. Lesley Silver

    Where are her loving, supportive parents? No, I can't see either. Where is the baby's father – done a runner? or doesn't that matter when there's a girl to blame, and to bear the full burden of her predicament?
    Perhaps all the people spitting hatred and revenge at a 14yo girl could stop for one moment and ask themselves what they would have done in her situation.

  189. Gloria White

    She PREMEDITATED the murder for nearly 9 months. That legally calls for man 1, not man 2.

  190. Kurt Lofton

    I have to disagree on this one. I wrote a term paper on this girl this past semester. The Florida system totally failed here. They have no sex education, and this little girl was so scared of her parents. They were wanting to charge her with first degree murder as an adult. I am glad they are getting her out of the home she was in and will now be able to help her instead of losing her in the penal system.

  191. Nancy Bussey

    She was a scared to death kid that should have gotten an abortion then it wouldn't have gone this far. I think her sentence is plenty. I don't like people judging kids as adults. Too many babies are born and kept by girls like this and are neglected their whole life. Then we wonder why society is like it is.

  192. Carol Henley

    Oh my god, how could anyone kill a child? She should go to prison. She could have given the baby up. It makes me sick to see she only got 18 months, may the baby rest in peace.

  193. Paula Qualls Gurley

    She should have either been on the pill or locked in her damn room. At 14, I knew what caused babies……and I knew killing them was wrong. So is she evil, stupid or just scum.

  194. Ethan Josiah Perez

    That's fucked up 18 months ain't shit she should of gotten life. The baby didn't asked to be born. Shit like this makes me mad. So many woman that can't have kids and the ones that can kill their kids or abounded them.

  195. Hope Tamara

    I'm appaled at this whole story! st you have a 14yr.old pregant & hiding it from her famliy, but her mother already thinks she's pregant so she takes her to the hosp after daughter say's"I had a miscarrage" at the hospital the Dr.couldn't tell she had just given birth to a 9 pound baby! Something is wrong there, the whole thing could have been prevented if Grandma would have confronted her daughter befor she got too far along.The girl killed her own child & got 18 mons cause they didn't want to ruin a young girls life! Give me a break, what about the life of a innocent baby, seems to me several people dropped the ball on this one,&continue to let this girl get away with murder!

  196. Patsy Pratt-Herzog

    Abortion teaches people that it is okay to kill babies. What do you expect? There's no difference between what she did, and getting an abortion.

  197. Hope Tamara

    This reminds me of a case I read yrs ago where a 13yr old boy was playing w/his little sister & he acedently killed her, the courts showed no mercy for the boy.They charged him as a adult & found him quilty & put him a hard core prison! And he truly didn't mean to hurt his sister! If the courts can take his life away, then why couldn't they throw the book at her, she meant to kill her baby.It shows how unjust the legal system really is!

  198. Deborah Hoff

    The worse cases of abortion are the partial birth abortions where they kill the baby as she/he is coming out of the birth canal. So, really where is the difference? It's all murder to me.

  199. Mike Robins

    Don't be upset, people! I bet you're not as upset when women get abortions all the time! Just because it's legal and it's the woman's body! Same frickin' thing!

  200. Christina Gould Isley


  201. Elsa Larson

    This is terrible, but I would hope they also go after the man who raped her. Perhaps if we de-sexualized children, things like this would happen less.

  202. Kimberly Beth Pelant

    There are people like me who may never have a baby I would five anything for that chamce so wht if she is 14 she had the baby and killes it she deserves ti,be charges as an adult there are optioms like birthcontrol even an abortion would have benn better then killing that baby what has america come,to really

  203. Paula Lerma

    14 or 28…how do you strangle a 9.5lb baby and get away with it! This is ridiculous! My daughter was 3 months when she weighed that much, I'm sickened by this.

  204. Leila Edwards

    Some of these comments are disgusting. Does anyone know the circumstances in which this 13 year old girl was impregnated? Do you know if she even knew what was happening to her? Did you know that in her school district there is no sex education, only lessons on abstinence? Did you know they provide nothing to help a 13 year even understand what may have been going on, or that her mother refused to believe her daughter was pregnant? Or that her daughter did not even know what pregnancy actually was, and had to have it explained to her? Did you know that the education system in Florida is so backwards that they teach children that the only way you can have a baby is if the 2 people are married and that there is no other way to have a baby? Did you know of any of these things? That they teach that sex before marriage is like being a 'dirty old shoe'. This is in the lesson plan in the school this girl attended. This is what the religious extremists have done for us. Prevented us from helping a completely innocent 13 year old from understanding her own body and how it works. Society needs to get life in prison, not this little girl.

  205. Chris Anderson

    Wow so of you people are just point blank crazy. She's 14 years old! Who wants to fry a 14 year old? This kid can be helped. It's a terriable crime but her mother is more to blame than this kid. How dis she not know this 120 lb kid was pregnant with a 9 lb baby

  206. Alec Sevins

    A prime case of why abortion needs to be kept legal, at least in cases where a pregnancy is revealed. "Pro life" doesn't just mean cranking out babies, it means the whole quality of life cycle. Had the child lived, its life probably would have been miserable with her.

  207. Angel Bingham

    This is the problem with the world today. 18 months? ARE YOU SERIOUS! Screw everything else; could someone PLEASE explain to me how murdering your newborn child can be called "senseless"?

  208. Erica Ramsey

    She should be fucking choked to death and stuffed in a shoebox! If she thinks she is old enough to have sex then she is old enough to know the consequences of having ich is pregnancy!! This has taught her NOTHING but how to get away with murder! Little girl, I hope you read all these comments bc u will rot in hell for what u did! Just because the "government" forgave you doesn't mean the Lord will.

  209. Evan Debevec McKenney

    I'm betting that if her parents hadn't had a problem with her getting an abortion this wouldn't have happened.
    Considering she had just given birth, unassisted in her home, by herself she was probably not exactly in the clearest state of mind so I entirely understand the leniency of the sentence.
    That totally sucks for the baby, I agree, but I still blame the parents.

  210. Nicholas Baxter

    Instead of wishing for her to slowly rot away in prison, I actually hope she gets help, because she clearly needs it.

    I'm honestly more sickened by how all of you reacted to this.

  211. Kendra Smith

    To all of you posting hateful comments, remember that she is à child too and a victim of a social/family situation that instilled shame of her sexuality, fear of being punished, and a lack of education about her options. This girl should have been comfortable though to tell her parents she was sexualy active, and she should have been put on the pill. The plan B pill is also something she should have known about and been able to discuss with her parents. She should never have gotten pregnant in the first place, their are too many preventative measures that she should have know about and had access to. so please remember that she is à kid too and she reacted out of fear.Adult her will have to live with this memory once she is cold though to really understand what she did as à helpless 14 year old in a very scary situation. Show some compassion.

  212. Brittany Ruiz

    I agree. Locking her up in prison for the rest of her life will not do anything. Its sick what she did, and I do agree that she should in some way be punished, but locking her up won't teach her anything. This girl should see a therapist or something. Instead of locking her up why not have her do community service for awhile? Atleast some good will come out of her helping the community

  213. Brittany Ruiz

    How are the girls parents to blame for this? How were they to know that their daughter was sexually active? Most parents don't know that their children are sexually active. Just because mommy and daddy tell her not to have sex doesn't mean she's going to obey. If a teenager really wants to do something their going to do it, regardless if their told "no". Is Ted Bundy's mother to blame for what her son did? Children are not robots, they are their own living beings. They do what they want. Its sad what this girl did but hopefully she will learn from this and get the help that she needs. Locking her up won't do anything but just add to our already over crowded prisons. People can change, and hopefully with the right help this girl will realize what she did was an awful thing. Give her a chance before you throw her away. Put yourself in her parents position for a second. What would YOU do if your daughter did this?

  214. Matthew Sims

    What the hell is wrong with this country? This is ridiculous. Did the baby get a second chance? Stupid ass fucking judge. No matter what the scenario, it takes a cold heart to kill a baby with your bare hands. I am truly disgusted with the justice system.

  215. Ashley Summers Flynn

    They're not telling the whole story here. Her parents were…awful. They threatened to kick her out if she ever got pregnant. Her parents didn't even come to the trial. She was a child with no support from her parents, and she went into labor, all. by. herself. Alone. Can you imagine the pain and how scary that would be? AS A CHILD? The baby wouldn't come out and she tried to pry it out with scissors. She clearly wasn't thinking rationally. You are all hypocrites. If this was a story about a 14 year old girl having sex with a 32 year old man, you would be screaming that "Oh, that poor innocent child!" When the teenage girl is the victim, you want her to be a child. When she's the criminal, you want her to be an adult. Funny.

  216. Anonymous

    Uh, "the mother suspecting that her child had been pregnant". But she didn;t say a goddam thing or offer support or advice or a plan of action? All these Neanderthals who are proposing that 14 year old should spend the next 60-70 years in the slammer for being brought up in a mobile home without any kind of parental guidance or direction need to take a hard look at themselves and their values. To Jill Whiteman who says if she's old enough to have a baby she's old enough to serve life in prison. Hmmmm. If she's old enough to be raped or bamboozled by some older guy she's old enough to serve life in prison. Does that have the same kind of ring to it?

  217. Mikki Joiner

    How could she look into the face of HER baby and kill him? No matter the circumstances, I can't understand it. How can she live with herself?

  218. Lex Hoffer

    Somewhere I bet her and Casey Anthony are hanging out drinking Momosas. Seriously wtf is wrong with Florida? Apparently it's forgivable to kill your kids.

  219. Rhonda Marie

    Except with an abortion she wouldn't be serving time, would not have gone through labor alone in a bathroom, and would not have had to deal with the public lambasting her. That's sort of why it's legal, so females have a choice other than birthing a child they don't want.

  220. Rhonda Marie

    I know, White babies are highly in demand and I'm sure you would've loved to buy one. However, her case has nothing to do with people looking to adopt. There are plenty of kids who need homes, if you're really up for being benevolent rather than simply talking the talk.

    As for why she didn't go to an agency? She was still unable to go to her parents about being pregnant, and how was she going to get to a hospital or adoption agency postpartum after the trauma of giving birth alone (and having to pry the baby out with scissors)??

    Lastly, if the mother should be charged with neglect, then her father should be too; he's in the picture/in the home and has no less responsibility for his daughter than his wife does.

  221. Elaine Kurpiel

    Those of you who insist that Cassidy is "evil" or any other derogatory name, are absolutely disgusting. When posting, I am usually polite and willing to participate in a civil debate. But all of you people do not know what you are talking about. You have been watching too much TV and have forgotten (if you even knew) the development of children. The guidance they need from nurturing parents and family. You seem to think that a child should have thought as an adult and that just isn't going to happen. If you have any kind of spiritual beliefs, then let your god or whatever make judgments. You all do not have the wisdom or insight.

  222. Jimmy Cotreau

    All these people saying "oh she should get life in prison" what if it was your kid who did it? Would you still feel the same way? I don't think so.

  223. Jana SpaghettiMonster

    I don't think she should have gotten lifetime in prison and all that, it would maybe feel like redemption….like this, she will look back at what she'd done her whole life, feeling disgusting. That is, I think, much greater punishment than prison.

  224. Jill Andrew

    Huh? She wasn't likely to be a threat, because she didn't have a criminal history? She was 14. She hadn't had enough time to develop a history yet. And, yes, she did have a history…she murdered her son! When I was 14, I certainly knew not to strangle a baby and hide it in a shoebox! She is going to be a threat to society for the rest of her life! If she has children…imagine the hell they will experience with her as their mother!

  225. Maranda Shina Rip Xzavier

    She should never have been given any other optuon than death or prison after this !!

  226. Kim North

    The girl is just a baby and with everywhere you look these girls are being told how and where to kill your baby and don't worry if you think you waited too long we do late term abortions up to 5 months. The lines become blurred. What is murder really? This child had been living in fear for 9 months. Then gave birth by her self in a bathroom at 13/14. Let us have some compassion.

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