Backstage Reaction To John Cena Overshadowing Roman Reigns Heading Into ‘WWE No Mercy’

When WWE officials made the decision to fast-track the rivalry between John Cena and Roman Reigns for WWE No Mercy later this month, it made the PPV a must-see because their feud is important to the future of the company. Cena vs. Reigns is a match fit for WrestleMania, but the WWE Universe will get to see it very soon. Thus far, they haven’t come to blows, but both men have not pulled any punches on the microphone.

Over the past two weeks, Cena and Reigns have laid into one another during their promos. Despite the fact that WWE officials are trying to help Roman become a stronger babyface by working with Cena, the general feeling is John Cena is overshadowing “The Big Dog.” That wasn’t a surprise to many people backstage, but it isn’t what the rivalry is designed to do. However, Vince McMahon is the only one to blame for that issue.

Apparently, The Boss has been heavily involved in the Cena vs. Reigns rivalry. For instance, the promo for Raw this week was scripted over a week ago. Both men were given the script on Friday and had a few days to prepare. Vince McMahon also went to both men personally to talk about the promo with them and go over exactly what he wanted them to say. Their promos have been under the close eye of The Boss.

John Cena is Expected to PPut Over Roman Reigns At No Mercy

John Cena is one of the best workers on the microphone in WWE history. Roman Reigns is good at a lot of things, but he hasn’t been able to keep up with Cena during their promos. He addressed this on Twitter by saying that his actions will speak louder. The old saying rings true, especially since Reigns is expected to get the win over Cena at WWE No Mercy. However, being outperformed on the microphone doesn’t do Roman any favors with the fans, which is an issue since the feud is designed to get Roman Reigns over with them.

Roman Reigns is Enemy Number One of the WWE Universe

Over recent years, WWE officials book big feuds like Cena vs. Reigns with limited fighting to build tension heading into the PPVs. On paper, the winner of the match at No Mercy means more than whoever talked the bigger game during the buildup. However, the WWE Universe doesn’t forget the promos once the PPV is over. If WWE officials want to improve the dynamic between Roman Reigns and the WWE Universe, it’s going to take more than a win over John Cena. Roman may need to change the fans’ minds with his words.

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