Real Reason Why John Cena Was Moved To ‘Raw’ Revealed, Huge Update On His Upcoming Feuds

The night after WWE Summerslam, John Cena made his rumored return to Monday Night Raw and he set the record straight about why he’s leaving SmackDown Live. Cena’s explanation on WWE television was a return to Raw was brought to him by Kurt Angle. Cena accepted because he has wanted to confront Roman Reigns for a very long time. However, there is a specific reason backstage why Cena has returned to Raw.

Although Raw’s ratings are expected to gain a boost from John Cena’s return to “the red brand,” but WWE officials have moved Cena to Raw for him to work with some specific opponents and put them over. Roman Reigns is the first man in line that WWE officials want him to work with and he’s expected to put over “The Big Dog” sooner rather than later. However, Cena is expected to work with several other opponents as well.

For instance, the long awaited rivalry between John Cena and Samoa Joe will happen over the next couple of months. Cena is also expected to feud with Elias, Braun Strowman, and others for the rest of his current run with WWE. He’s expected to take another hiatus from the company soon to return to Hollywood. Cena will be putting over a lot of talent before he leaves again, which will help WWE greatly during his hiatus.

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John Cena has reached a point of his wrestling career where it’s not necessarily important for him to win as many matches as he used to on WWE television. On SmackDown Live, Cena put over Shinsuke Nakamura before ‘Summerslam.’ He would have done the same for Baron Corbin if he did not get into hot water with WWE officials. On Raw, Cena is expected to put over several WWE Superstars to help elevate the roster.

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WWE officials likely understand that ratings are much more likely to go up with John Cena on Raw if he’s going things the WWE Universe hasn’t seen before. Obviously, Cena vs. Reigns is the most important feud he will have over the coming months, but rivalries with Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and others could be great for everyone involved. Until he departs for Hollywood again, WWE officials are planning to use Cena as much as possible and get the most out of him. If he does nothing but put over talent, the fans will thank him.

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