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Fat Joe Says He’s Guilty Of Tax Evasion

Fat Joe Tax Evasion

Rapper Fat Joe has pleaded guilty to tax evasion, according to The Associated Press. As a result of his crimes, he could face up to two years in prison.

Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena is more than a little behind on his taxes. Reports indicate the rapper owes around $718,000 to the United States government. This tends to happen when you don’t pay your taxes for over two years.

According to the New York Post, Fat Joe earned around $1.3 million from concerts and music sales in 2007. This number jumped to around $1.4 million the following year. Unfortunately for the rapper, his failure to file income tax returns with the federal government might send him to prison for a while.

In addition to paying the monies he owes Uncle Sam, the musician is facing a fine of up to $200,000. All of this is in addition to the penalties the Internal Revenue Service may throw at the rapper.

Fat Joe was released after forking over $250,000 for bail.

The Miami Herald explains that Cartagena said he clearly understood the charges against him. The rapper’s lawyer said Fat Joe had “already taken steps to resolve this situation.” In fact, he hopes to have everything paid back in full before sentencing next year.

The plea was reportedly entered in New Jersey since Cartagena has a number of companies incorporated in the state.

Earlier this month, the feud between Fat Joe and fellow rapper 50 cent reached a turning point when the Curtis Jackson said he was interested in putting their problems aside.

“Joe never did anything to me. I never actually physically did anything to Joe. It’s really hip-hop — this music and people being competitive — and over time, you forget what the actual source of the situation is,” 50 Cent recently told Billboard.

What do you think about Fat Joe pleading guilty to tax evasion?

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40 Responses to “Fat Joe Says He’s Guilty Of Tax Evasion”

  1. Anonymous

    I thought Fat Joe was dead for years. Who am I thinking of then? You can seriously put a leash around this guys neck and he'd look like some kind of dog breed. Bull dog?

  2. Anonymous

    its ridiculous on how u earn all your money and then have to give a majority of it back…MODERN DAY SLAVERY! if I work for it I shouldn't have to give the government sh*T!

  3. Edward Zuker

    Fifty you a litlle bich like that like bunny, fuck Jose, take you 2 fools for suckers, 5.0 buned down 3 wokrig cribs knocked down 5 doors on working cribs over 90 hard niggers need bail by the weekend, comig to hollar, brase yourselves! EDWARD TSUCKERMAN New Jerey!

  4. Edward Zuker

    Fifty you a lilttle bitch like bunny, fuck jose, all soft and warm fuck you niggers, 5.0 burned down 3 hot working cribs, knocked the door down on 5 nice working cribs, over 90 hard niggers need bail by the weekend, man fuck that we comming to see you, hollar, brace yourselves!

  5. Steven Bychovskaya

    Fat joe should be arrested for being a fuckin stupid ass rapper

  6. Erik King

    Nope. If you had a job, you would know about state and federal tax. Which is around 30% these days. Fat Joe is just another ignorant rapper who doesn't know shit. I find it funny edejesus11204, That statement alone, makes EVERYONE realize you don't have a real job. when your a big boy… let the internet know… omg I mean… let the working people know! Other than that keep collecting.

  7. Babyangel Katie

    that's messed up how tax payers have to spend so much $ in taxes so the lazy people who don't work can have $ to spend and for the american govt to spend on foreign aid & affairs to people who never PAID any type of taxes to our country.

  8. William Johnson

    Then don't drive on public streets, send your kids to private school, and we'll tell the Chinese you're house is a sovereign state they are welcome to attack you at anytime.

  9. Gwen Kirksey

    His people? What does that mean Tim Ford? Are you stereotyping? For a educated person, you sound very IGNORANT!

  10. Gwen Kirksey

    What is this post really about? What the hell does your post have to do with the article? NOTHING! But then again, you live in MICHIGAN. LOL!

  11. Kenneth A Rodriguez

    I don't feel sorry for him at all. Pay your taxes and hire the right people. Fire your financial manager and get new ones. He was probably told to ignore those two years and pay it later. That happens quite often but it's unadvised.

  12. Dan Schlamp

    Gwen Kirksey Are you… Retarded? Obviously, you didn't get the joke… You know, the song…?

  13. Dan Schlamp

    Gwen Kirksey You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you? What's with all the hatred??

  14. Guillermo Romero

    " You got people" is a slogan that H&R Block (Income Tax Firm) uses. In the entertainment business "His/My people" means, accountants, layers, publicist, that also includes his entourage… Only ignorance here is you being ignet…

  15. Safizzle Ge

    see and its crazy how these rappers claim they rich and get money in shyt buying stupid shyt cars jewelry adn stuntin and they really don't have money at all they look stupid when news comes up about them owing tax money. I don't get it.

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