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Mark Cuban Livetweets Kidney Stone Ordeal

mark cuban kidney stone twitter

Mark Cuban may be the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, but there are some things money can’t buy — and immunity from kidney stones is one of them.

Recently, Mark Cuban learned that rich or poor, famous or anonymous, if deposits of minerals residue build up in your urine expulsion mechanisms, you’re gonna have a bad time.

And in light of the unfortunate medical situation in which Cuban found himself, the mogul decided to share his ordeal with his nearly one and a half million Twitter followers.

Cuban’s kidney stone nightmare (and from what I have heard, kidney stones are horrifically painful) began on December 16, it would appear.

On that day, the Mavericks’ owner tweeted from a Canadian hospital to thank doctors and nurses, but didn’t explain why he was there.

More details ensued, however, when Mark began using Twitter to distract himself from the pain of passing the kidney stones, which doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea considering all the waiting that goes along with passing a kidney stone.

The tweet read:

Two days later, Cuban appeared to still be struggling with the issue, tweeting:

And today, it seems Mark Cuban’s kidney stone problem is ongoing — he lamented:

Cuban also tweeted:

Want to tell Mark Cuban it gets better? You can tweet back to him over on Twitter.

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24 Responses to “Mark Cuban Livetweets Kidney Stone Ordeal”

  1. Tim Baughman

    As part of heredity I get stone formation almost monthly. I've passed 17 stones over the last year & a half. One just a week ago. I've a box of them that I've kept as mementos. I have both calcium & uric acid stones. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Here's wishing you luck on your delivery.

  2. Abby Laufman DeBock

    you are wayyyy cooler than mark cuban, with or without the stones. 😉

  3. Sandrajean Giordano

    i had 3 surgerys since last dec 21 till know. had 3 stones stuck they had to put a 2 inch hole in my rib cage had a tube and bag in for 10 days no fun. i had 11 surgery overall have to do a urine test for 24 hours every 2 months . on 8 pills a day for stones no fun hopehis passes wish him luck

  4. John Veeck

    I've had four of them over the years. And unless you've had one, you can't possibly know what the pain is like. I wouldn't wish a kidney stone on my worst enemy.

  5. Stuart Hyman

    I passed a couple kidney stones about 40 years ago. This was a most painful experience, put me in the fetal position. What a relief when they passed.

  6. Aleida Alfonso

    I had kidney stones since 1996. In Sept., a ct scan showed a cluster of stones on my right side. The larger 15mm and a 7mm on my left side. I was schedule for surgery until my aunt, a doctor, asked me to try Chanca Piedra and natural limonade. I past all but 2 as sand with no paint only discomfort. No hospital. The two left are now very small. I recommend it to all.

  7. Luci Foley

    Kidney stones are no fun. The pain is so bad. I couldn't sleep and had to rush to the hospital to get treated for it. The doctor had to do a procedure to break up the stones. I was all right after a few days. I wouldn't wish the pain on my worst enemy! Get well soon Mark Cuban. Happy Holidays.

  8. Debra Carr

    Only goes to show, money can't buy class……Who the hell thinks that everyone wants to hear about his medical problems.

  9. Marinella Lorigo Jauregui

    Come be a big boy suck it up I pass 2 in one year, but mine worthless but the pain is the same. I what to know which one hurt more the stone or when the team has a lost………

  10. Peter Foe

    can you tell me more about the chanca piedra… like where ddid you get it… i have a real small stone in my only kidney… i had one removed with kidney cancer.. so i am real concerned about my only kidney and a cat scan recently identified a small stone in my kidney… would love to get that sucker out…. would appreciate any inf you can give me..

  11. Doug Ro

    I have had about 15 kidney stones in the past 20 years. They hurt like crazy. Mine are made of calcium oxalate. I have had three lithotripsy laser procedures to blast the ones that were too big to pass the normal way. I always keep some percocets around for when I get one. I have tried everything known to man, including drinking 8+ glasses of water a day, and nothing helps. =(

  12. Ken Kimball

    My nephew started getting them at 18. I think he drinks a lot of Wylers Lemonade and has found that it keeps him cleaned out. Good luck Mark.

  13. Doug Berubee

    I used to get about one per month untill I started drinking lemon. Either lemonade or adding lemon juice to my water. They have slowed considerably. If they are Uric Acid, Allopurinol (prescription) helps them. I had a few uric acid stones in the beginning so they gave me the prescription and I never had any of those stones again. My wife says, "wow, you really got a set of stones, don't you." Now I can say, not so much these days…… Also, my Dr. has given me a prescription for Flowmax. It dialates the urine tract and helps in the passing of stones, it works wonders for me.

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