Britney Spears Sings Live While Covering ‘Something To Talk About’

For years, Britney Spears has sat back as the lip syncing rumors surrounded her. She never came out and said anything about those rumors, but just continued to power through and put on more and more shows during her residency in Las Vegas. That changed this weekend, as she addressed the media and those rumors with this amazing cover of “Something To Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt.

Spears is winding down her residency in Las Vegas, which comes to an end at the end of 2017. That still gives her 18 more shows to work the crowd and she did just that on Saturday night. It all began with Britney taking a little dig at the media and their love/hate relationship with her.

In her speech, Britney talked about how there are a lot of things in the news right now. She takes a shot at the ups and downs she has gone through with the media, as we all remember the bad days and her shaving her head and swinging an umbrella at a car. Those days are in the past and to prove the latest rumors of Britney lip syncing during her shows, she belted out another live performance.

There were no doubts here, as Britney gave her speech and mentioned having a microphone in her hands. She then surprised everyone by belting out a cover of “Something To Talk About.” She definitely gave the internet something to talk about, as the video has been gaining more and more views as the weekend has gone on.

In the words of Chris Crocker, “Leave Britney alone!” In the video, you can clearly see Britney is singing live and doing a very good job at it. There seems to be a confidence about her. That is a confidence that has been missing for quite a while. She has been shy and timid on the stage, but not this time around and we love it.

If you haven’t seen Spears in Vegas, your time is running out. The final 18 shows of Britney: Piece of Me at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino will conclude this year, including the last performance on December 31. Britney began her Vegas residency back in December 2013 and it will wrap up with over 250 performances.

What did you think of Britney’s cover of the famous Bonnie Raitt song?

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]