‘Alaskan Bush People’s’ Noah Brown Not Filming With Family: Is Rhain Pregnant?

Alaskan Bush People is in the middle of Season 7, and there are tons of rumors about the upcoming episodes of the show. The current season began airing in June and has been following the Brown family on their new journey, far from the Alaskan wilderness.

Not too long ago, matriarch Ami Brown found out that she had cancer. The Brown family had to leave their homestead and head to the contiguous 48 in order for Ami to seek treatment. She is slated to undergo chemotherapy and radiation, a process which she has already started.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been some rumors that the Brown’s fourth son, Gabe, is leaving the show. However, he has been seen in Colorado with his family. Now, there are rumors that Noah isn’t filming the show. The Facebook site “Alaskan Bush People Exposed” posted a recent photo of Noah and his girlfriend, Rhain, in San Diego. While it’s possible that they are simply on a vacation of sorts, the page seems to think that Noah is done with the show.

“Noah is not with the family filming in Colorado this season,” read the caption.

While it is unclear if Noah is done filming completely, it seems obvious that he is not currently filming since he is not even in the same state as the rest of his family. Of course, this has brought up rumors of a divide, and many fans are wondering if the Brown family is having issues well beyond the health of Ami, which has been the focus for several weeks now.

Check out the photo posted by “Alaskan Bush People Exposed” here.

It didn’t take long for people to comment on the photo. One Facebook user actually brought up something else. She believes that Rhain looks pregnant in this picture. If that was the case, that could be the reason that Noah’s not filming right now.

“Look at the pic folks. Blow it up. Look at old pics. Blow it up. [Rhain] is pregnant. That’s why the hurry up marriage.. I wish them the best, but [Rhain] set out to bag a Brown and a Brown she got,” the Facebook user wrote in the comments.

However, the page manager was quick to knock down that theory.

“She’s just chunky. She doesn’t look a bit different than the pictures her Dad posted a few months ago,” read the response.

Are you a fan of Alaskan Bush People? Do you think that Noah has stopped filming the show?

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