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Matt Damon On Gay Rumors: Not Worth Addressing Because There’s Nothing Wrong With Homosexuality

Matt Damon On Gay Rumors: Not Worth Addressing Because There's Nothing Wrong With Homosexuality

Matt Damon is finally speaking out on gay rumors that dogged him and friend Ben Affleck early in his career, saying it was never worth addressing the whispers because he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with homosexuality.

After Damon and Affleck quickly rose to fame with Good Will Hunting, many tabloids and Hollywood observers speculated that there could be more to their friendship than the actors were letting on. Though he is avowedly straight, Matt Damon didn’t speak on the gay rumors until just recently, the New York Daily News reported.

“I never denied those rumors because I was offended and didn’t want to offend my friends who were gay,” Damon said, “as if being gay were some kind of f–king disease. It put me in a weird position in that sense.”

In an interview with Playboy magazine, Damon said he is happy that the atmosphere in the entertainment world has changed, with less stigma attached to being openly gay.

“(T)he fact that Anderson Cooper and Ellen DeGeneres can come out so beautifully and powerfully, and it’s a big f–king deal that it turns out nobody gives a shit,” Damon said.

Matt Damon opens up on the gay rumors just as he is set to play Scott Thorson, the lover of Liberace, in the upcoming biopic Behind the Candelabra. Damon noted that, if Liberace were alive today, his private life would not have been the issue it was at the time, just as gay performers are left mostly alone today.

Damon’s decision to speak out on gay rumors may have come a little late. He has been married to wife Luciana Barroso for years, and the couple have three daughters together and a step-daughter for Damon.

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69 Responses to “Matt Damon On Gay Rumors: Not Worth Addressing Because There’s Nothing Wrong With Homosexuality”

  1. Craig Matheny

    I find it funny that only liberals such as Yahoo News keep beating the race and homesexuality drum when they should be absent of such gossip. Even if he is gay, so what! He is a great actor.

  2. Kim Masterson-Leaderbrand

    Liberals state they support GAYS, yet are ashamed of it. I believe HYPOCRITE once again is the term that BEST describes the cowards on THE LEFT, once again!

  3. Mark Dee

    So if one loves children or animals that's ok then? I guess you're right since they can't help it and were born that way, live and let live I say!

  4. Paul DeCroix

    Make and Ben have always been secret lovers. (just kidding) Maybe, maybe not?

  5. Wesley Cling

    people listen to yourselves the BIBLE says be fruitful and multiply how can you do that with the same sex.I have a grandson that's gay I still love him but I pray every day that GOD will enter his life and open his eyes.

  6. Teresa Barrett

    Dear Wesley, homosexuality is not a choice! Did you "choose" to be straight (I assume you are)? How many gay people do you think woke up one morning and thought, "Hey, being gay sounds like fun, I think I'll give it a shot". My brother is gay and so are some of my friends. I love them all. It is not up to me to judge them or anybody. And I know a lot of straight people who are not that nice, and some should never have had kids because they're pretty bad parents, with next to no values besides being greedy and getting all they want in life regardless of who they may hurt. I wish you and your grandson well.

  7. Anonymous

    God created the anus as our garbage disposal, not to be used as a sex organ. Period.

  8. Joseph Beiro


  9. Terri Weaver Smith

    Somehow….when you are dropping the f-bomb to express an opinion….just kinda makes it less validated because it is coming from an angry stance…..not one that is reflective and having substance. What is he so angry about? offending his "friends"?

  10. Joseph Beiro

    Teresa, homosexuality is exactly that, it is a choice. Every person is born straight, the way God wants people to be. You say it just the way it does happen. A person who may have had a male to male sexual encounter may be filled with lust and enjoys that experience. Then chooses to live that lifestyle. if you love your brother that much, then you should tell him that he was not born homosexual and should change his lifestyle. Believing that a person is born homosexual is a lie from the devil and they will pay the price for it, those who are homosexuals and those who support it, and that is biblical. being homosexual has nothing to do with being nice or not, it has to with sin. Those who are homosexuals will not enter the Kingdom of God.

  11. Cheryl Bunch Thomas Jones

    It is a choice, When Adam and Eve was created, GOD did not say , well I see Adam want to sleep with men and Eve with women, so I will make them a GAY partner. No, he said I want more people born, so go and do that. Matt is a poor actor, and like John T. it is now out he likes males also, fact is fact. was covered up for a long time. I knpw what I would like to do with all of them, and it is not to sleep with them.When are you dumb so in so's it is not ok. It is sick , an a sin no matter how you slice it.

  12. Jay Clarke

    I find the whole thing tedious. I mean I find many women attractive but I am still only slippin my meat to a guy.
    I hate labels. I am a beer drinking, fart ripping, nascar loving, sport fan and don't know 1 broadway tune.
    but I order meat not fish and I would do Matt Damon, if he got the weight off.

  13. Cheryl Bunch Thomas Jones

    Teresa Barrett Being a homo is a choice, Being nice is not the issue, I know gay's that are not nice. Yes, they woke up and said I will screw up my life because people like you say it is ok to experiment, and i will love you, instead of tell them it is not ok, I will bet you call your self a christian also. If so, don't read the BIBle much do you.

  14. Lezia Boudreaux

    I hope I can live to see the day when sexual orientation doesn't matter to people anymore. Homosexuality is natural and it has been in existance since the first animals and humans ever walked the planet. It occurs in the animal world too. Homosexuality is not rebellion against God, and YES people are born this way. Society as a whole needs to just accept it because it isn't going away.

  15. Bob Moose

    Many of you religious wingers like to quote the Bible for your own selfish wants but what ever happened to the bible COMMANDMENT-YOU SHOULD LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF?

  16. Lezia Boudreaux

    Joseph, if you believe in God, I think you'd know deep down in your heart that God probably doesn't hate homosexuality as much as you think. God didn't fax his words and rules to the MEN writing the Bible. And if you think God literally spoke to these men, then that's false too. If they heard voices, they probably were psychologically troubled.

  17. Lezia Boudreaux

    So how come straight people have anal sex too? Also, you're wrong. You're stomach is your garbage disposal as it breaks down what you eat. Some idiots up in here…

  18. Jess Frey

    How fucking stupid are you Joseph? Gay people don't choose to be gay. Why in the hell would someone CHOOSE something so difficult and heartbreaking? You would endure the risk of losing the ones you love most, being targeted for hate crimes, having your life threatened, etc and still CHOOSE to be gay?!? Really??? Damn you're dense

  19. Anonymous

    BELIEVING that homosexuality is a choice, does not make homosexuality a choice.
    I am not gay, but happily married 7 years without kids. Does that make me "worse" than being gay?

  20. David Black

    even the queers are ashamed to be homos, so they call themselves gay…………………… about calling yourselves what you really are………………….homosexuals, and if a guy thinks it's more fun to go fudge packing with another guy. then go for it, but it will never beat out sex with a woman.

  21. Lezia Boudreaux

    Why don't you just close your mouth. I'm a liberal and PROUDLY support gays no matter what it jeopardises. Matt Damon's reaction to the rumours was very classy.

  22. Colleen Welch

    Lezia Boudreaux – God loves everyone, including serial killers and pedophiles, it does not make it right does it? Just look at the physical act of anal sodomy? Talk to any doctor who has to do surgical repair on a gay man's rectum? Don't believe me? Google it!

  23. Colleen Welch

    Lezia, most straight people don't, some do, but again it does not make it right. ask any doctor about the physical damage done to a rectum or anus from this. This is not a natural act, and having the tendency does not make it right. Love the sinner, but do not condone the action.

  24. Colleen Welch

    Lezia, you better re-examine your statement, it may have been in existence, but it is not normal, just like having a tendency towards being an alcoholic or a pedophile can be argued. These actions do not make it right. If you really did your research on homosexuality even from a medical standpoint, I think you would change your tune.

  25. Lezia Boudreaux

    I don't have to re-examine anything. I stand by my statement. I don't need to "do my research" either. I have gay friends who I love very dearly and they are no less normal than I am. Homosexuality is not a disease. Alcoholism is. Pedophelia is a conscious choice and a crime. How you can even compare the three is just a sign of how ignorant you are.

  26. Lezia Boudreaux

    Again, you're comparing two COMPLETELY different things to homosexuality. They're not in the same ballpark, so I don't understand why you're even attempting this argument. Also, PLENTY of straight people have anal sex and enjoy it, so don't even make it exclusively a gay thing.

  27. Lezia Boudreaux

    How do you know most straight people don't? Have you done a survey? And if there is any damage from anal sex, it's because the two people involved aren't doing it correctly. Vaginas can become just as damaged from heterosexual intercourse if done incorrectly. There is just no reasoning with people like you, obviously.

  28. Lezia Boudreaux

    And Colleen, I've actually done studies in sexuality and sexual health in college. I've seen anal surgery on men and women as well vaginal surgery. So I'm not just some "fag-hag libtard" as you so love to call my kind.

  29. Jeff Davis

    Damon ought to be more concerned with his feeling that the only way he can communicate is to lace his speech with profanity.

  30. Prescott Breeden

    Lmao: Matt Damon says he doesn't want to talk about gay rumors and you bigoted religious assholes call it a liberal agenda. You can't write that kind of stuff.

  31. Doug Shankle

    I am so sick of these holier than thou bible thumpers. You believe in a fairy tale do you understand that? It's called FAITH for a reason, not FACT! Some of the most repressed people I have ever met in my life. Unbelieveable. Why don't you worry about your own life and stop judging other people. I love it, all these hypocrites! All the Sunday morning crap on TV holding out that hand for the dollar bill. You know what organized religion is? BIG BUSINESS, historically steeped in violence, that's it. Every where around the world religion is used to hold people down, prey on their weaknesses. Hey Joseph, why don't you prove to me the Kingdom of God exists…have you been there? I didn't think so. Why don't you grow a brain and educate yourself instead of relying on the same tired old rhetoric. I love it when I see these two faced idiots get what they deserve. Ted Haggard, Jim Baaker, Grant Storms, Joel Huddleston, Jimmy Swaggart…HELLO?

  32. Geoff Whittaker

    So good to see so many people who are experts on this topic. I'm with Wesley in a way… my brother was gay and a preditor… I loved him as a brother. I'm going to let God deal with it.

  33. Robin Farnes

    Who interpreted the Bible? I’m pretty sure it was not written in English. For you to quote something that was interpreted and judge others put you as the evil one. Yes, I am straght and tollerant

  34. Genta K Pendav

    joseph, that's very closed minded, don't forget religious people used to think the earth is flat and burned everyone that would say otherwise. I am also 100% straight married and have 2 kids.

  35. Genta K Pendav

    Vince spoken like a true Christian, by judging others we also sin, and shame on you colleen for being so ignorant

  36. Tia Wood

    Let's not pick and choose from the bible which verses you want to follow and shove down other people's throat. Either you follow the bible whole or you don't and since I suspect that you don't pray over people eating shellfish, please leave gay people alone.

  37. Stu P. Knitger

    Yes there are many things wrong with being bi-sexual or straight out a homosexual. It isn't normal, it is vile and the act is filthy. The average homosexual has over 400 different partners in life and the spread of disease is rampant, ask any doctor who works with this community. Lastly, there is help for those who need mental treatment for this disease / mental disorder. There are forms of 12 step programs for it, there is spiritual help, and there are other forms of counseling. Separately homo or bi-sexuals from the "act" of sex itself can be easier than some of these people understand and also understand that the different between a homosexual and a bi-sexual and those who live normal life styles is simple not doing the act of sex itself. Another words two men or women living together and having sex would be considered a "gay" lifestyle, however two men or women living together and not having sex together with their same kind is considered a "room mate" situation and it really is not more complex than refraining from having sex with one's own sex.

  38. Gregory Zink

    Lezia Boudreaux I am not going to draw an absolute comparison between pedophelia and homosexuality but there are some similarities. Both are abbarent behavior. Do you think that people actually decide they are going to be attracted to kids?? That doesn't make any sense just as people don't decide they are going to be attracted to the same sex.

    From your own definition of natural, pedophelia" has been in exist since the first animals and humans walked the planet." You look pretty young to be around since the first animals and humans walked the Earth.

    Now the big difference is consenting adults. Some will argue that no one is harmed in the case of homosexuality. Others may argue that society as a whole is harmed. I truly don't believe that anyone is harmed by homosexuality. I still don't believe it is "natural" however.

  39. John Mercuro

    Colleen Welch Funny, I don't remember Jesus ever saying “Love the sinner, but do not condone the action". I remember Jesus showing compassing to those that society passed judgement on like Mary Magdalene and condemning religious hypocrites.

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