Kate Middleton Reportedly ‘Freaking Out,’ Feuding With Camilla Over Who Shall Become Queen And King

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has become the subject of rumors that she’s royally “freaking out” over her future. Why the allegations that the usually calm, cool, and collected Princess Kate is so upset? It all has to do with the royal topic of who will take on the roles of King and Queen. That debate reportedly has sparked a feud with Camilla that has the palace in a tailspin.

Yahoo Lifestyle reported that the palace’s royal staff members are shocked about the alleged feud between Middleton and Camilla. The feud reportedly comes after Queen Elizabeth allegedly announced that she is prepared to abdicate and hand over the throne, resulting in the rumors of a clash between Camilla and Kate, according to New Idea magazine (via Yahoo Lifestyle).

“Kate is pushing for Prince William to bypass his father and become the King of England, while Camilla is furious at her daughter-in-law.”

In addition, the magazine reported that Camilla allegedly is angry at the concept that William could take over the throne. And when it comes to whom to blame, Camilla reportedly is “pointing the finger of blame firmly on poor Kate,” according to New Idea.

Making it even more complicated, the feud may be needless. Yahoo Lifestyle also reported that Queen Elizabeth has set a goal of wanting to give the title of King to Prince Charles after abdicating. Royal commentator Robert Jobson claimed that there is an increase in preparations for what would be involved in transitioning the crown from one royal head to another.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, reportedly are assuming new royal duties amid rumors that they will become King and Queen. That change would affect their children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Jobson revealed that the communications staff members at the Palace have received orders to become “up to speed” on the 1937 Regency Act. That act involves the granting of royal power to the heir apparent.

However, amid the allegations of a feud between Kate and Camilla, Middleton reportedly is less than enthusiastic about taking on the actual tasks involved in becoming the Queen to William’s King. The Hollywood Gossip reported that with Duchess of Cambridge Kate reportedly in line to become Queen of England “sooner than she ever expected,” Middleton is “freaking out.”

In the wake of what are described as “palace insiders” alleging that Prince William and Kate will become King and Queen after Elizabeth II’s reign ends, the spotlight on William and Middleton has intensified. The allegations also include an explanation as to precisely why Prince Charles, 68, would be leapfrogged in the line of succession, with the Hollywood Gossip quoting one of the palace insiders.

“Her Majesty realized that William and Kate are the future.”

The insider also pointed out that for Elizabeth, it all comes down to her royal legacy. After devoting more than six decades to ensuring that the House of Windsor survives, Her Majesty reportedly feels that Middleton and William are best suited to living up to her achievements.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, reportedly are involved in a royal feud.

And that’s left Kate reportedly feeling royally upset. However, the Hollywood Gossip pointed out that when Middleton tied the knot with William six years ago, she effectively signed up for royal duties. It’s just that those extra tasks are coming sooner than she reportedly expected.

Although there are rumors of Kate ranking as the “laziest royal of all time,” according to the media outlet, the insider said that both Middleton and her husband have been assuming more responsibilities recently. In addition, the royal couple reportedly are discovering details about what is involved in taking on the powerful positions of King and Queen.

As for how the alleged ascension to King and Queen might affect William and Middleton’s children, George and Charlotte, the Hollywood Gossip predicted that regardless of what titles their parents receive, the children will be properly raised and look precious.

“[George and Charlotte] will look simply adorable next to Kate and William for years to come.”

As they grow, the royal kids look more and more like their parents, who have shown their love for their youngsters. Middleton and William welcomed heir Prince George in July of 2013, while Charlotte earned a warm welcome from the world when she arrived in May of 2015.

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