Usain Bolt gets injured during race.

Usain Bolt Fails To Finish 4X100 Relay After Injury Occurs

Usain Bolt’s running career is coming to an end and things didn’t go as planned in his final 4×100 race. Usain was set to run a leg of this race, but Bleacher Report shared that he was actually unable to finish the race due to an injury that happened while he was running his leg of the relay.

He was running in the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London when Bolt pulled up during the race. Hosts Great Britain took the gold medal with a time of 37.47 seconds, and Usain Bolt’s Jamaica team ended up not placing after his injury. He was behind the American and British teams when he got injured and then Usain Bolt also ended up pulling up due to the injury.

Usain Bolt was finally able to cross the finish line, which will be his last time to ever do so due to the fact that he is retiring after this big event. Bolt was the final leg for his team on this race. The Americans were expected to win, but the British team was able to pull it off. Jamaica has won this race the last four times at this event. Usain Bolt is ending his career with 11 World Championships gold medals.

Usain Bolt was actually expected to win his final 100-meter race this week, but that didn’t end up happening for him either. Sports Illustrated shared the news that Bolt ended up losing this race. He actually finished in third at the IAAF World Championships in London. Usain Bolt losing this race also ended his win streak. He had won 45 races in a row before this loss. It was also Bolt’s first-ever loss in an Olympic or world championship semifinal. Bolt is turning 31-years-old in August and has repeatedly said that he is done after this and won’t be going to any more world championships. The fans loved seeing Usain Bolt run one last time, but it was hard to see him end with an injury.

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[Featured Image by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]