Jeffrey Hazelwood

Man Kills Two 17-Year-Olds, Posts Selfie To His Instagram Stories From Prison: Jeffrey Hazelwood’s Viral Photo

Prisoners are not allowed to have smartphones in their prison cells, but somehow that fact didn’t stop 21-year-old Jeffrey Hazelwood from uploading a selfie to his Instagram Stories — which are like Snapchat Stories for Instagram, but only last 24 hours — on Thursday, August 10. The above photo from August, 2016, was provided by the Roswell Police Department, which showed Jeffrey after being charged in the murders of two Georgia teenagers. However, it is another photo of Jeffrey, who hails from Roswell, Georgia, that is going viral. According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the photo that Hazelwood recently posted to his Instagram account is a mystery to folks who have seen the photo.

However, the publication reports that nearly 4,000 prison inmates in Georgia were caught with cellphones last year, so it’s plausible that photos would end up on Instagram. Jeffrey’s Instagram account is still active, however, the selfie posted on Thursday, August 10, is now gone. Instagram Stories last for 24 hours, and the photo appears to be taken from inside the prison, with Jeffrey donning a white T-shirt, and sporting a shorter hair cut. Hazelwood received a life sentence for the murder of two teens behind a Publix in Roswell, and is serving out that sentence at Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville.

Jeffrey Hazelwood
[Image by Roswell Police Department/AP Images]

Officials do not know if Jeffrey uploaded the photo himself to his Instagram Stories, or if someone else did – but they state that even prison visitors are not allowed to bring smartphones into the prison when visiting inmates. Hazelwood was charged with shooting and killing Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis, both 17-years-old. The duo was set to begin their senior years of high school.

At the time of the murders, Hazelwood had the long hair he wore in the above photos. Jeffrey was diagnosed with having a mental illness as a child, but admitted to not taking his medication when he killed Natalie and Carter. The mystery over how Jeffrey got access to a phone in order to take a selfie and upload it to his Instagram Stories remains. Plenty of angry comments appear beneath Hazelwood’s Instagram photos.

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