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Bloggers Call For Murder Of NRA President And Repeal Of Second Amendment

Liberals Call Fore Murder Of NRA President

The Nation suffered an unspeakable tragedy on Friday. Millions of Americans are heartbroken by the terrifying events in Newtown, Connecticut that left twenty Elementary School children and six teachers dead. While most people are calling for prayer and healing, there are some among us who have chosen use this terrible crime to express their hatred. Earlier today, the Westboro Baptist Church celebrated the murder of innocent children as God’s judgement on America and announced plans to picket the funerals in Connecticut. Gun control advocates proved that they too are capable of vile intolerance and unreasonable hate, as they posted one tweet after other calling for the murder of NRA President David Keene and demanded the repeal of the Second Amendment.

Michael Moore started the ball rolling with a highly inflammatory series of provocative Twitter posts on Friday including this gem:

Michael Moore

@MMFlint The NRA hates freedom. They don’t want you to have the freedom to send your children to school expect them to come home alive

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Get that? The NRA wants your children dead.

Moore followed up his accusation that the NRA wants to kill children with this post about a vicious assault on school children in China in which 20 helpless youngsters were stabbed. He didn’t hesitate to exploit the crime in China and tie it in to his gun ban agenda. Obviously, Moore has no idea that a stabbing can inflict severe damage and cause unbelievable pain. He just rambled on, spewing his hostility at anyone who dared to have an opinion that disagreed with him and showed total contempt for the right of Americans to think for themselves.

Michael Moore

@MMFlint This morning a crazy man attacked 22 children at an elementary school- in China. But all the crazy man had was a knife. Number of dead? Zero

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Moore will probably be quite horrified to learn that not everyone agreed with him. There were many Tweets that expressed contempt and disgust at his need to exploit the shootings in such an obnoxious manner. Here is a sample of the Tweets that called him out for his behavior:

John Filan@hifi75

@MMFlint the way to honor these people would be to shut up with your political agenda and let these people mourn their losses.

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@MMFlint Please stop making this issue about your political beliefs. This issue isn’t something for you to toy with. Have some respect.

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Herman Cain

@THEHermanCain I am disgusted by those who want to get into the politics of today’s violence. Shame on Michael Moore MSNBC

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Yesterday’s posts by Moore inspired the worst in many other Gun Control advocates who let loose with an appalling barrage of obscenity filled death threats against NRA President David Keene, NRA members and gun owners:

Twiiter Flooded With Death Threats Against NRA PresidentThe Constitution didn’t fare any better on Twitter. The haters had a field day using a mind numbing tragedy to express contempt for the rule of law as they demanded an immediate repeal of the Second Amendment:

Gun Control Advocates EWant An End to The 2nd Amendment

To exploit the events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School to promote your desire to ban guns and repeal part of the Constitution is certainly inappropriate. However, the people who posted their murderous threats against the President of the NRA are no better than common thugs.

Americans need to grieve and to heal. We don’t need a pack of howling animals baying for blood. So please have the decency to keep your hateful words to yourself and let civilized Americans work together as friends to find solutions to the terrible violence that is ripping our nation apart.

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6 Responses to “Bloggers Call For Murder Of NRA President And Repeal Of Second Amendment”

  1. Megan Charles

    Wait, what? They call for murdering the head of the NRA? An innocent person? But they call for his head on a pike like owning a firearm automatically makes you a bad person. I know plenty of people who own firearms who are not criminals, who'll likely never injure another person unless life-threateningly provoked to. Arguably, if we took all the guns away from LAW ABIDING citizens, you'll simply give the power balance over to the criminals, because they'll find a way to get their hands on a weapon of some kind. If they want you dead, they'll find a way. What would stop them from breaking into your home? Call the police…sure, but what if you live in a rural area where the closest officer is 20 minutes away.
    Whenever someone screams about taking all guns away I remind them of the Sarah McKinley story; 18 year old mother of a new born whose husband had died of cancer a few months beforehand living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. 2 men tried to break into her home one night. She waited for 20 minutes for help to come and finally was forced to have to kill the first intruder through the door…Otherwise, who knows. Perhaps by the time they arrived she would have been raped and killed, or the baby too. But she waiting until she could wait no more to protect herself. Tell someone like her she's not allowed to have a firearm to protect herself from 2 men wanting to break into her home to likely assault and kill her and her newborn….

  2. Larry Josephson

    I doubt that too many NRA types are all that broken up by the shootings in Connecticut. That's the deal they make with themselves — they get to keep their guns, crap on people who disagree with them and accept any consequences that arise when people are murdered. Blame the killer, blame liberals, blame the media — anybody but themselves. I for one would welcome a trade in which every gun lover switches places with the poor children they helped put in their graves. Where is the cowardly NRA today? It's silent on twitter and its Facebook page has been taken down. Typical.

  3. Take Off The Rose Colored Glasses

    With all due respect, you have no idea what your talking about. Go look at some of those people and I guarantee you they are upset. As for the NRA, they are being respectful of the victims, unlike the Brady campaign, fundraising right after an incident, using it to their advantage. You have some very mistaken ideas about gun people. I think you should get to know some of them, you know that whole tolerance and understanding thing.

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