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Robbie Parker, Dad Of Emilie, Gives Emotional Statement In Newtown [Video]

Robbie Parker, father of slain six-year-old, Emilie Parker released an emotional statement today

Robbie Parker, whose daughter Emilie was one of the 20 slain children at Sandy Hook Elementary, gave a heartbreaking statement to press this evening in Newtown, Connecticut.

Robbie Parker’s statement, broadcast on CNN, blew viewers away with the grieving dad’s graceful words regarding the tragedy that claimed the lives of Emilie Parker, 6, and 19 of her classmates, along with six female Sandy Hook Elementary School employees.

Many were moved to tears watching Parker, tearful himself, describe his firstborn daughter’s ability to “light up a room” as he recalled her life and their last conversation.

Among the things Robbie Parker had to say about how the family is dealing with the loss of Emilie, he told those gathered:

“Let this inspire us to be better, more compassionate, and caring toward other people.”

Parker urged parents to be a little more patient, and spoke of the heartbreaking circumstance of explaining Emilie Parker’s death to her siblings, three and four. He said:

“They seem to get the fact that they have somebody they’re going to miss very much.”

To the family of Adam Lanza, Parker included them directly in his support for other families, and said:

“I can’t imagine how hard this experience must be for you.”

Parker added that after the tragedy, he felt “blessed to be” Emilie’s dad for her short time here, and said:

“I’m not mad … If there’s anything I can do to help anyone anywhere, I’m willing to do that.”

emilie parker

Last night, Parker’s uncle Nate Lucas told press that his nephew Robbie and wife Alissa had a long, agonizing wait to hear about Emilie and her condition during the hours after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Lucas said:

“All the kids were taken to a fire station complex, and Alissa was trying to find Emilie, and couldn’t find her … That was the first indication that the news might not be good. Later, some information was given to Robbie and Alissa, that she was one who was at least injured, but they didn’t give them any other information. Quite some time later, the confirmation was that Emilie was one of those killed.”

Emilie Parker’s name was one of 26 released today by the Connecticut medical examiner after a press conference with Dr. Wayne Carver on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Longtime friends of Robbie Parker and wife Alissa have set up the Emilie Parker Fund to assist the family, and you can like their page on Facebook for updates and information on donating to the #EmilieParkerFund.

Robbie Parker Remembers His Six Year Old…by tvnportal

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49 Responses to “Robbie Parker, Dad Of Emilie, Gives Emotional Statement In Newtown [Video]”

  1. Shirley Wine

    My heart aches for all the friends and family of this unspeakable tragedy….

  2. Vanessa Pickett

    This is to all the families of Newtown, Connecticut, my heart goes out to each and eveyone of you. I couldn't imagine having to go through something like this. May God be with each and everyone of you. I hope that you'all find some peace and solituide from all of this. I have small grandchildren in the same age range and I could not even put this thought in my head that something of this sort happen to any of them. So when I say that my heart goes out to all of you, please, I feel the hurt that you all are feeling. May God Bless eachand everyone of you.

  3. Cj DeWitt

    Our family is keeping all the families involved in the tragedy in our hearts and prayers.

  4. Nyla Clancy

    Many prayers for your sweet babies, M.
    ay Peace hold your hearts and guide you thru this time of unspeekable sorrow. Please know I am praying for you all. We can only offer you our support and hugs…i will continue to keep you lifted in prayer..for that is the stronest hope I can offerr you. Please know those of us who can only imagain your heartache, we will keep a chain of love going for you, you are not alone in your grief. Much heart and love…Nyla…Houston Texas.

  5. Mary Carroll

    What a beautiful little girl …what lovr from her dad…..our prayers are with you and all the viictims ………here's what to say to your children …..there are still more good people in the world than bad ….many heroes on that tragic day

  6. Anonymous

    In keeping with Utah tradition, he wants to be first in the moocher lineup so as to monetize the child's death. When someone dies in Utah, asking for money help is a Utah tradition if nothing more than help with the funeral.

  7. Lisa Gallagher Pallone

    This isn't Utah. And you are a fucking asshole. He isn't looking for money, you prick. His daughter is dead. Screw you.

  8. JohnRaymond Morales

    You're an asshole. This man is not a moocher. He is showing forgiveness and not becoming like the man who show hatred by gunning down innocent people. I'll bet you are like the gunman. Prick.

  9. Dorothy Moody

    thoughts and prayers go out to you and you family, and to all the other families who also lost their loved ones.

  10. Michael Stauffer

    My heart aches and my eyes are filled with tears and sorrow thinking about all the families in Newtown Connecticut. Each and every one of you is in my thoughts and my prayers. I cannot even imagine the pain and suffering that all of you are bearing. No living human being should be butchered and silenced so violently as the events that occured yesterday especially an innocent child. I respect and admire each and every adult teacher that sacrificed their lives yesterday to save a child I would have done the same thing one thousand times over. I have not seen my two boys in 7 years because of a nasty divorce but I love them more than life itself. May god and your little angels watch over you all the days of your lives. God Bless you all, and you will always remain an important part of.
    my prayers and thoughts.

  11. Tammy Wilson

    Wow..a truely unselfish man..putting his grief last..and worrying and hopeing for comfort to all affected by the horific incident!..This man is a true hero!..Im so happy Emily had sucha wonderful parent during her short life!

  12. Anthony Davis

    Robbie Parker is enormously blessed above the parents of other victims, in that he knows the true doctrine that families can be together forever. I hope that in spite of his pain he shares it with others in need. It would be the perfect way to honor his daughter's memory and give her death some meaning.

  13. Stephanie Browning

    I'm so sorry that your baby was taken so horridly. I want you to friend me on facebook, my name is stephanie browning. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

  14. Courtney Marie Anelli

    Wow! Such a moving message…"If I can help anyone, anywhere I'm willing to do that." We should be helping him since he lost a gorgeous child….praying for them and for all the families….I wish there was more I could do.

  15. Wolff Bachner

    kimmy as you well know I too have covered this terrible tragedy all weekend with the rest of the team here at The Inquisitr.I have never before seen a group of people try so hard to tell a story to the world and do it with such dignity and kindness. We all wrote through our tears and tried to help lessen the pain for our readers. The stories we told and the lives we learned about will remain in our hearts forever. I am sure that I speak for everyone here at The Inquisitr when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with each and every family member who lost loved ones in Newtown on Friday. We will never forget the smiles of the children or the bravery of the teachers who tried to save them. May everyone find some solace and a measure of peace in their hearts.

  16. Wolff Bachner

    As I watch this video for the tenth time, I still can not begin to imagine the sorrow I witnessed on Robbie Parker's face, in his voice and in every breath he fought to take as he expressed his love for a child torn away forever. This grieving father showed the courage of a Medal Of Honor winner as he stood before the world and shared the story of his daughter's smile and laughter with all of us. For those of us who believe in God, we take some solace in the fact that Emilie is now in God's loving arms. For those who do not believe, I wish you peace and comfort in the hug of a loved one or friend. My sorrow knows no bounds tonight and words now simply fail me. May God bless you all and bring you peace.

  17. Jacqui Wickenden

    people act and deal with the loss of loved ones in different ways..what..because he isnt crying means hes not greiving?…surely you're not that shallow!

  18. Jim Trebowski

    Pegah, all these conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook are being generated by right-wing conspiracy nut jobs who think the whole massacre was a hoax designed by President Obama as an excuse to take away our guns.

  19. Shirlee Oscarson Webb

    You are a poor excuse of a human being……sick and delusional…..

  20. Pegah Mozafari

    Calling me by names, and/or mocking me does not answer the very basic questions I asked. Can you please explain this ? My 2 questions are: 1) Please provide and explanation of the little girl's picture who is supposed to have been murdered and yet is in the picture with Obama (this is not a fake picture either, you can find it on CNN, ABC, and all over the news). 2) The demeanor of Robbie Parker just before he got into his character of crying and talking is rather disturbing to me. No father would be laughing and then getting into his character of crying in that manner (which I recall watching on CNN when it was broadcast live and I asjed myself what is this guy about? But at the time I let it go due to the tragic situation. But now as it has surfaced again, I wonder is Robbie Parker a real human being??. Seriously… Do NOT call me by names or mock me… can you please provide a logical intelligent answer to the above 2 questions?

  21. Pad Dar

    Sure… You have not looked at him laughing and joking around. BTW: Robbie Parker is a LEFT WING nut, he made this up.

  22. Pad Dar

    I notice you PHONIES left OUT the first part of this video where Parker is JOKING and LAUGHING. Phoney's

  23. Ken Wright

    Shirlee I myself am not sure what you are mad over. Does it anger you that people want to know EXACTLY what happened with the killings of innocent children and that MAYBE someone else is involved that others don't want you to know about? Do you HONESTLY think that they care about human life that much ?

  24. Ken Wright

    To those who run this site why did you not include Mr.Parker laughing and joking while he was approaching the Camera?

  25. Pad Dar

    SO typical. They conveniently leave out some major facts and call US the 'conspiracy theorists' What a JOKE.

  26. Teresa N. York

    It's okay to question things, but going around saying some of these kids aren't really dead is over the top…and disgusting. If ya don't believe she's dead, get the records, death records are public but posting this crap on pages for her family and friends to remember her is very cruel.

  27. Kim LaCapria

    Pegah Mozafari The picture to which you are referring is Emilie Parker's sister. This particular angle to the conspiracy theory amazes me- why would a conspiracy of this magnitude include such an obvious mistake?

    As to the pre-statement demeanor of Parker, have you never grieved? There is occasionally laughing and smiling because your emotions are all out of whack. When my best friend tragically and unexpectedly lost her dad, she laughed when she saw me after I rushed to her house, because the image of a pregnant lady carrying 9 bottles of soda is funny. Then she laughed because I brought as much soda (her only request was a Dr. Pepper) as I could carry, and again, it was funny to her in her immediate grief.

    Surely this has to be a common human experience? You laugh because you are at your wit's end, you laugh because something about the deceased's personality is recalled, you laugh because there are those moments where you feel their presence mischievously. How is this some grand conspiracy? it is all very normal behavior.

  28. Kim LaCapria

    This post was posted in the first 20 minutes after Parker gave his speech and this was the only clip available. That said, it doesn't matter either way. We believe his grief to be genuine and people occasionally laugh when grieving.

  29. Pegah Mozafari

    Personally I do not in any form or shape believe there is a conspiracy. I am just trying to figure out how to respond to the right wing extremist Republicans when they present the picture of little Emillie Parker before and after the tragedy. I have brought up that the picture shows Emillie's sister, but their argue is that her sister is much younger and unless she is her identical twin sister, the explanation is bogus. And the laughing demeanor of the father adds to their argue.

  30. Rhena Loudermilk

    I have buried a child. Everyone around me at the time did their best to get any emotion out of me besides hysterical crying. My dad inhaling helium literally had me laying on the floor laughing. Was it inappropriate, or does that mean that I was not grieving?

  31. John Yang

    Robbie is a fake, doesn't mater how people deal with a lost love, u dont laught n smile n work up a fake cry for the media, especially since ur the first parent to even have a press conference, i dont even believe emily is dead due too the photos with obama

  32. Craig Pitt

    It's not that he was laughing that's the problem. It was the drummed up, fake panting and stuttering that immediately followed. If you can't see that, you are ignoring the main point. He was acting. He was lying.

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