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Adam Lanza: Connecticut School Shooting Suspect Reportedly Killed Both Parents

Ryan Lanza: Connecticut School Shooting Suspect Reportedly Killed Both Parents

UPDATE: Subsequent reports corrected earlier news that shooting suspect Adam Lanza killed his father. While police believe that Lanza killed his mother, who was found dead in her home, his father was not killed.

Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old accused Connecticut school shooter, reportedly killed his father in his Hoboken, New Jersey, home before traveling to Newtown, Connecticut and killing his mother and dozens of children.

Though reports are still hazy from police, ABC News noted that one of those dead inside Sandy Hook Elementary School was Adam Lanza’s mother. Initial reports had originally focused on Adam’s brother, Ryan, naming him as the suspect.

Police said a heavily armed man burst into the school this morning, armed with four weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest. He was reportedly killed while still in the school.

“The shooter is deceased inside the building,” Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance said at a news conference. “The public is not in danger.”

WNBC has reported that Adam Lanza shot and killed his father in Hoboken, New Jersey, and then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School where his mother was the kindergarten teacher. Lanza is reported to have entered the front office at the school where he opened fire, making his way to his mother’s classroom and opening fire, killing her and other students.

A neighbor of Adam Lanza’s parents in Sandy Hook told The Huffington Post that police were searching Lanza’s parents house.

Initial reports said police had arrested a second suspect as well, though no details are available about the person’s identity or possible connection to the Connecticut school shooting.

Along with killing his father and mother, Adam Lanza reportedly killed at least 27 people in the Connecticut school shooting. The Globe and Mail reported that at least 18 of those dead were students, and most of the killings took place inside a kindergarten classroom.

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22 Responses to “Adam Lanza: Connecticut School Shooting Suspect Reportedly Killed Both Parents”

  1. Linda Zajork

    There is a lot of conflicting information at this time. Time will tell what exactly happened, who was involved and motive. May God bless those who perished, their families and friends as they grieve over this horrific event.

  2. Megan R Rose

    It's so sad that we now need to find out how to invest in children's size vests!

  3. Marci Weaver Pierre

    Who cares how old they are, kindergarten babies lost their lives!

  4. Healing Readings

    Homeschooling seems to be the way to go on many levels. In today's world there needs to be a metal detector before ANYONE enters a school building…Times are a changin indeed and sadly not for the better in many cases.

  5. David Atkinson

    So one can have no social interaction with anyone their own age as they grow up? I think that kind of over-reaction and the resulting isolation would lead to more such events, not less.

  6. Anonymous

    David Atkinson – I gotta agree with Healing Readings. I'm SO glad I homeschool. I homeschool my 6 year old and we have permission to use the local elementary school playground, we've done ballet and t-ball and now are involved with Girl Scouts, piano lessons and a weekly church club AWANAs. And she goes to an all day
    Summer camp program half of Summer. I do all this so she won't be the type to shoot up a school one day or be shot in a school.

  7. Miranda Walker

    First off My heart goes out to all these parents that have lost a child at this shooting. I lost a brother in law (age 12 ) to a shooting but I never lost a child or grandchild. Hope that I never have to know. My concern is that I hear that they are calling to ban guns now because of this…seems kinda werid to me that the president is trying to take our guns and now this happens…

  8. Yessenia Monier

    Funny, because to me, someone like you is a perfect candidate to be the next "adam". Just look at your deranged point of view, comparing Trayvon, an innocent 17 year old, to a mass-murderer.. clearly a screw is lose in your head, get some help before it's too late.

    Connecticut School Shooting Gunman Adam Lanza Photo and his Brother Ryan Lanza Arrested Pics here

  9. Marci Weaver Pierre

    Until you become a parent you won't understand little one. So if you want to see a screw loose in my head do something to my child like this sick bastard did. Trust me since you're in Utah where I am from also you should know family is everything. Before you comment on such a tragic event defending a sick "screw loose in their head" individual you should re-think what if that was your family member then you won't give 2 cents about how old the fool is.

  10. Jeff Sullivan

    What happened to the second subject who was arrested? Any follow-up reports on that piece of information?

  11. Lacey Lee

    It is so sad sorry to hear stuff like that i cried all day and night my prays go out to the family and the kids.

  12. Healing Readings

    Kids that are homeschooled have a healthier social life, they go out and are more active in their community and are very socially active, not just for 20 minutes a day during recess lol

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