Parents Gave Newborn Baby More Drugs To Hide Meth And Heroin Addiction From Hospital

utah parents gave their newborn daughter drugs to hide addiction from hospital

A Utah baby girl was hooked on drugs before she was born, and her parents were allegedly feeding her painkillers to hide her addiction from authorities. According to the Miami Herald, Lacey Christenson and Colby Wilde have been jailed on suspicion and distribution of a controlled substance, child endangerment as well as possession of methamphetamine, heroin, and drug paraphernalia.

Christenson revealed that she had used heroin and prescription drugs throughout her nine-month pregnancy. Utah County police confirmed that the infant was born already addicted to hard drugs. Christenson and her 29-year-old boyfriend also admitted to crushing pills of Suboxone, a prescription painkiller and applying it to the infant’s gums just hours after she was born. They did it when hospital staffers were not looking. Christenson and Wilde told police that friends had told them it was a good way to conceal drug withdrawal symptoms in a baby.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that a Walmart incident actually tipped off police about Christenson and Wilde’s drug crimes. The 29-year-old man had pinched items from a shelf and returned them to customer service, asking for a refund. He was given a cash card for the items, but as he left the store with his 2-month-old daughter, employees confronted him about the purported theft.

Wilde made a run for it, dangling his 2-month old daughter in a car seat. In an attempt to escape, the Utah man slammed into the sliding doors and dropped his infant daughter. Witnesses say the infant girl and car seat rolled over several times. The 29-year-old man hurriedly grabbed his daughter and ran out another door, but hit a pillar and dropped his daughter again. Police say Wilde handed his daughter in the car seat to a stranger, jumped into his car, and sped away.

Wilde left his girlfriend, Christenson, and three other children, all boys, aged 2, 4, and 8 at the store.

When deputies caught up with him in a parking lot close by, he was arrested for DUI, driving without insurance, meth, heroin, and having drug paraphernalia. His live-in lover was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation.

The couple was released on a bond, but later re-arrested after police searched their home and discovered a trove of drugs, including some next to a child’s sippy cup and baby bassinet. They allegedly even caught Christenson smoking heroin when they arrived. It was there police learned the shocking story of the infant girl. Three of the couple’s youngest children tested positive for meth. The 2-month-old baby came back positive for heroin and morphine.

Family services contacted the oldest boy’s father who agreed to take custody of all the kids because he did not want the children to live apart. Wilde is the father to the three younger children. Wilde and Christenson have been arraigned on charges of child endangerment, use of heroin and methamphetamine, and possessing drug paraphernalia.

They are currently being held in a county jail on a $10,000 cash bail.

[Featured Image by Utah County Sheriff’s Police Department]