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Man Who Brutally Murdered His Children Goes Free After 46 Months

Turcotte stabbed his children to death.

In 2009, a cardiologist with no history of mental illness killed his children in their beds. He stabbed his 5-year-old Olivier over 20 times. His 3-year-old daughter, Anne-Sophie, was stabbed 19 times.

Now, less than four years after his sentencing, Guy Turcotte is a free man, and many Canadians are expressing outrage at the court’s decision.

Many want to know “how a father who stabbed his children dozens of times could be free after 46 months of confinement,” reports CNN. Dr. Isabelle Gaston, Turcotte’s ex-wife and mother of the murdered children, joins in the questioning public.

Gaston is a physician and coroner. As she pores over her children’s autopsy reports, she knows what they mean. Her children, she knows, suffered “a long, gruesome death” at the hands of someone they should have been able to trust the most.

“I knew it was not a short death. You know, my little boy received 20 stabs of a knife, he had seven marks of defense,” she told CNN in an interview at her home. “He had no wound that was the one that gave him death,” she added, trying to hold back tears.

“My little girl, she had 19 wounds, maybe she was luckier? Because she had one that was more mortal than the other. But she felt 19 shots, that’s for sure,” Gaston continued.

Although Turcotte confessed to killing his children in February 2009, but testified that he was “distraught over his crumbling marriage and snapped.” He insisted that he blacked out and doesn’t remember killing his children.

The Canadian jury failed to convict him, finding his not criminally responsible “due to mental illness.”

A Canadian panel found Turcotte ready for release from psychiatric care, just 46 months after he stabbed his 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter dozens of times.

When asked if she believed that her children’s father was mentally ill when he repeatedly stabbed his small children, Gaston responded:

“Why don’t I accept that he is mentally ill is when I look at the facts. We have a person that is a cardiologist that never had a psychiatric incident, not at all. I have trouble to understand how someone in five hours or six hours will do an interview of someone and have a conclusion that he is not a danger to society or is mentally insane.”

Just hours before his brutally murdered little Olivier and Anne-Sophie, the three were caught on surveillance at a local video store, preparing for a night of movies.

Turcotte was released on Wednesday — after only 46 months under psychiatric care — after a panel declared him ready for release. The alleged killer reportedly told the board that he is “looking forward to leading a normal life.” Turcotte added that he “hopes to practice medicine and have children again.”

Olivier reportedly cried, "No, Papa," before his father stabbed him in the stomach.

The National Post reports that even Canadian government officials are irate with the decision to free Turcotte.

“Isabelle Gaston does not deserve to live in fear of her children’s killer and neither do other victims of similar crimes across Canada,” Heritage Minister James Moore said, adding, “Isabelle Gaston deserves better than this. The system has failed her.”

Moore reported that the government has plans to deal with high-risk offenders found not criminally responsible for their actions based on mental disorders.

Turcotte is reportedly not on any psychiatric medications. He is required to attend counseling and stay away from his children’s mother and her family.

“To know that my children faced the person that they should have trusted the most and they were left by themselves to die. No one holding their hand,” Gaston said. “I struggle, OK, I struggle all the days, every day of my life and I think till I die I will struggle.”

Do you think that Turcotte should go free?

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68 Responses to “Man Who Brutally Murdered His Children Goes Free After 46 Months”

  1. Народна Медицина

    the murders occurred in 2009, how do you get just less than 4 years out of that? it is not even 3 years! And those children went through hell! 2 little children 3 and 5 years old, and the p…… stabbed them 46 TIMES and he gets off scottfree after only 2 1/2 years of jail. Throw him back in jail for anoter 20 years and then forget where you left the key! And what about this

  2. Heather Johnson

    He should remained locked up. Most of us don't ruthlessly kill our children when we are upset. Who knows what else he'll do if something in his life stops going his way.

  3. Vanessa Powers

    This is not an example of the system failing-but a complete collapse and decay of any 'system!' Throw this animal back in its cage for life!

  4. Kym Sheree Stephens

    Life in prison without parole at the least! He gets to go back to life as usual? UN-believable! These are times I wish capitol punishment still existed…he don't even deserve lethal injection! SO sad!

  5. Phyllis BlackBoop Mincey

    Who said that being white doesn't have its rewards? This @ss should have gotten the death penatly (althought Canada doesn't have or believe in the death penatly). A black woman kills her husband because for years he abused her and during one of her beatings she stabbed him to death. Sher didn't have a record and received 40 years in prison but a white woman kills her husband in his sleep and since she didn't have a record, they let her go.

  6. Leslie May McCrobie-Easton

    Hell no kill the bastard like he did his children no pain you inflict on him could be justice enough. Bull shit he should be dead.

  7. Jose Hernandez

    Issues like this and "2nd ammendment" should be taken up by Congress and the Supreme Court. They must review/revise existing laws and update them in such a way that culprits who commit crimes are held reponsible and have them confined/executed so that the safety of our citizens is ensured.

  8. Colleen Louderback Sproul

    Psychiatric hospital care & not jail time? This is outrageous! The man has scammed and used the system to get away with murder! He needs to serve time for his crimes now that he is sane. He should not be excused for what he did. Those 2 children are gone, dead at the hand of their father – a slow & painful death from the autopsy reports. He needs to PAY with more than 3 years in a psychiatric hospital!

  9. Lissette Angelique

    he is STILL insane if he thinks anyone would take their children to him or anyone would marry and have kids with him…clearly delusional monster STILL needs medical attention!

  10. Consuelo Lightner

    Did not happen here Jose but in Canada even thou we have had some kind of same decisions.

  11. Edwin Bailey

    don't think he should be let out.marriage falling apart is such a lame excuse.

  12. Audrey Koopmans Albert

    How on earth could anyone who killed 2 little children be allowed to go free. If he was judged sane, he then should be transferred to a regular prison for the rest of his life. I've never heard of someone who confessed to murdering children being able to go free. This is a travisty of justice in any country.

  13. Keith Summers

    if I were his ex wife, I woulda been waiting at the door for him to walk thru at the prison with a nice big surprise…he wouldn't stab anyone else…

  14. Tammy Unger

    Will someone please just do the right thing.. It will only cost a bullet.

  15. John Mitchell

    REALLY? We'll be hearing of this monster again, and it well be because he woke up in a bad mood and "blacked out".

  16. James A. Sands

    I would like to have his head cut off and stuck on a spear, left in the sun until it rots! Now, this would do naught but satisfy revenge: um, what's the problem?

  17. Shawnda Taylor

    He should have remained in jail. Fortunately, I believe that someone will take care of this problem in a way that the justice system could not.

  18. Lauren Siegel

    That was a despicable post! I just went to the trial of my friends' murderers. He was a white male teacher and they were male Hispanics. I am not happy with the sentencing they got at all but do not see it as an issue of race. You are never going to get anywhere with that chip on your shoulder.

  19. Hector Rodriguez

    I am not here to condone this mans actions. But I find it weird that this is a growing trend in our "civilized" society. This is not the first time an "apparent" sane person with everything to live for goes haywire. Not necessarily a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I do find this trend odd.

  20. Lauren Siegel

    Just this week I went to the trial of the young men that killed my friend. He was a music teacher at a high school. The murderers came from a difficult background with a single mother that did not make that much money. On of the boys (they were two half-brothers) was his student and at one point was in foster care. His social worker asked my friend (Matthew T. Cox) to mentor him as he had been a mentor to other students in the past. Matt tried to help this young man and would never give up on him. He would drive him to work so he could have a job since he couldn't afford a car. The boys older brother got out of jail for a petty crime a few weeks before the murder. Matt was about to leave town to go home to Michigan for Christmas vacation. The student was going to come over to see Matt before he left but called Matt beforehand and said he was going to bring his older brother. They went over for a bit, and as Matt was leaving for the airport, he offered to drive the brothers home. When they got to their apartment, they beat and choked Matt to death. They then drove the car back to Matts home, dumped the body on the couch stole a few electronics and took the car back home. They told their mother what they had done and she drove the car to work the next day and abandoned it in a parking lot and then walked the rest of the way to work and finished her day. Matts friend went over to his house a few hours later to feed his dog and found his body on the couch. The boys first denied guilt, but later recanted. They waived their right to a speedy trial thus making us friends and family wait 4 long years before going to court. The younger boy now 19 got 18-25 years minus 4 for time already served with possibility of parole in 12. The older boy got 25-35 minus 4 years for time already served with possibility of parole after 18 years. The younger boy could be out on the streets at a younger age than what Matt was when he lost his life. The mother got NOTHING because she cooperated after they have evidence against the boys. She sat right behind Matts mother who flew in from Michigan. The court appointed lawyer for the the younger boy was worried about the file because the original police officer stated the act had to do with a gang initiation and they didn't want him to go to jail with a specific gang attached to his name. Also as part of their plea bargain for the confession, the grand theft auto was taken off the record so they were not charged with that.

    I guess the reason for my diatribe was to show that it is not just Canada and some people just aren't held accountable for their crimes. We believe that alot of the reasons why the DA coped a plea was that the defendants were younger at the time (16 & 17) and they didn't want to have issues with trying them as adults, and the boys were Hispanic. And this was in a predominately Hispanic area and it was an election year.

  21. Jesse Easton

    I can't believe this either….I don't know what to say….my stomach is sour

  22. Lisa Schultz

    Hey Phyllis – the guy that broke into my house high on crack, that put a knife to my throat, cut up my arms, threw my dog across the room and stold all my dead mothers jewelry happened to also be black. He had a criminal record a mile long. He served less than a year, got out and shot his cousin to death. Burn your race card- it's obsolete.

  23. Kym Sheree Stephens

    Yes..I concur that a situation like this has noting to do with race as there are injustices in EVERY race!! Every dog has their day and Karma has an uncanny way of introducing itself just when you think you're home the dr. WILL have his time! The focus for me is the mom and those beautiful..precious..innocent babies that had the misfortune of having that psychopath as a father!!! Godspeed2her and their loved ones!

  24. Kym Sheree Stephens

    Yes..I concur that a situation like this.. race should NOT be the focus…as there are injustices in EVERY race!! Every dog has their day and Karma has an uncanny way of introducing itself just when you think you're home the dr. WILL have his time! The focus for me is the mom and those beautiful..precious..innocent babies that had the misfortune of having that psychopath as a father!!! Godspeed2her and their loved ones! My heart aches for them as the other tragedies (Newtown CT) that have taken place even on today! Those who still believe in the power of prayer…Parents just because they've taken prayer out of schools don't mean you can't teach your kids how to pray to themselves and that you can still pray God's protection over your babies before sending them out in this dark cruel and wicked world..if you've noticed how fast the worlds' been spiral out of control since they did that all because they've taken God out of the equation and these are the results!!! Keep the faith…God bless America…today and always!!!

  25. Melissa Cumberland

    Just shows you that the system has no value for human life. Taken a life means nothing to the system its all about money.When its the most precious and you can never get it back to let someone take the life from these kids and let him walk is just how the justice system is.

  26. Melissa Cumberland

    They call him a Doctor. Wrong he's is a murderer. Doctors save lives and murderers take lives.

  27. Roxann Eagly

    answer to the question…..Absolutely, he should not be set free, Such a gruesome crime to his own children, He doesn't deserve any peace, he should live in a dog kennel, and fed like a angry dog. He should also have his hands removed.

  28. Carolyn Majors

    He should serve life without parole. His license to practice medicine should be revoked and he should not be allowed to marry and should be sterilized.

  29. Ruby Espinoza White

    I hope god strikes him down with lightning.. And survive leaving him crippled and unable to care for himself .. And let him die a slow and painful death..

  30. Bj Banks

    This man appears to be a Narcissistic Sociopath, who will kill again. He said and I quote, "looking forward to leading a normal life and wishes to practice medicine again and also have more children". The council who set him free, ought be executed along with him after he kills his next victim. It is sad that lawmakers don't get it. A man like this is a Menace to Society.

  31. Melissa Cumberland

    Yes he played the system and the jurors . No remorse only pity for himself. Blackout so what he don't remember so what . He's a lair I have never heard of anyone getting off on so little time because he couldn't remember . He played the system . Normal life I hope not . I hope someone gets him and makes him suffer. He is an insult to people with real mental illnesses .Let him flip again they should sue the jurors and the justice system .

  32. David Jeffrey Barnum

    Hippocratic oath: DO NO HARM.

    Hope his license is revoked at bare minimum.

  33. Catryna White

    “looking forward to leading a normal life.” Turcotte added that he “hopes to practice medicine and have children again." How would it be possible for any sane person to even think of living a "normal life" again? Is he serious about practicing medicine again? I don't think anyone would hire him and thinking he could find a woman who would want to have children with him, with his reputation? Is this the thinking of a rational, sane person? I positively think, not! He needs to remain in custody, either in prison or a mental facility for the rest of his life. And, maybe sterilize him so he can't father any more children he might change his mind about and think they need to go bye by.

  34. Sharon Hughes

    I know this didn't happen to what I read but my aunt's husband went tojail for messing around with his grandchildren. During that time she was battling with cancer. My Mom and her sister's wrote to the judge about him messing with them too. They came to me to see if I would write a letter simce he touch my sister amd me. I couldn't do it because my sister died in a house fire in 1980 and I wanted to put all the bad stuff far back in my head. My aunt died, my father died a few years later ,my aunt's husband went to a place that should of bee a jail

  35. Sharon Hughes

    He stayed in a place like a nurseing home because of his health. Needless to say that everything he done to my family was done over 30years. He was in jail for almost 2 month and then died. He wasn't buried near my aunt. So whatI'm saying is that the man who killed his children will do it again. Sorry so long but need to say whatI said to prove he will do it again.

  36. Debbie Rukstad

    If that was my ex husband, I would kill the bastard myself. It would be worth time in prison. This makes me mad. I feel so sorry for the mother.

  37. Gwendolyn Burns

    My opinion is….he should be in prison for the rest of his life. No chance of parole. Something is seriously wrong with the court system…a killer of helpless children allowed to walk free….free to kill again….Now that is an injustice!!!

  38. Tracy Ramos Makuakane

    The two psychiatrist that testified on behalf of Turcotte, who says he is not 'criminally responsible' for his actions…. would they be willing to leave their children in Turcotte's care for an hour or two?

  39. Amy Grounds

    I don't know how many jurors are on a jury in Canada but how in the world you all came to the conclusion that this man should not be punished for this brutal unspeakable act is beyond me. As far as I am concerned you should all be locked up as well. This man is on NO medication.. he is not mental, he is a murderer and I for one hope that the images of those children that you all saw during that trial haunt you for all the days of your lives. Everyone of you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting those poor children suffer once more, even after death at the hands of their killer.. And Canada I don't know your juror laws, but please be sure to NEVER send these idiots another summons.. Complete Failure!

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