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Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Owes $16,000 In Overdue Storage Locker Fees

lindsay lohan storage locker

Lindsay Lohan reportedly owes $16,000 for storage locker fees and her belongings could soon be going to auction. This has been another bad week for the former Disney star. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lohan’s probation was revoked during a Los Angeles hearing on Wednesday.

The allegedly broke movie star could be behind bars when strangers get the chance to bid on items stored at the locker facility, according to the New York Post. The delinquent storage locker account means that Lohan cannot get back inside to retrieve the “family heirlooms” and designer clothes allegedly stored inside, TMZ notes.

The producers of Storage Wars might be licking their lips in anticipation of filming the bidding on Lindsay Lohan’s storage locker. There would be no need to plant items inside such a unit to generate anticipation and excitement for the viewing audience.

The Mean Girls star has supposedly reached out to both family and friends for financial help after the IRS seizure of her band accounts. So far no one has reportedly offered to pay the 16 grand tab for the storage locker. Charlie Sheen’s generosity might be tapped out after Lindsay Lohan allegedly neglected to offer any signs of gratitude for the rumored $100,000 he gave her to help with bills last month.

The Los Angeles judge who revoked Lohan’s probation earlier this week could sentence her to up to 245 days in the slammer. The previous times that the Liz & Dick star was ordered to model an orange jumpsuit were far shorter stints than the time she now faces.

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2 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Owes $16,000 In Overdue Storage Locker Fees”

  1. Michael Gallagher

    What is going on with Lindsay – everyday it is something. Does she actually have a Manager? If she has a Manager, does she have an accountant that works with her and takes care of her finances? Obviously, she has not worked enough in recent years to earn enough money to maintain her lifestyle. Will someone please get her to pay attention and focus on her everyday life needs. She has talent but it is just not being used. Lindsay needs to either walk away from it or get very serious and if that means some real rehab then great. Lindsay, her Mom and Dad long with her sister need to simply sit down and fix their problems and get on the right track. I would personally love to help her if I could. I really do not think jail time even for an extended period is right approach for this beautiful but very sick young woman.

  2. Jeanette Crumpley Routh

    Some people get on a life path of destruction and there is nothing anyone can do to help. Many, many, people have tried to help her, especially the courts, which have been way to lenient with her, too many times. I think jail time is exactly what she needs at this point. She's also an addict, a simple sit down and talk isn't going to work. Another person, someone not famous, would have been in jail long ago. It's time for her to pay her debt to society. If she were your daughter, or mine, she would have been in jail long ago. Enough is enough.

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