Jennifer Garner reportedly confronted Ben Affleck's new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus in person about alleged affair.

Jennifer Garner Reportedly Confronted Ben Affleck Gal Pal Lindsay Shookus In Person About Alleged Affair

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck seemed like the perfect couple for years, showing their love with PDA parades and reportedly enjoying life with their children. But that picture-perfect image of a marriage that had lasted more than a decade was shattered when news of the supposedly golden couple’s split broke. Now, months after the news of their separation, Ben has taken his romantic relationship with a new girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, public. But a new report has dropped another bombshell on the public perception of Affleck’s marriage to Garner, with allegations that his supposedly new relationship with Lindsay comes with some shocking baggage.

According to the new July 11 report, Jennifer allegedly confronted Ben’s gal pal Shookus in person after discovering that Affleck and Lindsay were having an affair in 2015. Insiders told People that the confrontation between Garner and Ben’s alleged love affair partner occurred when Jennifer was on a trip for work in New York City.

However, even being confronted in person didn’t change the situation, according to one of the sources, who described what reportedly occurred when Garner confronted Shookus about the fling.

“Lindsay refused to back down or quit the affair [with Ben Affleck].”

A source described as close to Lindsay told People that Jennifer and Shookus “do not have any relationship.”

Jennifer Garner reportedly confronted Ben Affleck's girlfriend after discovering their alleged affair.
Jennifer Garner reportedly confronted Ben Affleck’s girlfriend after discovering their alleged affair. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Multiple insiders informed the magazine that in 2013, which was two years before Affleck and Garner announced their split, Ben and Lindsay began an affair. At the time, Shookus was with her husband, Kevin Miller, who was a fellow SNL producer. Lindsay and Kevin broke up in 2014.

But those allegations that Affleck and Shookus had an affair while each was still married to another person clash with other sources who talked to People.

“Other sources close to Affleck and Shookus maintain that the two were just friends and didn’t date before their respective separations.”

The insiders also claim that in addition to reportedly confronting Lindsay about the alleged fling, Jennifer talked to Shookus’ ex about the affair. That alleged conversation reportedly occurred after Garner had made an appearance on an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Now a supervising producer for that show, Miller reportedly was shown evidence of the alleged fling between Ben and Lindsay by Jennifer. However, he and Shookus had already split.

Garner reportedly began by seeking out Kevin for a conversation. One of the sources said that Jennifer showed Miller text messages that allegedly were between Affleck and Shookus.

“[Jennifer Garner] had proof.”

Since taking their relationship public last week, Ben and Lindsay reportedly have been spending time in Los Angeles together.

Affleck and Garner, who filed for divorce in April after having announced their separation in 2015 following more than 10 years of marriage, have been co-parenting their children. The former couple has two daughters, Violet, 11, and Seraphina, 8, and one son, 5-year-old Samuel.

Although Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have announced their divorce, their dedication to their children reportedly has remained intact.
Although Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have announced their divorce, their dedication to their children reportedly has remained intact. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

And regardless of what happened in the past, Ben and Jennifer have not changed their dedication to their children, an insider told People.

“Ben and Jen continue to be dedicated to their family and kids.”

After being separated for two years, the actor and Garner haven’t let go of their focus on their children, according to the source, who praised the former couple’s dedication as “better than anyone.” Insiders also said that Jennifer reportedly is doing “fine” with the public relationship that Affleck now has with the girlfriend with whom Garner previously allegedly staged a confrontation.

“Nothing is new for [Jennifer Garner] here,” said one of the insiders. “She’s in mama-bear mode.”

Shookus and Kevin Miller, who married in 2010, have a daughter. A source told People that the two have maintained a “really good” friendship and are devoted to their parenting. As for whether the alleged affair caused the split, the insider denies it.

“Lindsay and Kevin’s marriage didn’t end over infidelity.”

Instead, the former couple reportedly struggled with “issues they couldn’t resolve” prior to deciding that their relationship worked “better as friends” than as spouses, clarified the source.

When it comes to how Ben’s and Lindsay’s relationship is faring amid the spotlight, TMZ told readers that it appears Affleck is “locking in” the SNL producer as his new girlfriend.

The supposed lovebirds were seen enjoying a coffee and juice date on Monday morning. The couple reportedly spent the weekend together before taking time for Starbucks in Brentwood. They also allegedly enjoyed a dinner date Thursday night at Giorgio Baldi, which is known as one of Affleck’s favorite places.

When Ben and Jennifer officially filed for divorce earlier this year, TMZ‘s sources said that the two had already moved on and were seeing other people.

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