Stephen King bashes Trump on Twitter -again.

Stephen King On Trump: ‘The News Is Real, The President Is Fake’

Legendary horror author Stephen King is no fan of Donald Trump, nor has he ever pretended to be. Ever since Donald made it his mission to enter the political fray, Stephen King has been trouncing the former reality TV star on Twitter. Since Trump’s unexpected and divisive November victory, King has doubled down on his efforts to keep all things “negative Trump” in the spotlight.

This Sunday was no exception.

As BuzzFeed reports, Stephen King once again blasted Trump on his Twitter feed over the weekend. This time around, the King of modern horror blasted Trump’s continual allegations regarding “fake news.” For months, Donald Trump has labeled all negative media attention directed at him as being “fake news.” He’s re-named CNN the #FakeNewsNetwork and even gotten into hot water for tweeting out a meme where a wrestler with a CNN face is body-slammed by a Trump lookalike.

Many Trump critics thought the nearly literal attack on CNN was tantamount to inciting violence, but that hasn’t slowed down the POTUS’ accusations against the so-called “liberal media.” On Sunday, it appeared as though Stephen King (who has famously been “Twitter blocked” by Donald Trump) had finally had enough of Trump’s attacks on the media.

According to Stephen King, Trump has it all wrong. It’s not the news that is fake, it’s the president.

Not surprisingly, King’s tweet quickly went viral, and the folks who saw it had a bunch of conflicting feelings and opinions about a horror author calling out the leader of the free world. Even though that leader was once a reality TV star himself.

Some responded to the King tweet with support and good humor.

Some responded with suggestions of who (or what) would be a better leader than Trump.

Others, predictably, didn’t care for Stephen King’s sentiments and unabashedly showed their social media support for their POTUS.

Or at least the office he holds.

A handful even blasted Stephen King himself for daring to tweet his disdain for Donald.

Love his thoughts or hate them, Stephen King has almost three-and-a-half million Twitter followers. That means that when he tweets, people listen. And tweeting about Trump is something that King seemingly loves to do. From tweeting that it’s time to impeach the POTUS to simply tweeting that Trump is a “ridiculous, undignified, childish a**hat,” Stephen King hasn’t shied away from sharing his thoughts and feelings.

Among the many tweets that Stephen King has shared involving Donald Trump. However, this weekend’s “fake president” tweet has nearly taken the cake. It is reportedly the fourth most popular Stephen King tweet of all time – and it’s barely been 24 hours.

So far, neither Trump nor the White House has spoken out publicly regarding the latest Stephen King opinion to take Twitter (and the Internet) by storm.

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