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Belgian Backpacker Elise Dallemagne Found Dead, Dangling From Tree, Half Eaten By Lizards

Belgian backpacker Elise Dallemagne’s body was found in Thailand, and now her mother is speaking out, and she doesn’t feel like she isn’t getting all of the answers she wants regarding her daughter’s death. Radar Online reported that the tourist was found dead, dangling from a tree after her body was attacked and half-eaten by lizards. She was found on what is called “death island” in Thailand. A picture of her body has been released, even though it is not being shared here due to being very graphic.

The last image of Elise was from April 21, and she was found seven days later. Her mother, Michelle van Egten, is speaking out, though, and said, “Too many things show us that someone is involved. Police told us that Elise hanged herself up in the jungle. I cannot accept why my daughter should have killed herself.”

Her mom said that the last time she talked to Elise she seemed fine and there were not any signs at all that she was depressed. She has no reason at all to believe that her daughter would kill herself.

Police Colonel Preecha Kladsawad, deputy of Surat Thani police did say that they are still looking into her death because it was unnatural, but they haven’t found any new evidence. Elisa Dallemagne’s mother doesn’t believe that her daughter would have killed herself, even though it looks like she hung herself from a tree and then the lizards got to her body afterward. Right now, they are still waiting on the results of the autopsy, even though it has already been done. Her body was cremated after they did the autopsy.

The authorities did say that they were suspicious of a lizard in the area and tracked it and then found her body. Elise Dallemagne’s mom doesn’t believe that her daughter killed herself even though they found her body that way. She really feels like something else happened, and this mom isn’t going to just take this answer. She will obviously keep fighting until she gets more answers.

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