Thomas Giglio Arrested On Wedding Night

Thomas Giglio Arrested On Wedding Night: 39-Year-Old Found With 49 Pyrotechnic Mortars Among Fireworks At Home

Thomas Giglio is the name of the Long Island man in the attached photo that was distributed by New York’s Nassau County Police Department. Thomas got in trouble for having a celebration that Giglio’s neighbors complained got out of hand on Saturday, July 8, and led to Giglio’s arrest. It was the night of Thomas’s wedding when the 39-year-old was arrested at his home in Massapequa, New York.

According to the New York Post, Giglio used an amount of fireworks that a professional would use when he set off the fireworks to celebrate his wedding nuptials. However, those fireworks sent embers onto nearby rooftops and cars, and sent quite a bit of noise into the neighborhood on Riverdale Avenue near Carman Place, just after midnight. Neighbors worried about the damage that the fireworks could cause.

It was approximately 12:15 a.m. when the complaints that police received regarding the fireworks celebration caused Giglio to be taken into custody. Thomas was arrested and faced charges of possessing fireworks. When police arrived, they discovered 49 pyrotechnic mortars, as well as other fireworks that had already been set off. Cops uncovered a firework display cake as well in the backyard, along with other firecrackers. Despite that many fireworks, no one was reported injured in the melee.

Giglio’s arraignment in Hempstead’s court was expected on Saturday.

However, the Long Island man is making news for having such a large cadre of fireworks for his wedding celebration. The Nassau County Police came upon the large, loud party with fireworks at 41 Riverdale Avenue and responded by arresting Thomas and securing the remaining fireworks that had not yet been fired off into the night sky.

Concerns about the safety of vehicles and nearby homes began when the loud fireworks were set off, starting around 11:30 p.m.

Neighbors called the fireworks nonstop explosions that sent a bunch of police vehicles to the area and sent the wedding party guests scrambling to leave. Whereas security footage from the house displays cops arriving and wedding guests leaving, some of Giglio’s neighbors felt sorry for Thomas for getting arrested on his wedding night.

[Featured Image by Nassau County Police Department/AP Images]