Cupcake Battery: Pregnant Woman Arrested After Hurling Cupcakes During Fight With Brother

Cupcake Battery: Pregnant Woman Throws Cupcakes, Brother Responds By Kicking Her In Stomach, Both Arrested

A pregnant woman in Florida and her brother were arrested after an argument got out of hand. Latonya Daugherty, 24, threw frosted cupcakes at her sibling, Eddie Yaddow, 30. He retaliated by slapping the woman, who The Smoking Gun reported is pregnant, and kicked her in the stomach. Both were handcuffed and taken to jail, CBS 12 reported.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office does not take food fights lightly. Daugherty, who said she is four to six weeks pregnant, started hurling the cupcakes when she got into a fight with Yaddow. Apparently, the argument was over disciplining her child.

Standing about 10 feet away, Latonya started throwing cupcakes, which hit Eddie in the chest and the arm. The brother retaliated by wiping the cupcake frosting off of his arm and put it in Daugherty’s hair and then kicked her in the stomach. Yaddow admitted he knew his sister was pregnant when he used a martial arts style kick to hit her in the stomach, where the pregnant woman is most vulnerable. However, it didn’t stop there. They both slapped each other and were in an all-out brawl, which included throwing cans of food at each other.

When Indian River County police arrived, things had calmed down. Law enforcement noticed Latonya Daughtery had blue frosting in her hair. Their mother, Lisa A. Daugherty witnessed the entire fight, which resulted in both siblings going to jail. She agreed with both accounts of what happened. The mother added that Latonya was the primary instigator in the fight when she started throwing frosted treats. The officers agreed, but also commented in the police report that Yaddow’s response to being hit by cupcakes was excessive.

The pregnant woman was charged with battery domestic violence and Eddie Yaddow faces charges of aggravated battery.

On Saturday night, Daughtery was released after posting $1,000 bond. Yaddow has a $10,000 bond, but remains behind bars.

What are your thoughts on what happened with Latonya Daugherty and Eddie Yaddow? Are you surprised that throwing cupcakes resulted in such a violent response? What kind of sentences should the siblings receive as a result of their actions?

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