Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman with her sword and shield.

Wonder Woman Has A Black Twin Sister And Fans Want Her In The Movie

Wonder Woman has a “black twin sister” and avid fans of the superhero are now demanding for her appearance on the big screen.

Die-hard fans of Wonder Woman probably already knew about Nubia, the DC hero’s twin sister. Now, the not so famous Amazonian is making her way into the limelight as reports suggest that her character would be a great addition to Wonder Woman’s sequel.

Fans of the hit franchise are now curious about Nubia’s identity and personality. Fortunately, Marcus Williams, a professional illustrator and comic book artist, shared his masterpiece on Instagram, depicting the two female superheroes.

Williams uploaded some of his animations featuring the fierce Wonder Women — Diana and Nubia. In one of his posts, Williams shared a side-by-side photo of Diana and Nubia in their respective Wonder Woman costumes.

Nubia can be seen wearing a strikingly similar outfit with Diana’s iconic Wonder Woman costume. The twin sister also has eye-catching dreadlocks. Interestingly, Nubia has a darker skin tone than Diana, making her backstory even more interesting.

In a report by Mic, it has been revealed that Nubia is “not the foil to Diana, Wonder Woman’s true identity, but a true equal.” Based on the DC lore, Nubia was created in 1973 out of the same clay that Wonder Woman was forged. The only difference was the color of her clay, which was black.

However, Nubia has led a very different life than her twin sister. Apparently, after being created by Aphrodite, she was stolen at birth by the god of war, Mars. She was raised and trained to become an expert at hand-to-hand combat.

Eventually, Nubia became so powerful that she even beat Diana in a battle but stopped when she realized their connection. Nubia debuted in Wonder Woman Vol.1 #204.

Nubia possesses several superhuman powers, such as strength, durability, speed, and agility to name a few. In addition, Diana’s twin also has healing and flight abilities. As for her weakness, Nubia is believed to be vulnerable to piercing weapons, such as projectiles.

Meanwhile, fans of Wonder Woman are now pushing for Nubia to be part of the film’s sequel. So much so that they even came up with actresses fit for the role. With Gal Gadot playing the titular role, fans are hoping that they will see her alongside Nubia.

Some suggest Serena Williams is perfect for the role, while others claim that Angela Bassett might just be the real-life version of Nubia. There were even some who recommend Lupita Nyong’o, Logan Browning, Alexandra Shipp, Gabrielle Union, and Zendaya to take on the interesting role of Diana’s twin sister.

So far, no word yet whether Nubia will indeed make it to Wonder Woman sequel but fans are hoping to see another Amazonian that will sure to bring more girl power to the movie industry.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros.]