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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Boat The ‘Integrity’ Is On The Move — Where Are They Taking It?

Alaskan Bush People fans know that the Brown family is facing a crisis with a late stage lung cancer diagnosis for Ami Brown. There is a ton of information swirling around, but confirmation of most of it is hard to come by. The Brown family and the Discovery Channel have not released a lot of information, instead opting for the story to unfold in the final season of the popular reality show.

There are so many fan groups for the Alaskan Bush People on Facebook. Of course, that means there are lots of rumors and opinions as well. In one particular group, however, members can get information directly from the residents of Hoonah, Alaska. The group is called Alaskan Bush People~ Local View and the owner of the group was not only a neighbor of the Brown family, but is also an active participant in the group. She and her neighbors keep up with the latest on the Wolfpack and pass it on to the fans in other places.

In speaking with the page owner, she shared that the Brown family’s boat is no longer in Alaska. The “Integrity” has been moved to Seattle, where it is currently dry docked. According to a fan in Seattle, the family plans to have the boat shipped to them in Colorado but that may not be so. The page owner made a few phone calls to find out what is going on with the “Integrity” and apparently it has been sold.

According to the locals of Hoonah, when the “Integrity” set out on its journey to Seattle, none of the Wolfpack was aboard. The voyage was made by Discovery Channel employees Ray and Donnie. A cameraman named Richard was there and made the trip as well.

Billy Brown had told his family to close down Browntown. Having the family boat moved is a big step in that process. In the bush of Alaska, the Browns seemed to use a boat each season, either to make money or to travel. With the “Integrity” no longer in Alaska, and possibly no longer owned by the Brown family, it seems that the Alaskan Bush People will all leave Browntown behind. This is disappointing news for the fans that hoped to see the Brown kids keep Browntown alive to honor their parents.

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