Blac Chyna's new BF returns jewelry worth $135K

Blac Chyna’s New BF Rarri True Calls Off Delivery Of $135K Jewelry Gifts, Doesn’t Want To Be ‘Sucker’ Like Rob

Blac Chyna’s new boyfriend, Rarri True, has reportedly returned three pieces of jewelry worth more than $135,000 that he purchased as gifts for his new girlfriend, saying he does not want to be “played for a sucker” like poor Rob Kardashian. Rarri allegedly got cold feet about Chyna moments before the delivery of the jewelry after Rob Kardashian unleashed a furious rant on social media, accusing his ex-fiancée of cheating on him with multiple men.

According to TMZ, sources close to rapper Rarri allegedly revealed that he was so head over heels in love with Chyna that he spent a whopping $135,648 on purchasing three pieces of jewelry for her. The jewelry included a Rolex watch worth nearly $34,850, a gold necklace worth $56,500, and a pair of diamond earrings worth $32,250.

However, Rarri had second thoughts about Chyna after Rob Kardashian exposed her on social media. Rob, seething with rage, unleashed a furious tirade on social media, accusing Blac Chyna of having sex with multiple men while they were still together.

TMZ reported that Rarri had purchased the jewelry back in June when he had his head in the clouds over Chyna. He listed her as a “spouse” on the receipt and even promised to get her a Rolls Royce, according to TMZ. He reportedly changed his mind and saved himself $135K after Rob Kardashian unleashed the rage of cuckoldry on social media, accusing Chyna of cheating on him with multiple men.

Sources close to Rarri said that his manager, Keely the Boss, had planned to deliver the jewelry to Chyna on July 5, but after Rob’s social media tirade against Chyna, Rarri panicked and called off the delivery. He had the gifts returned on Friday, according to TMZ.

The sources claimed that after returning the jewelry, Rarri called Chyna and told her that he had called off the delivery. He reportedly admitted to Chyna that he was unnerved by Rob’s accusations on social media. According to the source, Rarri said he called off the delivery because he did not want to be a “sucker” like Rob.

The latest report comes after Rarri appeared to deliberately escalate the social media war between Rob and Chyna by posting two photos of himself lying semi-nude in bed with Chyna. The Inquisitr reported that the photos, which have since been removed from Instagram, show Chyna lying in bed with Rarri, apparently naked under the covers. One of the photos shows her flaunting expensive pieces of jewelry, including a necklace, bracelet, and rings while covering her nipples with her hands.

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