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‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For June 10-14: Family Dramas, Hilary Teams Up With Victor & Kevin’s Goodbye

Young and the Restless spoilers for the upcoming week tease the Newman family’s facade might finally crack. Juliet will soon realize Hilary isn’t concerned about her at all, and these two might have a falling out pretty soon. Victor wants a word with Hilary. Together they might figure out a good way to create a lot of buzz for Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) performance.

Sabotage Plans

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease Nick (Joshua Morrow) is going to do anything so Nikki won’t go through with the performance. Nick is going to have a tough time seeing his mother following Victor’s directives, and he is going to confront the Mustache to make his wishes known. Nick’s words will make Victor think about his actions, and the stress could be bad for Nikki. However, Nikki won’t change her mind and she still wants to go through with it.

Nick only wants the best for Nikki, even if this means she will be disappointed. Nick doesn’t care even if he resorts to backhanded tricks. Nick seems to have good intentions with his actions, but the sabotage could end up hurting Nikki more. Speaking of Nikki’s concert, Victor will have plans of his own and spoilers suggest Hilary will play a big role in his next scheme. Young and the Restless spoilers for Tuesday hint that Victor is going to offer Hilary something quite irresistible. With the tension between Nick and Victor over Nikki’s concert, the Newman family’s pretense of being happy will fall apart soon.

Blame Game

Cane has been lying blatantly for the past weeks. Now, he needs to face the consequences of his actions, but he is still trying to act like he is the victim. Young and the Restless spoilers tease Lily and Cane are going to have a heated argument. Lily wants Cane to take responsibility for his actions. Instead of taking responsibility, Cane will put the blame on the people around him.

Lily will not be forgiving this time around. Lily is not sure she will be able to put her trust on Cane again. Lily believes Cane should stop playing the blame game, and he should not have slept with Juliet in the first place. Meanwhile, spoilers hint Juliet will be quick to tell Cane about the result of the paternity test. No matter what the DNA test says, there’s still no guarantee the baby is Cane’s. In the soap world, anything can happen, and Juliet might even lose the baby.

Cane will also get an earful from Jill who will blame him for making all the wrong choices. Cane will confess he messed up big time. Jill will express doubts on how Cane’s family will move on. Cane will have the same concerns too.

The result of the DNA test will cause a lot of tension between Cane and Juliet. Young and the Restless spoilers suggest Juliet will also have a quick chat with Hilary. During their conversation, Juliet will realize her new best friend might be a potential threat but she is going to focus on other things.

Kevin’s Escape

Kevin will have Chelsea tailing him after Bella blurted out they are going to see her mommy. Spoilers also hint Kevin is going to bid an emotional farewell to Gloria and Paul. Before he leaves Genoa City, he is going to say a proper goodbye to these two. However, leaving GC to be with Chloe will not be an easy feat. It seems like the road ahead is not going to be an easy one for Chloe either.

Other Young And The Restless Spoilers

Nest week, Ashley and Jack will find a way to drive a wedge between Dina and Graham. The two seems to be too close to each other. Young and the Restless spoilers tease Ashley and Jack will find a way to put a distance between Graham and Dina.

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