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War On Christmas? Christian Radio Hosts Says ‘Punch Atheists In The Mouth!’ [Listen]

War on Christmas? Radio host proposes solution

Is there really a War on Christmas? Christian radio host Matt Barber thinks so, and his advice on how to fight for the Lord is to punch atheists in the mouth when you see them.

The Bible doesn’t say anything about groups of atheists blocking nativity scenes on public property, but that’s essentially what is at the heart of the issue Barber is speaking to. In 2008, the Country Road Commission in Warren, Michigan denied John Satawa a permit to put his nativity scene on a public median because of separation of church and state and your usual litany of anti-religious reasons. This led to a federal lawsuit, and, as the courts are apt to do, they ruled that Satawa could continue to display the nativity scene.

I know, it makes no sense, and that’s exactly what the Freedom from Religion Foundation (the aforementioned atheist group) is saying. Conservative Christian radio host Matt Barber criticized them for trying to “recreate an America in their own secular, humanist, self-image.”

Barber, who is also an attorney specializing in constitutional law, gave some very specific advice on how to deal with atheists who complain about religious-themed Christmas decorations in your town.

“You know, what do you do with a bully?” he explained. “If a bully keeps getting his way and intimidating kids on the playground and nobody stands up for themselves then the bully is encouraged and emboldened and continues to bully more and more people. But when a little kid is being bullied and he turns around and punches the bully in the mouth — metaphorically speaking, of course — then the bully is oftentimes proven to be a paper tiger.”

On Monday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough opined that conservative talk show hosts are the ones who need to be punched in the mouth.

What do you think? Is there a War on Christmas? Could it be solved with a massive mouth-punching spree? Sound off!

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4 Responses to “War On Christmas? Christian Radio Hosts Says ‘Punch Atheists In The Mouth!’ [Listen]”

  1. PettyOfficer LeMaster

    The problem is that the Christians don't see themselves as the bully. It's the small Atheist group that has had enough on the playground and is standing up. They aren't punching the bully, they are just shouting loud enough for the teacher to hear. "Punch them in the mouth" ends up down a "blow up the infidel" path.

  2. Amelia Sivadon

    Can you explain where Christians are the bullies? Freedom if expression is accepted as long Christ is not involved. Are you suggesting that by displaying a classic nativity scene we are bullying you? If I'm wrong, please feel free to let me know. We constantly have to fight to keep standard traditions in place. In San Diego, there was a huge fiasco that a memorial honoring our soldiers needed to be taken down simply because it was a cross. Lately, and always around the holidays people are indicating that it's offensive to say merry Christmas. Really? I wouldn't be offended if someone said happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. People are WAY to sensitive these days.

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