Adam Lind poses with daughter Aubree.

Adam Lind Accused Of Cocaine Possession, Is The Reality Dad Abusing Drugs? He Responds

Adam Lind reportedly failed a drug test earlier this year and now he’s being accused of allegedly abusing cocaine in court documents filed by his youngest daughter’s mother.

In court papers obtained by Radar Online from Minnehaha County Circuit Court on June 23, Taylor Halbur accuses the Teen Mom 2 dad of using cocaine as she attempts to have their custody agreement for 3-year-old Paislee Mae changed.

According to Halbur, she previously agreed to allow her former boyfriend to spend time with their daughter because he was “more stable” and being monitored for alcohol use. Now, however, she claims Adam Lind should be placed on supervised visits as his behavior allegedly becomes increasingly concerning.

Halbur also mentioned Adam Lind’s oldest child’s mother, Chelsea Houska, in her filing, revealing that the longtime reality star was recently contacted by one of his other ex-girlfriends in regard to his alleged “drug usage, alcohol, and erratic behavior.” As Halbur explained, the unnamed ex-girlfriend reportedly told Houska that she had seen Adam Lind in possession of cocaine and confirmed that he is also using steroids.

In her documents, Halbur explained that Adam Lind allegedly uses steroids for muscle growth and reportedly uses methamphetamines to lose weight. As fans may recall, Radar Online previously reported that Lind had a “substantial” amount of meth in his system hours before he was due to have Paislee.

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Taylor Halbur also offered examples of Adam Lind’s allegedly erratic behavior, revealing that during one instance when she picked up her daughter, her former boyfriend was acting “very odd,” “overly happy” and “paranoid.” As she explained, Lind reportedly cannot get off the drugs, which explains his reportedly thin appearance.

In his response to Taylor Halbur’s allegations against him, Adam Lind denied he was using steroids or any other drugs. He also said that his appearance hasn’t changed, aside from the fact that he now has a beard and no longer sports a shaved haircut.

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Although the cast of Teen Mom 2 is currently filming the eighth season of the MTV reality series, Adam Lind is rumored to have quit the show and will not be seen when the series returns later this summer.

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