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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Den Of Temptation Twist Revealed

One of the Big Brother 19 twists has been revealed, and America plays a huge role in its execution. The Den of Temptation will be one of the many unexpected twists in the BB house this season. But what is it?

Julie Chen took Big Brother fans on a tour of the new house for Season 19 during a special segment with The Hollywood Reporter. She revealed the theme of this season would be temptation, and the house surely backed up her proclamation. The house is drenched in apples, serpents, money and all things desirable. There are more double beds than usual, which could entice more showmances and hook-ups.

With the house out and open to fans, it’s time to discuss the big twist(s) of the season. TV Line reports that the Den of Temptation will be the biggest twist this year. America will vote which houseguest will go into the Den, and they must make a choice that could alter the game in its entirety.

It’s unknown how often a houseguest will be sent into the Den, but by BB standards, it would be once a week. Fans are speculating the chosen one could be offered money, special food, or something a little more serious that would drastically change the game. With temptation comes consequence in the BB house, so hopefully, all houseguests will choose wisely.

When speaking with THR, Big Brother producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan shed some light on the other twists viewers can expect to see. They hint at one occurring right off the bat as the guests enter the house. Grodner explains even they have no idea how the show will go.

“We have to be prepared. On opening night we have two different scripts and two different possibilities depending on what’s going to happen.”

The producers explained they have backup plans for their backup plans based on what players do in the Den of Temptation, as well as plans for several other twists. Grodner explained the Den is like past season twists viewers have already seen.

“There will be choices like a Pandora’s Box leads to some choices. Will you take the temptation? And if you do it will have a consequence. If you turn it down then something else will happen.”

Julie Chen on set of Big Brother
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Another small twist the producers hinted might be coming is the “no napping” rule that was implemented in Big Brother: Over the Top, but they never officially confirmed it.

Fans were concerned about the season when it was revealed that no veteran houseguests would be returning, as well as no family twists. Many felt the season could be lacking in the drama department, but the Den of Temptation definitely appears to carry all the drama the house will need!

Catch all the twists and turns in the Big Brother house when Season 19 premieres on June 28, with the Den of Temptation set reveal on July 2.

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