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Jacintha Saldanha’s Family Breaks Their Silence About Nurse’s Suicide

australian radio shows hosts prank phone call

Jacintha Saldanha’s family opened up about the nurse’s suicide following the Kate Middleton phone prank. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the nurse was found dead after a telephone hoax by two Australian radio show hosts. Her brother Naveen told the Daily Mail that Jacintha was a “proper and righteous” person who would have felt shamed about the phone hoax.

Saldanha,46, is survived by two children and her husband Benedict Barboza. She as a devout Catholic and had moved from Mangalore, India to the United Kingdom over a decade ago, according to Radar Online. Saldanha daughter Lisha, 13, posted on Facebook noting how much she loves and misses her mom.

Carmine Barboza, the nurse’s mother-in-law stated that her accountant son was crying and could not speak much after learning about his wife’s suicide. She also had this to say during an interview after the prank by the Australian radio show hosts:

“More than that, we do not know about what actually happened. She is dead, that’s all. Jacintha was a very caring woman. We just cannot believe what has happened.

The nurse’s sister-in-law Celine Baroza had this to say when talking about her loved one and the suicide:

“She was a very strong person and couldn’t have taken this drastic step easily.

Irene Barboza, another one of Jacintha’s sister-in-laws, noted that Saldanha had not told anyone in the family about the hoax phone call that has been blamed for driving the woman to take her own life.

A New York Daily News source claiming to be a family friend stated that those close to Kate Middleton’s nurse feel that the hoax phone call set a domino effect in motion. The source had this to say during the newspaper interview:

“Because of them only it happened. That’s what we think. We want an investigation about what happened to my friend. She wouldn’t do that unless maybe she had some stress from the hospital. She’s a very strong person. It’s definitely stress from work.”

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18 Responses to “Jacintha Saldanha’s Family Breaks Their Silence About Nurse’s Suicide”

  1. Delores Johnson

    Obviously, it was the straw that broke the camel's back, HOWEVER, that being said — it is my understanding that DEVOUT catholics don't believe in suicide. Very sad outcome, because now her kids, her husband and her extended family are without their loved one. I hope the DJ's that caused this are FIRED from the radio station and realize how what was supposed to be a JOKE, has devastated an innocent family because of their STUPIDITY.

  2. Colleen Welch

    I do not agree, a prank is not worth suicide. and really that is what it was. There were other issues going on with this person, a strong person does not kill herself over a prank. sorry.

  3. Lottie Ann DeReimer

    suicide over a prank call? I'm sorry but unless they pranked her saying her whole family was killed I don't understand why some one would do this. she had mental problems and the djs obviously phoned at the wrong place and time. and a DEVOTED catholic? hmm I think she should have thought twice what happens to people when they chose to play god and take their own lives. how selfish to not think about her children and husband!

  4. Lisa Merrill

    I agree Colleen. No one in their "right mind" would end their life over a funny stupid prank that I GUARANTEE you William and Kate (good senses of humor) got a big laugh out of at least until this happened. We have DJs in the States who do this all the time. Not a big deal and no one should be punished for it! Which I don't believe the nurse were. For a woman with a family to kill herself…it was NOT over a prank phone call!

  5. Anonymous

    Has anyone had the thought that maybe this wasn't a suicide after all? Maybe it's just some sort of cover up for what really happened? I don't think anyone in their right mind would commit suicide over a prank call. The fact that she connected the call to the floor without verifying the identity of the caller was wrong, but the nurse on the other end of that call was the one who released information concerning the patient. I think there's more going on than what is being reported in the papers. Something stinks in all of this.

  6. Patty Naffziger Hagedorn

    You are right on. There has to be some other deep rooted problem that would push this woman to suicide. Who would kill themself over a prank call. She wasn't the one that gave out the information. The family needs to dig deeper to get to the bottom of this.

  7. Shana Hughes Henson

    What most Americans don't understand it that our beliefs are not the entire world's beliefs. Shame is very powerful. In some places a woman would be killed for what she did. These DJs did not think about the person they were tricking. Just because a prank is no big deal to you, does not mean it is no big deal to your neighbor. It's about RESPECT. YOU DON"T PLAY PRANKS ON PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW…THEY MAY HAVE DIFFERENT BELIEFS THAN YOU> Obviously, this was devastating to this woman and ignorance is not a worthwhile excuse (it just continues the trend of disrespect). Put the blame and the responsibility on the DJs who should be held accountable.

  8. Irma Price

    Please investigate this for this grieving family. It is difficult to believe suicide from a nurse that no doubt has encountered much more upsetting incidents caring for sick people.

  9. Anonymous

    I know exactly what happened. Her death was not caused directly by the hoax. Her death was caused by the overreaction of her superiors at the hospital. I can just imagine at the ridicule and chewing out that she got from the hospital supervision. Her husband also works there at the hospital. Both of their jobs were probably threatened. Can you imagine both being out of a job over that insignificant hoax, much adieu about nothing. Everyone overreacted at what they thought was a security breach. Who cares about the Royal family. The whole thing was not something that should have caused this overreaction. The overreaction of everyone caused this death. I know because I experienced something very similar. Make one honest mistake in your whole life and everything comes crashing down. Instead of killing myself, I walked right out of my job and never passed go.

  10. Shana Hughes Henson

    A very American answer. In many cultures, this is what you do when you have shamed your family. Maybe it is not what you think is the correct response, but it was obviously what she felt was. Maybe we need to think about the values of others and respect those values. Shame can destroy lives. This was no joke to this woman.

  11. Robin Saavedra

    thats what i was thinking too. wouldn't surprise me one bit. I hope the Royal family takes care of the financially. Money isn't everything, but it is the least they could do…and the radio station should be sued too…

  12. Shana Hughes Henson

    You do not know the mental strength of this person. Our culture does not belong to everyone on the planet.

  13. Anonymous

    You are correct, I agree absolutely. There is a lot of racism.. It is very likely the palace officials and hospital authorities, as well as fellow nurses of Saldanha have made a scape goat of her. She may have been made to believe that she had committed an unpardonable crime, and her career lay in shambles along with her dignity. The stress must have been tremendous. Such a professionally competent person with a pleasant personality, and a strong mind, according to people who knew her.

  14. Anonymous

    The palace officials and hospital authorities and staff should come clean about their part in the whole thing. You know nothing about racial discrimination, scapegoating, and targeting, to vent their own fury at how this could have been allowed to happen, angry at the media's relentless reporting that followed, along with the DJs persistent gloating on their programmes. First and foremost, the fault lay with a lack of a proper security system at the hospital. They should accept that.

  15. Anonymous

    i wonder if she was catholic through marriage but was Hindu prior to the marriage, if she grew up in the Hindu faith they have a different belief system and that could have been part of what made suicide a choice for her.

  16. Agnes Eva Varga

    Shame, shame, shame…Shame on you buying this whole crap! Yes, maybe she killed herself but I seriously doubt it. Imagine the shame her family has to deal with now , and imagine what if this whole theory is not even true. Maybe she died by natural causes or maybe she got killed…and if her husband will commit suicide because of shame that his devoted christian wife killed herself? ( which would mean they will not meet in heaven by their belief ) Whose fault would that be? The media who planted the suicide idea in the people's head, or the readers/commenters who buy what they read and jump into fast conclusion?

  17. Bethel Joy

    This lady attempted suicide twice on december and january this year while on holiday! Her family covered it up… This lady is on depression drugs… Go and check as the police uncover the truth. Her family should be ashamed

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