Beth Shak's Topless Pics Hacked: Woman Robbed With $1 Million, 700-Pair Christian Louboutin Shoe Collection

Beth Shak’s Topless Pics Hacked: Woman With $1 Million, 700-Pair Christian Louboutin Shoe Collection Robbed

Beth Shak Leventhal is a professional poker player who was photographed above at the Carbon Poker event on November 9, 2016, in New York City. However, Beth is making the news for a different reason about eight months later. According to Page Six, Shak ended up fleeing New York City because she said she was in fear when someone began to hack Beth online. Once in the Philadelphia suburb of Wayne, Pennsylvania, Shak still experienced fear when she says discovered her house alarm had been hacked, and someone broke into her home on June 15. With Beth known for her shoe collection worth more than $1 million, including 700 or more pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, one would expect the thief or thieves to go directly for the red-bottomed pumps.

However, Beth didn’t know she was the victim of a robbery until she looked for a diary and found it missing, Shak has also had her topless photos hacked and had her social media accounts and bank accounts breached. Whoever broke into Beth’s house was able to turn off her security cameras in an attempt to go undiscovered.

The estranged wife of Fox News’ Rick Leventhal, Beth was only married for less than one year before the divorce filing.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Shak said that the winnings from her poker games funded her $1 million shoe collection, but the publication noted years ago that Beth might have only earned $500,000 during the six years Beth had played poker up to that point in time.

Breaking out my @louboutinworld thigh high boots for din @phillipenyc tonight #fallfashion

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Shak has so many shoes that she has given away hundreds of pairs due to a lack of space. There are shoes that Beth said she didn’t remember buying. However, during a previous breakup, hedge fund manager Daniel Shak claimed that Beth had hidden shoes from him in their New York apartment.

Daniel wanted 35 percent of Beth’s shoe collection. Shak claimed that her ex-husband was harassing her by making such a claim after they split in 2009.

On Beth’s Instagram page, her love of shoes is apparent, as seen in the photos above regarding her various pairs of shoes in her extensive shoe collection.

Beth also has a photo of a gun on her Instagram page, too, which was recently posted.

[Featured Image by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Carbon Poker]