Abby Lee Miller and the cast of Dance Moms in Australia

Abby Lee Miller Says She ‘Regrets Everything’ In New ‘Dance Moms’ Superteaser [Video]

A trailer for the newest season of Dance Moms has dropped, and it looks like it will be one of the craziest seasons ever. During this season, which has a premiere date on Lifetime of August 1, not only does Chloe Lukasiask rejoin the original team she left a few years ago, but Abby Lee Miller quits the show in a rage.

According to Abby Lee Miller, when she originally exited the show in March, she did so because she felt the production was not treating her fairly. She accused them of stepping on her toes, not giving her the costume budget she wanted and even of keeping her fat when she was trying to lose weight.

During the superteaser, Abby Lee Miller tearfully watches her students leave her studio, saying that she had spent five years of her life with them and now they are “s******g on her” by being trained by someone else.

Tearfully she says, “I regret it. Oh, I regret everything.”

Although Abby Lee Miller is tearful and regrets things that happened in the past, she isn’t the only one on the team bringing the drama.

After Chloe Lukasiak competes with a rival team to Abby Lee Miller’s ALDC, she eventually returns to her original team. However, several of the moms aren’t happy with her return, calling Christi Lukasiak, her mother, a “w***e” and “a victim.”

It also appears that physical altercations between the mothers break out several times during the season, but it is unknown what the cause for the discord actually is.

During the newest season of Dance Moms, Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars takes over the girls’ coaching, which by all accounts they seem to have loved. The respect between the girls and Cheryl seems mutual, and a few weeks ago, Cheryl stated that the girls were slightly traumatized by Abby Lee Miller’s instruction. Abby, predictably, told Cheryl to shut her mouth and not talk about things she didn’t know about.

It is unknown if Dance Moms will be continuing into another season, but if it does, it will no longer feature Abby Lee Miller. She will be reporting to prison within the next few days for bankruptcy fraud and transferring money from Australia to the US without declaring it.

Check out the superteaser below.

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