Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell on American Idol

Ryan Seacrest & Simon Cowell Not ‘At War’ Over ‘Idol’

Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell are probably the first two names that you think of when you think about American Idol. Since Cowell arguably made the show so popular by being the “mean” (read honest) judge way back in the day, and Seacrest has been the “other voice” of the show, it’s hard to think about Idol without one of these guys coming to mind.

Perhaps this is why the tabloids have decided to fabricate stories about the two men being “at war” over the show’s revival. According to Gossip Cop, at least one report indicated that ABC producers are being cautious when it comes to offering contracts — because they want to make sure they have enough in their budget for a big name — so that they can be sure the ratings are good. The report went on the suggest that the new

This bogus report went on the suggest that the new American Idol crew would rather have Simon Cowell back on the show and would forgo having Ryan Seacrest if that was a possibility — and maybe that’s why Seacrest has yet to ink a deal.

However, Gossip Cop cleared up the rumors, confirming that the story isn’t even true. As most people know, Simon Cowell has previously made it very clear that he has no intention of returning to American Idol. He’s very busy doing his own thing and, for him, the show is in the past — just where he intends to leave it.


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As for Seacrest, the Inquisitr previously reported that he’s super close to signing a contract to rejoin the show as the host, but he is still negotiating his contract. While it may be in his best interest to do the show — it’s what he’s known for and he’s so good at it — he knows that he is a hot commodity when it comes to hosting. For that reason, it’s easy to see why he may be asking for more money than what was originally offered to him.

So, Cowell isn’t coming back to Idol and Seacrest probably is. The end.

The show is scheduled to return to television in 2018. Are you excited to see the revamped singing competition back on TV?


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