Ellen Pompeo savagely bashes Jared Kushner and Ivanka on Twitter.

Ellen Pompeo Mocks Jared Kushner On Twitter, Can’t Believe That Ivanka Has Sex With Him

Grey’s Anatomy leading lady Ellen Pompeo is not a fan of Jared Kushner. In fact, she’s so not a fan that she blasted the first son-in-law on Twitter following his Monday speech regarding how the Trump administration is desperately attempting to modernize the federal government’s out-of-date technology system. The speech, watched by Ellen Pompeo and people around the world, was a rare public speaking engagement for Kushner, a senior Trump adviser.

In his speech, Jared spoke before a technology roundtable of distinguished guests which included some of the wealthiest, most famous faces in the technology.

Even so, Ellen Pompeo remained duly unimpressed with his efforts.

Not long after his speech, the Grey’s Anatomy actress took to Twitter to share what she really thinks about the guy. Ellen’s takeaway from the speech? Apparently shock and awe that his admittedly beautiful wife, Ivanka Trump, sleeps with him. As TooFab reports, the idea of Ivanka doing her conjugal duty with hubby Jared Kushner has Ellen Pompeo in stitches.

Apparently, while Kushner was talking about the Trump administration’s goal of the U.S. being “the global leader in the [technology] field making the government more transparent,” Ellen Pompeo was laughing at the thought of Ivanka and Jared getting intimate. Like, repeatedly.

Ellen followed up her initial tweet with a second round of incredulous virtual laughter.

Most of the replies to Pompeo’s mocking tweets were from followers who seemed to get a kick out of her savage public mockery of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump for sleeping with him.

Some seemed to agree with Ellen Pompeo’s assessment of Kushner, and even added a few thoughts of their own to the mix.

Not surprisingly, though, not everybody thought the joke was funny.

While Pompeo’s tweets against Kushner and his bride definitely generated a lot of attention, she never really specified what it was about Ivanka’s hubby that inspired gales of laughter and questions about the couple’s marital relations.

Even so, it’s possible that another trend that took off immediately after Jared Kushner’s Monday speech might have something to do with her less-than-complimentary words about one of the POTUS’ top advisers. As the Washington Post reports, Monday’s rare Kushner speech spawned widespread internet mockery against the first son-in-law, not because of his looks or what he had to say, but because of his voice.

What an amazing year it has been for us all. Happy #FathersDay to these two incredible dads!

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Within moments of his first words, mockery of Jared Kushner’s voice began to spread like wildfire on the internet. The term “jared kushner voice” dominated Google searches. Apparently, many listeners were expecting Kushner to sound a lot less like a young and shaky Michael Cera. It’s possible that Ellen Pompeo was one of the many reacting to the shock of hearing his voice for the first time.

Certainly, Pompeo was only one of many to call him out on Twitter regarding his speech, which you can listen to below.

Check out what the Twitter users (apart from Ellen Pompeo) had to say about Kushner on Monday.

So far, neither Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, nor Kushner himself have responded to the shock and awe that resounded following his voice’s “big reveal.” Nor has Ellen Pompeo recanted or apologized for her incredulous comments about the first daughter’s sex life.

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