Tom Cruise Has Approached Ex-Wife, Nicole Kidman To Reunite In A Romantic Movie--With Love Scenes! [Featured Image by Warner Bros]

Tom Cruise Has Approached Ex-Wife, Nicole Kidman To Reunite In A Romantic Movie–With Love Scenes!

Coming out of nowhere, The Mummy actor has approached Nicole Kidman to reunite, in a romantic movie about a divorced couple that that fall in love again.

Reported by the Daily Mail, from a New Idea article that spoke to a source close to the situation, Tom Cruise wants to act in an intimate movie with his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman.

What was Kidman’s reaction to this reunion? The source claims that “Nic was stunned when Tom reached out to her about working together again.”

It wasn’t even so much that he suggested that the pair, who shockingly split in 2001, would work together. He suggested they do serious love scenes together. This threw the Little Big Lies actress a curveball!

“And she was even more taken aback about what he had in mind… especially as he wants them to do love scenes.”

The couple had met on the set of Days of Thunder in 1990, and married December 24 of the same year. They starred in the sweeping romantic drama, Far And Away, and then, less than two years before Cruise filed for divorce, the couple starred in Eyes Wide Shut, directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film was an erotic, sexually charged movie, a far cry from most roles that the Top Gun actor had previously been involved in.

A friend of Kubrick’s had told The Guardian that he had felt bullied by the two A-list stars, and was very unhappy with the end the result. The famed director died six days after he showed the final cut to the studio. Although at that time, Eyes Wide Shut was skewered by critics, the movie has since become a cult favorite, with a very favorable 74 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer.

During this period of time, Cruise was on a career high, and lauded by critics as well. In 1996, he starred in the Cameron Crowe directed, romantic hit, Jerry McGuire, which gave the public the ultimate romantic mantra, “you complete me.”

In 1999, not only was the highly anticipated Kubrick film released, but Magnolia was also released, elevating Cruise from being a top box office draw, to also an actor with exceptional talent.

Meeting up with Cruise on the set of Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia director, Paul Thomas Anderson, wrote this role specifically for Tom Cruise, and Cruise gave it everything he had. He received an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor, and won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Frank T.J. Mackey.

This era was the pinnacle of Cruise’s career. Perhaps the Mission Impossible actor wants to recreate that magic again? Although there are no reports of a Jerry McGuire reunion with Renee Zellwegger, it may be that Cruise feels more comfortable working with his talented ex-wife, in a movie that somewhat mirrors their own relationship as a divorced couple. Surely, if Nicole Kidman agrees to such a role, this will send millions to the theaters to see the movie, just out of curiosity. But does she dare take this risk?

Cruise was previously married to first wife, Austin Powers actress, Mimi Rogers, who introduced the actor to Scientology, and after Kidman, to actress Batman actress Katie Holmes. Nicole Kidman was engaged to musician Lenny Kravitz, after her shocking break up with Cruise, but eventually married musician Keith Urban.

Although the representatives of both actors have ben contacted by the Daily Mail, neither have responded, nor have either posted anything on social media regarding the possibility of a reunion of the former husband and wife on the big screen.

What are your thoughts about an onscreen reunion of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, complete with steamy love scenes?

[Featured Image by Warner Bros]