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Raid Rescues American Doctor Kidnapped By Afghan Taliban

Raid Rescues American Doctor In Afghanistan

A daring raid has rescued an American doctor who was abducted by Afghan Taliban insurgents. The doctor was rescued by US forces during an operation in eastern Afghanistan early Sunday.

NATO-led forces announced the raid, identifying Dr. Dilip Joseph as the US citizen they rescued, reports Reuters. US General John Allen stated that he authorized the mission once intelligence showed the doctor was “in imminent danger of injury or death.” Allen added:

“Today’s mission exemplifies our unwavering commitment to defeating the Taliban. I’m proud of the American and Afghan forces that planned, rehearsed and successfully conducted this operation.”

The raid that rescued American doctor Dilip Joseph was, thankfully, successful, allowing the man to rejoin his family, once he is flown back to the United States.

The US citizen was abducted by the Taliban in the Sarobi district of Kabul on Wednesday, according to the rescue statement. The Boston Globe notes that 1st Lieutenant Joseph Alonso, a spokesman for US forces in Afghanistan, stated of the raid that rescued the American doctor:

“This was a combined operation of U.S. and Afghan forces. Information was collected through multiple intelligence sources, which allowed Afghan and coalition forces to identify the location of Joseph and the criminals responsible for his captivity.”

General Allen added, “Thanks to them, Dr. Joseph will soon be rejoining his family and loved ones.” No information was immediately available on where the doctor is from or if he was injured during the five days he spent in captivity.

There were also no immediate details on how the raid to rescue the American doctor was conducted.

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33 Responses to “Raid Rescues American Doctor Kidnapped By Afghan Taliban”

  1. Jill Belisle

    What a wonderful Christmas gift for the doctor's family. And why haven't we heard about this story? I follow the news closely and never heard of this before.

  2. Howard Walker

    Reading a headline Taliban behead 17 Afghans for dancing at a party. The sooner we eradicate these monsters the better the world for all mankind.

  3. Sharon Eggert

    and I hope the government doesn't shower the media with explicit details how this fine doctor was rescued – just keep it quiet!

  4. Yvonne Sochia Tessitore

    Great job troops, I am sure this is a great Christmas for him and his family. Hope this is over soon so all the troops can enjoy Christmas with their families as well.

  5. Michele Guarino Smock

    According to White House Prss Secretary Jay Carney it wasn't really a daring rescue it was a human resorce reaquisition and it wasn't designed to show the Taliban they are evil and that we intende to defeat them but rater it was in the spirit of community awarenes and involvement in helping those less fortunate.

  6. Sally Liebzeit-Clapper

    Why would need to know until the rescue was over? They might have gotten tipped off and killed him if the knew a rescue was coming. People are so nosey and the media is the worse.

  7. David Wright

    They must not have told obama first, otherwise this may not have happened! SEMPER FI!

  8. Phyllis Harrell

    Thats a first. All we have heard since the attack on Benghazi is slamming the President for not telling everything. There are things going on we have NO business knowing. People are giving hiim all the blame for Benghazi but I can bet the will back off giving him credit for this …he was not responsible for either incident.

  9. Lorie Wilson

    David, you don't have a clue do you. At least for this season, stop with the crazy talk and be a true SEMPER FI!!

  10. Lorae Carter

    WTG……Thank you for the energay and courage to do what needs to be done. I DOn't support the war, I ONLY SUPPORT the TROOPS! Be safe you guys, and girls!

  11. John Patete

    Phyllis Harrell ….you're right…they insult him and say that the Seals killed Bin Laden….but Bengazi was his fault!

  12. Julia Ray

    Phyllis Harrell i disagree with you…he was very much responsible for the Benghazi attack. if he would have listened to his informants all the way up to Clinton those four Americans along with the other residents would still be alive today!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Yes John, we should believe that the Taliban is kind to puppies and that they give all their time and money to charities protecting human rights and feeding the homeless.

  14. Anonymous

    Yes let's blame the Doctor cause the Taliban doesn't do anything without being provoked.

  15. Anonymous

    John, who would you blame if it was Bush or Romney in the White House during that period. My guess is that your allegience makes you very bias to these issues.

  16. John Patete

    brian_christie_98 …then why do we make oil deals with them,…..why did we supply the with weapons….why do we allow them to be educated here in the US….tell me smart azz!

  17. John Patete

    Good thing he wasn't some blue collar truck driver….our govt would use his beheading to draw support of why we need to stay there!

  18. Sam Vander

    when did he get kidnapped this is first I have heard of him? 1 more why is it NATO led when it is always US soldiers doing the job , NATO is now and always has been a joke.

  19. Anonymous

    Who was this Dr. Dilip and what the hell was he doing there? Please don't tell me he was a do gooder on some kind of personal touchy-feely mission. I don't want to hear a life was lost trying to save a moron behaving first world stupid in a savage third world hell-hole.

  20. Anonymous

    What a Great Christmas gift the Doctor gave to the Navy Seal's Family! What the heck were these people doing there in the first place! I am fed up with American citizens going where they put themselves in harms way and causing the death of others to bail them out! I am one U.S. Navy War Vet that is MAD AS HECK ABOUT THESE PEOPLE SAYING HOW BAD THEY FEEL! SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE YOU WENT THERE!

  21. Anonymous

    I think it's you that don't have a clue Semper David and smooth Sailing

  22. Jill Belisle

    Well, but what I meant is not that we should know everything before it happened, but that it seems that the story after the fact was downplayed. Also turned out that a SEAL was killed during this operation, and I can't even find his name. Why is news like this being downplayed to the American people? It seems like you only see things like this in dark corners of the Internet.

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