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Greensburg Indiana Plane Crash Leaves Four Dead [Video]

GREENSBURG, IN — Authorities say two couples died over weekend when their small plane crashed as it was approaching a southeastern Indiana airport in foggy, misty conditions.

According to Federal Aviation Administration, the crash happened around 6:20 pm Sunday about a mile from the Greensburg Municipal Airport.

The FAA says the plane, a single-engine Piper, had been cleared to approach the airport but then never arrived.

Police identified the victims as Don Horan, 46; his wife Barbara Horan, 44; and their friends Stephen Butz, 45; and his wife Denise Butz, 42. The two couples, both from Greensburg, Indiana, were heading home from a weekend in Destin, Florida.

“They leave behind six beautiful children who are hurting and grieving over the loss of their parents,” Brian Wenning, a friend of the families, said Monday at a news conference. reports that the plane carrying the Horan and Butz families left Florida on Sunday afternoon, heading back to Greensburg, where they encountered a thick blanket of fog.

“The conditions that night were horrible,” said Jon Dooley, vice president of the Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners. “It was such that an aircraft wouldn’t have seen the runway unless they were very close.”

The plane then went down in a wooded area, hit trees and bounced on a field, leaving wreckage scattered over three acres.

Along with local investigators the National Transportation Safety Board were working to confirm the cause of the crash Monday, saying fog and a light rain may have contributed to it.

More on the tragic Greensburg, Indiana plane crash in the video below: