Ariel Winter at the Dog Years Premiere

Ariel Winter Slammed Over Instagram Photo

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter is definitely one hot babe and isn’t afraid to show off her body. The star has been candid about getting a breast reduction and is known for her racy photos online. She was also criticized recently for showing up to a Modern Family event looking sultry while the rest of the cast looked pretty vanilla.

But Ariel Winter doesn’t care what other people think and has spoken out about trolls that try to bring her down.

“I feel like people put so much emphasis on it. Guys, all the time, go on their Instagrams and take pictures nude with guitars in front of their stuff. No one says anything. Nobody cares. When we try to be free and post what we want, it’s like, look at that slut on social media. That’s not what it is. We’re proud of our bodies. We’re proud of who we are. We’re made the way we are. Why do we care? If I take a picture and I think it looks good — if it’s a little revealing, whatever.”

Ariel Winter, who recently moved in with her boyfriend, has been slammed on Instagram once again for a “racy” photo, and this time its because fans think she’s been photoshopping her legs.

One commenter wrote to her, “I don’t remember you being so skinny, was this photo shopped?”

Ariel Winter replied stating that people look different at different angles.

“This is the real me,” she responded via Instagram, likely giving her fan the shock of their life. “I don’t Photoshop my photos. People look different at different angles.”

However, some of her fans weren’t convinced, pointing out “blurry lines” on her legs, saying the star must have doctored the photo in some way to create her silhouette.

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The now redhead beauty (she recently dyed her signature dark-brown locks to red, and she looks totally amazing) has been rather candid about the fact that she often gets negative comments from online trolls and haters. But instead of taking it to heart, she tries to take it in stride and evaluate the situation for what it really is.

“Every time someone bullies me online, it gives me a chance to re-emphasize to my fans, and even myself, how important self-acceptance is. Those who say such harsh things on my Instagram, thank you for this opportunity — but the question I ask myself each time I read the mean comments is if this is how you talk to a stranger online, I can only imagine how cruelly you speak to yourself.”

However, looking through her Instagram feed, one can see that almost all of the comments on that photo were positive. Her fans were stunned by her casual but sexy jaw-dropping beauty, and Ariel Winter isn’t letting any Internet troll take that away from her.

When in Beijing at a cigar bar…

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Fans have encouraged Ariel Winter, telling her to keep wearing what she wants and not to listen to the haters.

But from Ariel Winter’s Instagram page, it is pretty obvious that the young actress does exactly what she wants.

Recently, Ariel Winter has been seen out and about in Los Angeles sporting waist-length red clip in extensions, which she also takes out when she wants a break from the summer heat.

The young star has also made her way onto the property ladder and recently talked about it in an interview.

“Last year I bought my own house [in Sherman Oaks for $1.57M]. My boyfriend and I live together he cooks [and] takes care of all the handy stuff. I can bake pie occasionally – pumpkin and apple…I’m the worst wifely person,” she revealed.

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