Bob Carter Dies: Aaron And Nick Carter's Father Passes At 65 After 'Collapsing' At Home

Bob Carter Dies: Possible Cause Of Death For Aaron And Nick Carter’s Father Revealed [Updated]

Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter’s father Bob Carter passed away Tuesday night in Florida at 65-years-old, with the possible cause of death being a heart attack.

Earlier today, reports from TMZ and People confirmed the tragic news that Robert Gene Carter, father to singers Nick and Aaron Carter, had died on Tuesday evening. The latter report cited tweets from Nick that suggested that he and his family were unsure at the time about Bob Carter’s cause of death, but nonetheless asking for privacy as they deal with the loss of their family patriarch.

“I am heartbroken to share the news that our father, Robert, passed away last night… While we learn more about the cause of death, and begin the grieving process, we ask that our privacy be respected at this difficult time.”

TMZ added that Aaron Carter had tweeted something about Bob being unconscious, but had later deleted his post.

The death of Nick Carter’s father marks a second family tragedy this decade for the former Backstreet Boys leader and his younger brother Aaron. In January 2012, Nick and Aaron’s sister Leslie, who co-starred with her siblings in the reality show House of Carters, had died at the age of 25 from what was reported by E! Online as a prescription drug overdose.

While Nick Carter is devastated over the sudden loss of his father, some may remember that the 37-year-old singer was allegedly estranged from both parents in recent years. A 2014 report from Radar Online suggested that Nick’s family had been “less than supportive” since his 2013 marriage to Lauren Kitt, and unwilling to allow their son to enjoy his marriage life. The report added that Nick had been hinting on Twitter that his mother, in particular, seemed to disapprove of his marriage to Kitt, with Nick’s mother and Lauren supposedly not getting along from the start.

“Wish my mother would stop sending hurtful and hateful emails to me and my wife. Can’t people just be happy for me? Or leave me alone. #hurt”

The report added that Nick Carter was accusing his father and mother of “using” him for the fortune he had earned as arguably the most visible member of the Backstreet Boys.

“They’re always wanting something from Nick… money or support, or this and that. It’s never like, ‘We love you. We care about you.’ It’s always been like, ‘We need this and we need that.'”

Nick had also sat down with Dr. Phil McGraw in 2013, claiming that his family had blamed him for his younger sister Leslie’s death, according to Us Magazine. He said that he felt it was “unfair” to be called out like that, though he acknowledged that he should have been more responsible as the oldest child of his father and his second wife, Jane.

A report from Hollywood Life hints that the Carter family may have been “going through a tough time” shortly before Bob Carter’s death. On Tuesday, Aaron Carter tweeted that he had to make a “U-turn” back to Las Vegas to spend time with Nick and his family, but did not mention anything about returning to the Carter family’s Florida hometown to attend to Bob.

Likewise, Nick Carter mentioned nothing about his father being ill nor about any troubles within the family in the days leading up to Bob Carter’s passing, leaving his cause of death a mystery at the time it was first reported.

Like his older brother, 29-year-old Aaron has taken to social media to express his heartbreak and shock over their father’s loss, with Aaron posting a series of selfies with his dad, and adding that Bob was “never human” to him, but rather a “real-life superhero.”

UPDATE 7:40 p.m. ET – A newer report from TMZ has added information on Bob Carter’s cause of death. Sources close to the family suggest that Carter may have suffered a heart attack after “working a lot around the house” and being exposed to the hot Florida weather at the time. He would then complain of chest pains and twitching in his arm before he went to bed on Tuesday night, but never woke up, the sources added. The report also suggests that when Bob died, he was in good terms with the rest of his family, a contrast to the alleged estrangement detailed above.

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