David Ross says he took Simone Biles' spot in the Dancing With the Stars finals

David Ross Knows Not Everyone Is Happy He’s Going To The ‘DWTS’ Finals, Says He Feels Bad About Simone Biles

David Ross should be celebrating his move to the Dancing with the Stars finals, but the MLB star can’t help but feel bad about it. In an interview posted by People, Ross addressed Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles’ shocking elimination and revealed he just assumed that he was a goner.

“I thought it was us,” David told reporters of the Week 9 elimination announcement.

“My heart hurts a little bit to see Simone go. I’m shocked.”

David Ross went on to say that the hurt feelings over Simone’s premature elimination from the show put a damper on his own celebration. Biles was sent home after receiving back-to-back perfect scores.

“I didn’t feel like I could celebrate onstage because I honestly felt bad,” Ross revealed.

“I feel like I’m taking her spot. I don’t know if I should feel that way or not, but I do. This is a family. We’re friends. It’s hard to see anybody go.”

Ross, who is partnered with pro dancer Lindsay Arnold, said his only goal was to make it past week three on the ABC celebrity ballroom competition. David also said he knows that his fans from the baseball world have kept him afloat amid judges’ scores that are respectable but not as high as his competitors.

“People must be voting for me like crazy, which makes me feel good,” David said. “And I’m getting better at dancing and I’m getting better scores. There is so much that I’m so proud for, Lindsay and I and our partnership and this journey I’ve been on. I didn’t really want to celebrate [next to Simone] but I’m happy right now and I’m so thankful.”

While David Ross and his fans are happy, some Dancing with the Stars fans slammed the show’s scoring system, which allowed frontrunners like Biles and Heather Morris to go home before the retired Chicago Cubs catcher. Following Biles’ elimination, outraged DWTS viewers took to social media to slam Ross’s spot in the Season 24 finals.

David Ross previously told the Chicago Tribune that one of his hopes when he signed on to Dancing with the Stars was that the rigorous rehearsal schedule would help him get back into shape.

“What happens in retirement is the love handles start to creep out more and more,” Ross said. “Hopefully this gives me something to keep me exercising and in a little bit of shape and keep me busy.

Ross also said he was “anxious to learn, especially the ballroom part,” and that he knew very little about dance styles.

“I’ve seen some of the salsa stuff in the locker room with the Latin guys, and fooling around with them a little bit, but I have no idea what I’m doing,” David admitted. “The thing I got going for me is I know what hard work looks like, so I’m going to work really hard and do the best I can…. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep my emotions in check and my heart rate semi-down when those lights turn on, those cameras turn on and I start to dance in front of millions of people.”

Indeed, Grandpa Rossy continued to learn and grow, which prompted Dancing with the Stars judge Julianne Hough to remind viewers that guys like David Ross are what the show is all about.

Next week, David Ross will compete against Rashad Jennings and Normani Kordei on the two-part Dancing with the Stars Season 24 finale, Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.

Take a look at the video below to see David Ross talking about his shocking move to the finals on Dancing with the Stars.

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