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‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Says No Original Cast Members Reached Out To Her After Her Prison Sentence

Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller was recently sentenced to serve one year and a day behind bars, and has confessed that none of the original cast of the show has reached out to her after her sentencing. In fact, some of the original cast members, namely Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland, were seen possibly celebrating Abby’s prison sentence.

The Dance Moms star will report to the clink in a little over a month where she will spend time for bankruptcy fraud. Abby Lee Miller hid over $775,000 in assets from the federal government. While her lawyers attempted to keep her punishment relegated to probation, it seems that didn’t work out in her favor.

She did, however, report that some of the Dance Moms cast members reached out to her following the news that she would be spending over a year behind bars, but none of those she began the journey with all of those years ago.

“Nobody original from the show [has reached out to me]. You know, they’ve made a lot of money over the years and not a peep! And no one from the production company, no way.

“Yolanda and Elliana [Walmsley], Stacey and Lilly [Ketchman], and Jaime and Maesi [Caes], and Brynn and Ashlee [Allen] reached out. And my own students, you know, of course, that are at my studio, but didn’t get the pleasure and the money and the perks of being on a television show, but have paid me since they were 3 years old and are very loyal customers and loyal students.”

Abby Lee Miller, however, didn’t leave Dance Moms on the best of notes. The reality star abruptly quit the show during the filming of Season 7B, stating that she was tired of meddling producers and misogynistic crew members who devalued her opinion. She also accused the production company of keeping her overweight.

“If I was trying to be vegan, (they would) hand me a hoagie sandwich or Italian sub from somewhere. I’m like, ‘What is this, lunch meat? I can’t eat this!'” she told Entertainment Tonight.

After quitting the show, Abby Lee Miller went on an Instagram tirade against the producers of the show, so its probably one of the reasons why they weren’t necessarily interested in enquiring about her well-being after that.

Abby Lee Miller, however, hopes to come out of prison a much better person. She says she has spent so much time doing things for other people that it’s now time to focus on herself. She wants to learn Spanish, write a tell-all and study accounting to make sure that she doesn’t repeat the mistakes she made.

From @maesicaesofficial Sending so many powerful, positive vibes, HUUUUUGGGEEE hugs, LOTS of love and prayers of strength across the miles to @therealabbylee for my #maesismotivationalmonday ???? Sometimes the strength within you is not a big, fiery flame for all to see. It's just a tiny spark that whispers "YOU GOT THIS" ????????❤ Wishing you all were as blessed as me to know the REAL Miss Abby, who is truly inspiring, generous and passionate about not only the art of dance, but instilling and sharing that passion with all of us whom she was proud to call her own. Can't thank you enough for teaching me about more than just dance … but more importantly about LIFE @therealabbylee ???? #aldc #aldcla #aldcalways #alllovedanceconfidence #alllovedancecourage #aldcstrong #dancemoms #thebestisyettocome #aldcminis #nextchapter #excitingthingstocome #blessed #loveyou

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The Dance Moms star says she opted to serve her time in prison in California due to the fact that if she wants to conduct business, people from the industry can still come and visit her. It is unclear if she has secured an agent or publisher for her tell-all and whether or not anyone will be looking at her manuscript during her time behind bars.

She has, however, teased that she is working on a new scripted show that she describes as “where Dance Moms left off.” It is about teenage dancers, and she says she has a production company lined up and ready to film whenever she is ready. The reality star has said that the show could have familiar faces from her former television show, but it is doubtful that any of the core cast members will be featured after their failure to reach out to her following her sentencing.

Abby Lee Miller has also recently undergone gastric sleeve surgery and will, no doubt, emerge from prison much thinner.

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