Michael Muhney not returning to Y&R

‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Muhney Won’t Be Adam Newman Recast – ‘Y&R’ Source Confirms

The Young and The Restless spoilers from a recent casting scoop indicate many Y&R fans hope Michael Muhney is back as the recast of Adam Newman, but new information from the casting scoop source indicates Michael Muhney’s name is not even in the casting pool. Last week, the Inquisitr was among the fist to report the news that Jamey Giddens revealed on his Daytime Confidential podcast that Adam would be recast. Recently, Jamey revealed more news as it relates to Muhney and any chance he has to come back to Y&R.

Jamey Giddens Tweet On Michael Muhney

The Young and The Restless spoilers on the Adam recast first came from Jamey on DC‘s weekly podcast, and now Jamey spoke out again in response to a fan tweet. A Michael Muhney fan asked Jamey via Twitter, “I’m sure you have been asked 1 million times but maybe I’m the lucky one…. Any movement on the Muhney situation?” The question implied Muhney might have a shot at the Adam recast.

Jamey responded saying, “To my knowledge there is no ‘Muhney situation’. A reader asked my opinion on who I thought should play Adam. #YR” That sounds like Jamey is acknowledging that Michael Muhney’s name isn’t even in the running, despite a legion of loyal fans that would love to have Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman. Jamey Giddens has an impressive track record of scoops from his inside sources at Y&R and other soaps including hirings and firings.

Could CBS Risk Rehiring Michael Muhney?

The Young and The Restless fired Michael Muhney in December 2013, and, since then, the reason for his firing was repeatedly debated. Muhney announced his dismissal from Y&R in December tweeting, “I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on set is this Thursday.” Soap She Knows published a chronology of all the events.

In January 2014, TMZ ran a news item it claims was verified by “multiple sources” that Muhney allegedly twice groped younger co-star Hunter Haley King who portrays Summer Newman. A couple of days later, former Y&R executive Maria Bell told Highlight Hollywood, “I am a fan of Michael Muhney the actor – not the person. Frankly he should have been let go months before because of his behind the scenes actions. It’s still a loss for the fans.”

With alleged harassment of a fellow actor floating around, if there was any merit to the accusations of groping, it doesn’t seem likely that CBS would risk a lawsuit or allegations that it wasn’t protecting actresses on their set. Given Muhney’s history and Jamey Gidden’s latest statement, it seems Muhney won’t be back on The Young and The Restless ever.

Y&R Backstage Tension Among Many Parties

Both Muhney and Eric Braeden have acknowledged arguments between the two of them on The Young and The Restless set, so rehiring Muhney could ruffle Braeden’s feathers. While Braeden denied that he has any power to stop Y&R from hiring (or rehiring) a particular actor, given Victor Newman’s status as the patriarch of the original family in Genoa City and Braeden’s lengthy tenure with the show, it’s safe to say he wields some influence.

However, there is a good chance that Michael Muhney’s name was never in the running and it was just fans’ hopes that kept this rumor alive for so long. Muhney himself seemed to be hopeful of a return and encouraged fans to tweet The Young and The Restless’ executive producer Mal Young and others at CBS Daytime about bringing him back as the Adam Newman recast.

Since Jamey Giddens leaked the original The Young and The Restless casting spoiler about Adam Newman, there have been at least four (and possibly more) actors spotted at Y&R auditioning for roles. However, there has still not been an official casting announcement from Y&R, but the CBS soap is notoriously tight-lipped, so that’s no surprise. It seems we’ll find out soon who is the new Adam Newman, but it won’t be Michael Muhney, according to these latest The Young and The Restless spoilers.

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