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Matt Lauer Isn’t Getting Fired From ‘Today’ Over Poor Ratings

Matt Lauer Fired

Matt Lauer isn’t getting fired from the Today Show over low ratings, according to the New York Post.

Rumors have been swirling that Lauer will get booted from his position as co-host of the popular morning news program if the show’s ratings don’t improve over the next several months. However, Today head Alexandra Wallace said that there simply isn’t any truth to these allegations.

“There is absolutely no truth to this,” Wallace said. “There have been some recent outrageous claims regarding Matt and the ‘Today’ show, and an awful lot of piling on from nameless, faceless sources. These stories are wrong and irresponsible.”

NBC News President Steve Capus also chimed in on the Matt Lauer situation. It would seem the rumors surrounding the co-host’s impending termination is nothing more than baseless internet speculation.

“Sadly, this is the era in which we live: Venomous tweets somehow threaten to drown out all of those who praised Matt for his coverage,” Capus explained.

According to Radar Online, a source close to the inner workings of the program explained that Lauer’s head was essentially on the chopping block over the recent ratings slump. If things don’t improve by February of 2013, Lauer’s career could be in serious jeopardy.

“News executive Alexandra Wallace has told NBC bosses she will have to replace Matt if the ratings continue to tank,” the anonymous source said. “If viewers continue preferring Good Morning America over the TODAY show that revenue will decrease and cuts will have to be made.”

The source added, “Matt’s contract pays him $25 million-a-year, and he just signed an extension to that deal last year before the ratings started falling. However, Alexandra has told her bosses if the show isn’t pulling in more viewers by February, she has no alternative but to fire Matt.”

Are you a fan of Matt Lauer? Do you feel the Today Show co-host is responsible for the dip in viewership?

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225 Responses to “Matt Lauer Isn’t Getting Fired From ‘Today’ Over Poor Ratings”

  1. Camille Fornario

    The show is getting boring I miss Ann Curray she was so sweet loved her sweet voice in the morning Matt is boring.

  2. Sally Spencer

    matt is great. quit messing with the show. you shouldn't have gotten rid of ann curry. they were a great team. I'm not leaving nbc. but if matt goes so do I.

  3. Maryanne Mandarino Harp

    Really, it isn't the hosts it the people directing it. They need to come up with more ideas..I used to love where in the world is matt? There just seems to be no connection with the hosts like on GMA..I think alot of people got upset with Ann Curry's firing-i did.

  4. Jennifer Gough

    I agree that the downfall of the show has nothing to do with Matt Lauer. The show was great with Ann Curry, and now they are feeling the lack. They were a great team. He has no real anchor anymore. No wonder why the ratings struggle!

  5. Joyce Morris

    I don't watch since they got rid of Ann in such an awful way. But I hope Matt is sweating every day because of the rumors. He deserves it.

  6. Pm Edge

    Matt Lauer's time has come and gone. We need some new blood on this show, he's nothing now. I quit watching this show when Ann Curry left, it's so ho hum BORING!

  7. Shelia Muncy

    NBC stated they let Ann Curry go because of the ratings and she wasn't pulling in viewers, what is the difference? Matt was the reason they let Ann go, so turn about is fair play. One person doesn't make a show. Ann Curry was one of the best the Today show has ever had. I left the Today show when Ann left. I will admit I watch Hoda and Kathie Lee or I will watch when Matt is absent..

  8. Nancy Moore

    For years I have thought that Matt did not attract me to watch him. He rarely smiles. I loved Ann Curry and I'm upset about her leaving. I really think they need more interesting things on the show. GMA is upbeat and happy.

  9. June Elkins

    Wonder how Matt feels since the shoe is on the other foot. I think he is a two face jerk. What goes around comes around..I watch GMA since Ann left…Can't stand Savannah…Lose her to…

  10. Fran Bridges

    To bad he hasn't been fired, after what happened to Ann Curry, I won't watch The Today Show anymore,, I watch GMA,, they have a real team there!

  11. Fran Bridges

    To bad he hasn't been fired, after what happened to Ann Curry, I won't watch The Today Show anymore,, I watch GMA,, they have a real team there!

  12. Perry Noble

    I liked Ann Curry. If she was taken off the show because of the ratings, yet they're still falling, what does that tell you? Maybe Matt was the problem.

  13. Perry Noble

    I liked Ann Curry. If she was taken off the show because of the ratings, yet they're still falling, what does that tell you? Maybe Matt was the problem.

  14. Hmmnn Okay

    What NBC is forgetting is the outroar and outrage over their Olympics coverage, while they showed lame Today show segments during live events – made everyone pay for all their coverage – without options to buy in/pay for viewing. Their audiences were livid. Taped opening, bad coverage, tape delay, lame shows – everything. The Today show hosts were doing Olympic skits – while the medal winning swimmers, gymnasts, and everyone else that we couldn't see. They took the Olympics as their personal show rather than the sports of a nation – and we all refused to watch them, ever again.

  15. Hmmnn Okay

    What NBC is forgetting is the outroar and outrage over their Olympics coverage, while they showed lame Today show segments during live events – made everyone pay for all their coverage – without options to buy in/pay for viewing. Their audiences were livid. Taped opening, bad coverage, tape delay, lame shows – everything. The Today show hosts were doing Olympic skits – while the medal winning swimmers, gymnasts, and everyone else that we couldn't see. They took the Olympics as their personal show rather than the sports of a nation – and we all refused to watch them, ever again.

  16. Sonya Ivey Brown

    The show is at a stand still. Matt lets his ego get in the way. He rarely smiles and you sense a tension on the set. Savannah is not an anchor. She is too stiff and phony. They also need to get rid of Starr Jones. She is another one that has an ego problem. Kathie Lee does the same thing she did for years…..promote herself! Ann Curry was a great hosts. Now, they bring in the new guy, Willie, and he is just as boring as Matt. Revamp or continue to lose viewers and I have always watched NBC as did my parents.

  17. Hmmnn Okay

    Love Matt. Don't like Guthrie at all as host – warm and comfy as jagged ice. Love everyone else. Loved Ann, but she flubbed and hurried through her bits a lot, as though she just dropped the kids of and just ran into the studio. There is no chemistry, they are awkward, trying to be like GMA, but that's not them. And the segments are awful – they snippet them and no one gets to finish a sentence. The other shows even CBS is better – everyone gets to finish their sentences.

  18. Kim Petersen Thomas

    Bring Ann back, you'll bring your viewers back! Simple as that!

  19. Anonymous

    Karma is coming after Matt Laur in a big way. He was the driving force behind Ann Curry leaving the show in disgrace. And for what? She hadn't done anything but be the same sweet, kind, caring, warm person she had always been! She didn't have anything to do with the ratings falling! When Ann left, I switched to ABC news. They are FUN to watch and keep the show interesting! I'll never go back to watching Today!

  20. Helen Bunner

    The show is boring. If I want to learn to cook I will watch a cooking show not a news show. I have not liked it since Ann Curry was let go. And if Matt was the cause then he should go – also, can't like him much since rumors of cheating on his family.

  21. Clydeine Oglesby

    I think Matt is boring. I like Anderson live because the brings in a new host every day which is interesting. Matt had a lot to do with Ann Curray getting the boot and she was as good or better than he. I suspect he scape goated her for poor ratings. Well the truth always comes out Matt!

  22. Anonymous

    NBC has got to get up and go and do some major changes if they want to compete against GMA on ABC GMA is the best morning show ever CBS use to be when Harry Dave Hannah I use to watch NBC Ann carried the show Matt is so arrogant and cocky he makes me sick I He is a punk.

  23. Diana Williford

    I quit watching when Katie left and me mum quit watching when Ann left. No one really likes to watch silly women with no unique personalities, at least for very long. This NEWS show and most news shows have become full of too much entertainment, gossip and silly recycled DIY stuff. Al Roker FLEE!

  24. Colleen Donahue Dagenhard

    Love Matt lauer, but it seems as though he has a lot of days off! Willy Geist is great, but doesn't seem to have the same presence as Matt. I don't think Savannah has that kind of pull either. And she can be offensive to thiose who don't share her views.

  25. Aggie Hundley

    We stopped watching Today when Ann left. I don't doubt for a minute that he had everything to do with Ann leaving. We also got tired of the illness of the day. Who wants to start every day depressed? GMA is so much more light hearted and everyone is lovable! Look at the differences….when the Today show divas go outside, the fans are essentially fenced off from them. On GMA Sam gets right into the crowd. Bye, bye Today….

  26. Anonymous

    For 30,000,000 million a year he should act better for all the commercials we have to endure to make up his pay.

  27. Carol Clemons-Stewart

    Everybody tries to talk at once on there. It is so annoying…Why would four people try to voice their say at the same time on public television? Sounds like a bunch of bees. So Long have been there long enough, kinda like preachers.

  28. Susan Schulz

    I stopped watching for awhile now. I feel Lauer has become elitist and arrogant and it got worse with the way he treated Ann Curry.

  29. Anonymous

    We stopped watching years ago as the show was a bunch of over-dressed elitists with no clue about the real world. GMA is a fresh family knit group that make you feel included and understood. Fun seems to be encouraged not routines cut short by time constraints.

  30. Louise Wood-Markasovic

    They (NBC) just don't get it, they are stupid. There time is over and they need to shut the whole network down. Too one sided and irrevelant.

  31. Sandra Garcia

    Matt Lauerthe sour is boring and not particularly likable. Ann and Katy left and they were sweet, likable and seemed less biased. There is a negative quality about him. Maybe I will watch NBC in the morning again. For now will stick with GMA or even CBS. Charlie Rose is serious but likable.

  32. Donna Hope

    If Ann was dumped because of 3 low ratings weeks, why are Matt & Savannah still there? I quit watching when Ann left.

  33. Holly Miglio

    I know it's shallow, but tuning in every morning only to see Matt's hairline recede farther and thinner, emphasizes my own self getting older and older, and I don't like the in-your-face reminder. I tell myself to give Matt credit for "keeping it real" but, honestly, it saddens me. So, I DVR the ToDay show, but rarely watch it. I've switched over to CBS This Morning. I like Charlie Rose, but not sold on Norah O'Donnell, and when Gayle King comes on I start channel surfing — hmmm, why do I watch this show? Oh, yea, I like Charlie Rose.

  34. Kathy Harnden Steinhilber

    If Ann was let go due to ratings, why should Matt not be held accountable also? Lester Holt will get the show back on track.

  35. Tonia Profita Scelfo


  36. Carolann Quinn

    Matt Lauer was a liability as early as the 2004 Olympics. Katie Couric exchanged Olympic pins with fellow Americans in Greece while Matt ignored people. He got a reputation as being "too good to deal with the people". The fact that he is still at Today should say vlumes – no one wants him! I watched the Macy's Parade with Savannah. Did they hire her to make Matt look good? What's next – they fire Al Roker for another dumb blonde weather girl?

  37. Jerry Muhlithaler

    NBC can protest all they want. Mr Capas and Mr Bell said outright "We didn't want to do right by Ann Curry" and know they are PAYING for it. You can whine all you want, IT PAYBACK.

  38. Madeline Garcia

    well I stop since ann left also, but now they are talking about matt well something is going wrong in the back ground because it's not all him; maybe they should replace the one that's direceting the show. then see what happens.

  39. Elaine Elderkin

    This was how I felt too. I used to watch every day when Katie Couric was on. After a couple of years of steady viewership, I felt the show was becoming too gossipy, more worried about Brittney Spears than real, human-interest stories. It's not really a news show, but a variety show. I remember one time Matt Lauer asking Dave Matthews if an entertainer had the right to express political views. Dave handled it with grace, but I think that kind of question was telling. At the same time, I liked spots like "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?" and I always loved their coverage of the Olympics. I liked Anne Curry just fine, but Ihaven't watched it in years just because it was too gossipy. I'll give it a try along with GMA just too see the difference everybody is talking about.

  40. Anonymous

    Why won't they get rid of Matt laurer, they shouldn't have got rid of Ann Curray. Matt Laurer looks like a snake, he needs to go. Bring back Ann Curray.

  41. Ellen Shrader

    I quit watching the Today show when Ann was let go , as far as I'm concerned she was the heart of the show. Will not be watching anymore.

  42. Frieda Mullins

    I have been watching Today since the dynamic team of all four were together….Katie, Matt, Al and Ann. I never missed it. They played well off each other and Al's quick wit kept them going. It has since fallen apart due to the same format…Ann's departure and the way she departed. I will never forget her heartfelt words her last day. Al don't joke as much as he used to…maybe because of his personal feelings about it all and Matt has become too serious…maybe because he has outgrown it or he is just bored. Matt started this "diva" rumor based on how he treated Meredith. He talked down to her several times. I have often felt that Matt was leaving because of his demeaner, not because of media rumor. Savannah is a good reporter but to replace Ann with her is a slap in the face. We all know that. I have since watched CBS and it does catch my attention. The set is different and fresh.Today, get rid of the Professionals segment….they are not adding anything constructive to your show. Just alot of interruptive back and forwards jabber. Ger Al back where he was mentally and you may get Matt back too! When those two play off each other, you have something special.

  43. Denise Baker Foucha-Hudgen

    Today is tooo Liberal just like NBC network period…as for Matt Lauer, too arrogant, plain and simple. FOX and FRIENDS FOR ME!

  44. James W. Glenn

    We were faithful Texas watchers of The Today show UNTIL Ann Curry was booted! Now we watch local Fox in mornings. Watch local NBC and ABC at night.

  45. David Steinhaus

    The problem is not Matt Lauer. The problem is the format of the show. My wife and I have watched for years and every morning now we look at each other and wonder what they are doing with the show. It has become stale and they sometimes cover stories that are really non-stories. If anyone should be fired, it is the producers that decide the format and coverage. GMA is hipper and NBC gift wrapped Amy Robach for them.

  46. Dotty Ann Lawson


  47. James Page

    Floss and spin. Yeah it's just so sad how these stories get started on the internet…then why do you ask us peions for our comments on an upper-level corperate personal…er business decision? Every comment I have read mentions the stupid loss of Ann Curry. I used to watch Today ritualistically. I only stopped doing the 2008 presidential campiagn to switch to msnbc and Morning Joe…but I still loved Today. However, when you uncerimoniously fired Ann Curry…I will probably never watch Today again…or at least for a long time and I like Matt Lauer. You see I think trying to create this psuedo-family climate when everything is dependent on ratings, revenue and market share just isn't going to cut it guys and I know…you just can't let it go. To bad. GMA will probably get its 15 minutes of fame…

  48. Carol Miles

    Very boring show, Matt adds nothing to the show, the new girl looks like all fluff and not much upstairs along with not much personality. I miss Ann Curray, she seemed so real, like she really cared about people. I am enjoying CBS, never thought I would, but like their line up. Much more informative and covers subjects for which I am interested in most of the time.

  49. Rosemary Scalise-Taylor

    I like Matt, he is a good commentor, but also miss Ann as well. hope all goes well with the show.

  50. Anonymous

    Charlie and Nora do a great job of presenting the news on CBS. To much chit chat on the Today show.

  51. Anonymous

    Matt needs to go! I left the show because you got rid of Ann. Matt is BORING!

  52. Ana Prada

    I stopped watching when they booted Ann Curry and replaced her with that dimwit Savannah. Suffered through Katie leaving, but began to enjoy Meredith, then was so happy that Ann got it. I want her soothing voice to give me the bad news…seems comforting in some way. Won't watch as long as Savannah is the co.

  53. Heather Hollingsworth Issvoran

    I stopped watching because they fired the only real news anchor they had, Ann Curry. The way management handled it was messy and mean so why should I watch? Clearly, they have not listened to their audience.

  54. Joe LoPinto

    I like Matt and I like the show. It's just so full of fluff and way too many commercials. It's insulting and hard to watch. They need to do less cooking and fashion. We need more interesting stories.

  55. Anonymous

    This is exactly how the Ann Curry stuff started. "Oh no, she's not getting the boot and Matt Lauer stands behind her 100%". Matt is toast. Ratings are ratings. Matt is the luckiest guy in the News business. People watched Today because Katie and Meredith have to be two of the best morning hosts of all time. Both could seamlessly interview a head of state, a flakey pop star, disaster victims and then smile and laugh while making cupcakes. Matt was unobjectionable through it all and if you asked me overplayed his cards when he helped throw Ann under the bus. Now he is objectionable and soon to be history.

  56. Gregory Greene

    Now we are supposed to feel sorry for this guy after what he did to Anne Curry, are you kidding me? The Today Show has gotten very BORING…………….

  57. Kathy Weber

    I switched to GMA also after years of watching today show. Katie and Al and Ann Curry were professional. You trusted them to deliver news accurately. They were also a family, and the GMA group has all of that going for them now. Ann Curry should of stayed rather than Matt. he has become too arrogant.

  58. Julie Jaworski Smith

    No fan of Matt's. I watch Good Morning America. I was switching between the two until Ann Curry was "dismissed".

  59. Jeff Hyder

    My wife and I use to love watching the Today show but when Ann was let go we have not watched one show since. Want your viewers back bring Ann back and say goodbye to Savannah!

  60. Dot DeMoss

    He seems to have trouble with the other 1/2 of the show for quite some time. Of course Katie Couric was really good with him until she thought she was to good for them all. I loved Ann Curry and was sad they didn't even give her a chance but of course Matt was to good for her also. I think a lot of us feel this way about Ann, such a lady.

  61. Eulane Young

    Face it people, Matt is the anchor of the show. They gave Ann Curry a chance and she couldn't keep the ratings up after Viera left so they had to try someone else. The same thing happened back when Jane Pauley left the show and Deborah Norvell (sp?) took her place. The chemistry has to be right between the two. I like Ann Curry but didn't think they made a good pair even though I kept watching when I had time.

  62. Jim Forrester

    $25 million and his ratings are falling. What makes him different from a CEO when the company falls. Should he be paid for for a crappy job?

  63. Keith Mathis

    Let him go and bring back Ann Curry, Does NBC not realize that the ratings drop was due to Matt and not Ann, I wonder how he feels now that the shoe is on the other foot, whatever he deserves the same treatment that was given to Ann.

  64. Anonymous

    I think the same continent for so many years has bored the public mostly women they let Ann Curray trying to find a reason for the rating dropping and it was understood that Matt had a hand in her being removed from the team. The rating still dropped and now he is on the list of reasons. Maybe they should include more news, and include a little sports in the early morning portion. What are the other networks doing to cut into the ratings I think it has more to do with content.

  65. Anonymous

    If I was NBC my message step fast don't let the door hit in the ass on the way out I'll be back to NBC after he's gone.

  66. Deb Vanderbilt

    Personally, I miss Meredith. She had a combination of class, intelligence, and a willingness to be vulnerable and very funny at times. I think the show changed when SHE left….and then Ann Curry left…and the chemistry has not been the same.

  67. Anonymous

    I was watching GMA before when Diane Sawyer moved night I switched to Todays, getting to love Ann Curry, when they fired Ann Curry I returned to GMA.

  68. Frank Luck

    the strength of the today show has always been continuity, the firing of ann curry destroyed that image. savannah was very appealing as a cohost with chuck todd but she seems a bit uncomfortable assuming a mantle she did not earn, however the today show continues to shoot itself in the foot. Willie Geist, a real asset on all his other shows will probably be hampered by the format – and let's face it – no one ever wanted to see hoda and kathy lee – people who drink that early in the morning should do it alone – cbs could have been a contender but they decided to have gayle king ruin an otherwise intelligent cast – then they dumped erica for norah (I love norah but she is meant for bigger things) abc has high ratings because it has lowered its standards to sub-kardashian – the today show used to be a beacon of news and the best entertainment – and that was when fred j. muggs was cohost.

  69. Virginia Pate-Hale

    I think the whole group of them need to go and the two women that have the show after the today show are as sick as you can get. Who wants to watch a drunk. You can go to a bar for that. I think NBC is in the toilet, blame whomever you please. Ann was the only thing good about the two shows.

  70. Marilyn McNair Mahan

    I agree with you June. I have not watched today since Ann left!

  71. Linda Kahler

    Stopped watching the show and started watching GMA. Somehow Today feels that "freshening" the show means interviews with tween stars. The demographic forthis show is older and retired. Who else is at home watching TV at that time? Working people are at their jobs. Today is high handed in many ways. I cannot afford the $1500 dresses that Matt Lauer's wife can so I have no interest. I do have an interest in the nice things that have discount codes on GMA. I do like the GMA concerts MUCH better. The chefs on GMA make meals that do not need truffles. NBC is out of touch and Matt is an unfriendly highhanded guy whose time has passed. You made your money, now leave.

  72. Christine Marshall

    I loved Ann Curry and did not like how they fired her. I am not a fan of Matt Lauer, never have been, and not too keen on Savannah. I say fire Matt Lauer.

  73. Linda Buck Huebner

    Matt is not the problem. Firing Ann Curry is! They lost me when they did that. It was a great team then. NBC showing the world that loyalty means nada!

  74. Griff Gresham

    If Matt was behind the firing of Ann Curry It time he go too! Savannah is a fake with no personality. Her good looks is all she has to offer. That is pretty shallow NBC. Ann was a NEWS REPORTER with a very interesting life story of her own! She has proven to us all that she is the real thing! There is a big difference. Ann needs to be know how much we all miss her. Shame on NBC you guys really screwed up! Matt thinks pretty high of himself and it shows. It hard times people don't like the rich looking down on the rest of us who by the way support your jobs by buying from your sponsors!

  75. Suzanne Noël

    omg people Ann Curry was terrible. Seemed like a nice enough person…but an awful anchor! She does way better in the position she has now.

  76. George Yount

    I stopped watching "Today" when they let Ann Curry go. She brought a freshness to the show plus a lot of knowledge. Savannah Guthrie, in my mind, is a real light weight. So, I don't watch. I stopped watching "NBC Evening News" since Brian Wilson gave an obviously sycophantic infomercial for Obama during the election. It was NOT journalism, for which NBC HAD been noted.

  77. Lindsey Mozzo

    I left the Today Show before Ann Curry left. I left because of Matt L. NBC, you really need to listen. You've got a bunch of arrogant male blow-hards that continually inject their personal opinions into their broadcasts. Matt Lauer isn't even fun to watch and I certainly don't value his opinion. Ann Curry should have (at minimum) been kept on as the news anchor. Matt actually comes off to anyone he's interviewing – they're lucky to be in that chair in front of him. Geez, I can't stand that. Brian Williams calls out his own network on Nat'l televsion for having Trump on (not a Trump fan) but how unprofessional is that? Bob Costas can't show enough respect to the football team who had one of their own murder a 22 year old pregnant woman. People kill BOB, guns don't. Again, it's political and opinionated. NBC, you screwed up the Olympics so bad, I couldn't stand to watch it at all. Should I go on? The Today Show needs 2 new anchors and Ann Curry back at the news desk!

  78. Lindsey Mozzo

    Okay, question….did he really cheat on his wife or is all that just rumor? Does Ann Curry still actually work there or does she have an office some where where no one can see her?

  79. Kelly Cotton

    Matt's good at his job unfortunately personality-wise to he's looked up as a bit of a pr*ck. When an employee has to cry on air you know there's something wrong behind the scenes. Ann Curry had a sweet personality on air & NBC has lost faith with the American public for this. I personally can't stand the show anymore. Too many people are going thru so much in their jobs lately with this d*mn financial situation it makes them feel double sympathy for Ann and no sympathy for the likes of Matt, now a lot of peeps want to see him OUT crying like Ann. The show sucks anyway, no one seems actually friendly there, its that fake friendliness that comes thru the air waves. Anyone get a chance to check out the Australian Today show via Youtube clips or streaming you will see an upbeat show with some laughs and real camaderie.

  80. Scott Tam

    I hope that they fire him. Maybe Ann Curry can get him a job as a foreign correspondant. LOL. Maybe if they fire the right person this time their ratings might go up. Until then my heart belongs to GMA!

  81. Kavita Mehta Choksi

    Wow…$25 million a year? If I am doing math then $50k/hr, in an hour, Matt contributes 25min per hour, which makes $10k/5min of anchoring…not even President makes that kind of money…. please let go Matt and other boring cast like Savahnah, willie etc. Bring the best for that kind of money. So many good anchor and hosts like Nightline has. I stopped when Ann left, love watching GMA for FUN and chemistry of cast. CBS for Charlie…they also need to get rid of dum Gayle who pretends she can host without any knowledge…NBC needs to bring good talk show or game show rather then 3rd and 4th hour of Today…anyways, NBC has history of @#$%** remember, Leno and Conan fiasco…Beside SNL, I don't watch any shows on NBC….CBS/ABC/FOX good shows whole week…got to go now, peace!

  82. Edwina Lake

    I don't think letting Matt go is a good idea. I think the Today audience likes familiar faces and gets attached to them. I believe most people stopped watching Today due to Ann Curray being replaced with Savannah Guthrie. If NBC wants to redeem itself it would make better sense to replace Savannah Guthrie with Natalie Morales. Natalie is upbeat and a familiar face that people like.

  83. Anonymous

    after reading all these comments and comments from other articles concerning the Today Show, and then looking at their ratings I have to ask myself…are these NBC network executives paying attention at all? are they so arrogant that they are ignoring the situation they're in…or is this a case of they made the decision about the show's hosts and format and now they have to live with it or their jobs will be on the line as well?

  84. John M Rossi

    I left Today because I was tired of them slanting all the reporting and news to the extreme left.

  85. Sabrina Georges

    I stopped watching the show religiously when katie couric left. meredith vieira made the show boring and anne curry was a good replacement for her. savannah is duller than plain, white wonder bread. matt and al are the only two reasons why I still watch today from time to time. are the low ratings completely their fault? the answer is no. I find it more convenient to get my news from other sources via online. will I ever watch gma? hell no! I'll admit, I did try to watch it once and it was a huge mistake. watching gma was the worst 5 minutes of my life. what the today show should do is show more news instead of celebrity gossip and latest fashion trends. we clearly don't need 2 hours of that.

  86. Anonymous

    Too bad if it is not true…It Should Be! He is a selfish, non-broadcaster. So self-centered that he feels that nothing can bring him down. But the people have spoken…even if the network exec's won't admit it…it is true that the public see him as the person who got Anne fired and who will only work with his personal fav's. Not a team player at ALL. And a VERY poor interviewer. What a great day if he does leave…we can watch the show again…it has been years…we stopped when he started…Goodbye…

  87. Jeffrey Moseley

    it is so true Matt Lauer's days are OVER. They should do the right thing and let Ann Curry and Samatha host their show. Maybe give Merideth Vierra 22million to come back? I think a lot of us fans went to Good Morning America their host are so much more down to earth..Fire Matt we might return.

  88. Linda Georges

    I agree. They only seriously give news from 7:00 – 7:45am. It isn't even a news show anymore, its like watching "Extra" but in the morning with small reports of world news and the weather

  89. Kymberlee Pulley-Vanburen

    I do not like Savannah either!!! And why is that Meredith gets to come back for special little things but Ann does not?

  90. Kelly Cotton

    Now they got Ann Curry as ancher "at large" and you hardly see on the show, what a shame. They're probably keeping her on to half-way redeem themselves which is a joke. Ann Curry needs to realize she's a commodity now. GMA should hire her. Their ratings would go thru the roof and the Today Show would be left in the dust.

  91. Mary Sullivan

    Yes, the ego with the million dollar paycheck is making my television switch to another channel. Loved Ann, he got rid of her for sure.

  92. Debbie Ryan

    Matt is so smudge……he should get a taste of his own medicine….Al Roker also..He is another one that doesn't play well with others….I hate today…But I love Hoda and kathy Lee…..

  93. Todd'n Brooke Pipia

    the people have spoken. Flush this turd. He is arrogant and awkward with guests–especially condescending with guests far too often. Matt cries like a b**** about his possible termination by the network…? Man up you p****! Whatever happened to real men? No wonder this country is in the tubes.

  94. Anonymous

    Traitor, I just hope that he leaves the show and he gets humiliated it like Ann got after been in the show for 15 years.!

  95. Anonymous

    I use to be a dedicated Today show fan once Meredith left it started going down hill. Matt is boring & needs a great co-anchor to carry his behind. Hello they still haven't found one to make him look good. BORING! I now am a fan of GMA they have fun fun fun!

  96. David Callista

    I quit watching because I cant stand the way they all talk at the same time. Where's their manners? Most of the time I can't tell what is being said beccause they are talking on top of one another.

  97. Joanne Doney Tear

    That drives me crazy when they all talk at once, what ever happend to one at a time? Seems like they are all competing against each other, getting bored with the show, guess it's time for me to move on.

  98. Debbie Tabor Porter

    I hoep he does get fired for the way he treated Ann Curry on her way out….All he cared about was himself…. He deserves the same.. The guy has no personality & a way too big ego for me to watch.

  99. Debbie Sosebee Letson Wherry

    Wake up today show…Ann Curry wasn't the problem…it was Matt all along. Now you've added boring lifeless Savannah to the mix. Bring back Ann or I'm a permanent fixture with Good Morning America!

  100. Paul Stephenson

    He's the only reason I still watch since Ann Curray was canned, and Katie Couric left. Savannah and the others are idiots. At least Bryant Gumbel left, couldn't stand him.

  101. Robert Keenan

    where the worlds matt lower the North pole I hope, our local news is better than there phoney tribute to there own news, cyclical white collar driven,, force fed, news castl but there the best America has…. Merryxmas

  102. Sharon Johnson Burden

    They are just looking for youth on the Today program, if they don't know it by now, people over 55 watch TV also. I also switched to Good Morning America, because of the upbeat and friendly people on there. They should not have fired Ann after all that time employed there.

  103. Gail Silmser

    He should get fired. He is an egotistical man. Ann is the one who made the show work. I do not like Savannah. IN fact fire her also. Until you do your ratings are going to go much lower. Bad Karma for Matt.

  104. Edwin Hovsepian

    Sounds like it is because of plummeting ratings. I feel proud to be one of the contributing persons. I boycotted that show after they decided to interview Bernie Madoff’s family and portray them as “victims” and feel sorry for them….Lauer and his fakeness.

  105. Michael Brown

    The ratings are low because they lost Meredith. It has nothing to do with Matt. In fact if they get rid of him the Today Show will be history. Ann Cury whom I love was not good at this particular position and people switched because of it. Savannah is not well known and will take time to catch on. The same thing happened when Brian Williams took over Nightly News. Ratings slumped then took off once people became accustomed to him, no he is Number 1 in ratings. I think Today will be just fine given time, as long as they keep Matt. Maybe they should just offer Meredith too much money to turn down?

  106. Anonymous

    Fire the jerk! I quit watching the show when they fired everybody overnight! haven't watched it since.. don't care what they do I will not watch the show anymore!

  107. Anonymous

    I agree that the format for Today needs change. Sixteen minutes into the show starts the gossip. It feels like I'm watching People Magazine/TMZ. Matt is arrogant. Savannah is growing in to her role, but she's just not trashy enough for what this show has become. I vote to keep Savannah, replace Matt with a serious news person, and update the format to present real news and in depth interviews. Get rid of all the fluff (I never watch Hoda and Kathy Lee).

  108. Fran Lester

    don't watch early tv news because I don't like Mr.Laur.too much ego. later on I don't watch because of kathie lee and "what's her name". sorry.

  109. James Smith Ann Curry gets the ax on today show because f low ratings, but, Matt doesn't because of low ratings. Oh lawyers would have a field day in court.

  110. Jeanette Diaz-Garcia

    I quit watching it after years of being a loyal viewer. The way Ann Curry was dismissed is shameful. Savannah is the worst substitue ever. I now watch GMA and can see why Today's ratings are falling. Ann Curry was a class act in every way and complimented all others on the show. I miss not seeing Al and Natalie but Matt needs an attitude adjustment. Today Show doesn't rotate around him. Today's format is too stiff and adding Samantha's eager beaver personality just turns me and I'm sure others off.

  111. Nancy Nickle

    I have watched the Today show since I moved to Sacramento many years ago. Then Meredith left, then they basically fired Ann Curry. That did it for me. I do not care for Matt Lauer, he is a boring man. Savannah does not hold my interest. So I started watching GMA. I like the people, the show and the warmth that they show. No more Today show. I am done.

  112. Joyce Martin

    Matt Lauer is the Ring Master in an ever changing circus of co-hosts and commentators. Nobody could do it better than Lauer has done year after year after year. Savannah Guthrie is turning into a wonderful co-host. Ann Curry never grew into the position. The far right campaign to get NBC to dump Lauer is nothing more, nothing less than an attempt to punish his for his supposed left leaning politics. It's so transparent, it's ridiculous. So the right needs to put their claws back in and try again another day. Lauer is staying put because he deserves to stay put. Hopefullly he'll be around for a long, long time to come.

  113. Anonymous

    Bring Ann back and we all come back and your ratings will sky rocket.

  114. Anonymous

    I'll watch again when Matt is gone..he's a pompous well you know what.

  115. Zeynah Diggins

    I think their rating sucks because all they talk about is the royals and what they do. Their head-over-heals for them and all I want to know about is the news…. plus they're very unfunny but I LOVE Matt Lauer and they shouldn't blame him for the crap ratings….

  116. Tom Sullivan

    The decline of rating for Today are rooted in the absolutely disgraceful and unwarranted firing of Ann Curry. I am still bothered by this. Did Matt stab Ann in the back? If so, he should remember, "what goes around; comes around." There is "NO" excuse for the removal of Ann Curry.

  117. Sandi Scheier

    I think it's the material. Too much fluff. Put more news related pieces back on there. That's why people like GMA better. Not as much fluff.

  118. Nancy Brooks Schmitz

    It's not Matt that made us stop watching NBC mornings. It was that they dumped Ann. Ann added genuineness, grace, compassion. I just can't stand Savannah. She is fine in her element (law) which isn't relating to domestic type show they have her on. I watched NBC to see Matt, Ann, and Al. I had watched NBC mornings since the show started when I was a child. I also think that the news show has down played the news and often books guests who have little to add to either interest or substance to the show. This show needs Ann and better substance. I am watching MSNBC now as well as CBS. Sometimes I watch the first hour of the show. But I can't stand Savannah. So I turn to CBS and then MSNBC is DVR'd. Stop the trivia on the show. Other than Savannah, the problems seem to be behind the cameras with producing and directing. Who is making poor decisions?

  119. Yvonne Montecalvo

    I was a devoted fan for 23 years…once Ann left, I switched to GMA. Al is great, Natalie too-the rest need to go. The Today show leaves a lot to be desired….Ann was elegant class! RIP-Today Show.

  120. Anonymous

    I hope matt does't get fired if he does I will quit watching the show.

  121. Patricia Brooks Williams

    Everyone of the "on air" hosts contribute to the show;therefore, they should all be held accountable for its success or failure.

  122. Thomas N. Rumsey

    The today show is behind times. They rush throu interviews and only let their side of the story come out. I quit watching the show a few months ago. DIY and HGTV has better programming, then I watch reruns of NCIS…

  123. Kim Weister Tronsberg

    I agree with so many of you! Matt is the problem. He is so cocky and arrogant. I switched to GMA when they let Ann go. The hosts at GMA actually like each other…they laugh, they get a long, and they are always sending positive wishes and greetings out to Robin who has been out with health issues.

  124. Evelyn Jordan

    Matt (Loud Mouth) Lauer is by far the worst Host on any show! For $25,000,000 hire someone that is honest, cute, and really give a dam about viewers! In other words; "HE SUCKS"!

  125. Linda Helein

    I too am watching G M A since Ann left, she was the best of the best, without her or meredith, I have no use for the today show, and I was a fan for years when it was Katie and Matt… So whoever is to blame for Ann getting the boot, should also get the boot, that's why the show is failing! LOVE G M A So thank you for giving me the opportunity to switch!

  126. Kris Oakman

    I switched to GMA a long time ago, and I've never regretted it. The only time I go back to TODAY is when Nancy Grace is on GMA. She is the only fly in the ointment on GMA.

  127. Anonymous

    Karma is a wonderful thing! I remember NBC saying the same thing to Ann Couric and see how they treated her, now the ratings are still slipping so what makes Matt Lauer think he is untouchable either? NBC will do whatever they want to do and make whomever they want to be the scapegoat for their crappy morning show. It will be sweet revenge to see the same thing happen to Matt that happened to Ann Couric (except Matt could have stood up for Ann and he didn't) and see how he likes it when NBC treats him like old news in the Spring…. Karma is a!

  128. Connie Noyes

    I enjoy the today show! Al Roker and Matt Lauer are great! Replacing Ann is the problem. They also don't have any interesting segments like they used to. I enjoyed where in the world is matt lauer. They segments are blah!

  129. Buzz Curtin


  130. Cathy Carillo

    He needs to go. My guess is the way they treated Ann Curry is to blame for the dip in ratings (and that Matt is in fact a dip himself).

  131. Voula Blake

    Savannah is the reason the show is terrible. Guests don't get to finish statements because of commercial breaks. I am watching GMA. Cannot stand the fakeness of the women on the show.

  132. Sondra Wardlow Sowell

    I am upset with the way NBC treated Ann. That is why I STOPPED watching the Today show. I think, from the little I've seen, that Savannah is doing the best that she can with what she has to work with. GMA just has a better group and they seem to really care about each other. When Ann left, we could tell that Matt didn't care at all. It's a shame that she was treated with such disrespect after all the faithful years at Today. And also she is really smart and down to earth. That's what the show needs. Matt just comes across as arrogant.

  133. Szilvia Kovacs

    The Today Show's viewership is tanking not because of Matt Lauer, but because it has turned from a NEWS program to BOULEVARD news. With the exception of a few news worthy items it is no longer worth watching. Both Meredith and Ann were great at what they did, but thet and now Matt is getting the blame for something that is out of their control. The people that should get replaced are the "news" director, the producers (all of them) and get REAL journalism back into the program. Will it happen, I'm afraid not.

  134. Yvonne O'Neil

    Today is totally boring! There used to be good chemistry when it was Katie, Matt, Al and Ann. No good chemistry anymore! GMA has fun people and lots of energy! I have changed morning shows after decades!

  135. Mark Cosson

    After what Matt did to Ann Curry, he needs to go. And NBC bringing Sarah Palin on the Today Show a few months ago was totally stupid. I will no longer watch Today, and I used to work for an NBC affiliate!

  136. Barbara Gaston

    I quit watching The Today Show along time ago. I don't care one way or the other if Matt Lauer stays or goes. I wish that they would can Matt Lauer and bring back Ann Curry.

  137. Cathie Zehnder- Ming

    It was great with Matt, Katie, Al and Ann-it stayed good with Meredith-her and Matt had good chemistry. After she left it took a steep dive. Ann and Matt didn't work-I think Ann was a bit 'sappy' as an anchor. I agree that it has turned to total fluff and fashion-no hard hitting interviews, nothing of interest. And Kathy Lee and Hoda are HORRIBLE. Savannah seems only interested in how she looks, but fits in with the fluff of what it's become. I retired in January and was looking forward to being able to watch the entire show-no I'd rather clean house!

  138. Wayne Kardatzke

    I don't think there is anything wrong with Matt Lauer. I think the problem with Today is the producers. I've never seen so much inane junk on TV. Today is supposed to be part of NBC News, how about more news and less fluff. I think Matt is a great interviewer and that should be exploited.

  139. Emily Bates Vander Pauwert

    Time to change up the entire cast. That's what GMA did and it worked out well (well it kept bringing in new faces until it got the right mix). People want to see happy people that seem to be friends especially in the morning when we are staring our days off. Keep KL and Hoda, they are a kick. Bring back Ann, get a new weatherman, Al bullied his way in to his job and needs to go now. WE ARE TALKING TO YOU NBC, LISTEN TO YOU EVER SHRINKING VIEWERS AND THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY LEFT. It is not to late to turn your losing streak around!

  140. Anonymous

    Bottom line folks. There is no chemistry there any more. Each individual is barely OK, but they all don't jell. Savannah, Matt, Morales and Al…….

  141. Theresa Buddecke

    Their ratings are tanking because they repeat things 10 times over the course of 2 hours, give you trailers for "upcoming" stories all morning, and have sunk the the level of the National Enquirer in what they consider news.

  142. Tiny Holsinger

    That shithead isn't worth 25 million a year, nobody is! I liked ann better and meredith too! I used to like him though in his younger days!

  143. Cindy Horsley

    I hope nbc is reading these cause they are all so true. Savannah is terrible. Bring back ANN and KATIE! what your rating go through the roof. But I love Al keep him or I'm gone. my husband and I are retired so we watch every day. NBC cant you see the problem its Matt and Savannah! they don't mix and are awful together. Put Natalie in that space/ Amy Roback she was great. Campbell Brown was good too. NBC has left the great ones gooooooooo.

  144. Sandi Harris Graves

    I think Meredith's departure started the slump ad Ann Curry just couldn't decide on a personality. She vascillated from Ms Sensitivity to hard-nose hard news journalist. The end result made her look disingenuous – the OPPOSITE of Matt (or Meredith, for that matter). Savannah and Matt don't seem to have the chemistry that Meredith and Matt did, but it is better than it was with Ann. Savannah's politics are too obvious… : / Matt is awesome, though – smart and warm and just imperfect enough… I hope they get him a co-host with some personality a la Meredith. Oh yeah – not to sound crass but the cancer card hasn't hurt GMA either (LOVE Robin Roberts), nor have Diane's election time antics… Just sayin'…

  145. Abby Abbott

    It's blatant discrimination! Matt was behind Ann Curry being blamed and then fired for declining ratings. Now, the ratings continue to decline, and the good ole boy network fails to realize two things: 1) they really pissed America off for the horrible way they and Matt boy treated Ann, and 2) America is not as enamored of that big jerk, Matt Lauer, as the NBC decision-makers are.

    The Today Show is a drag to watch – boring, not entertaining, repetitive, old, tired, and a show they should cancel like most of the shows they have/have had. I now have this perspecitive because I have been watching GMA and other channels exclusively since the NBC hatchet job on Ann Curry. GMA is very fresh, fun, entertaining, and fun to watch with talented people. The exact opposite of the Today Show.

  146. Linda Taylor-Day

    I stop watching The Today Show when Matt had a hand in getting Ann Curry Fired. In my book he is a nothing and I will not watch in anything he talkes about. Today Shoow should bring Ann Curry back.

  147. Barbara Walsh

    The Today Show is NOT a news show and hasn't been for years. It is a ridiculously lame, all fluff, waste of people's time…Matt Lauer is despicable, a disgrace. The Today show and both of their hosts are embarrassments to the news industry.

  148. Tobiet Sessoms

    I like Matt. I liked Ann, too. I think that GMA has freshened their approach and style with new and informal sets and a more relaxed approach and hot topics, and that's why they're getting higher ratings. I don't think it has anything to do with Matt. GMA has gone to a party-type atmosphere. I watch both shows, love them for different reasons.

  149. Dana Kownick

    The reason why people were so faithful in watching and the ratings were so good is because of the obvious chemistry with the group. Now the show seems almost sterile….like its lost its soul, for lack of a better word. Matt is coming across aloof and Savnannah is excellent but not for the morning show. She and Matt come across kind of 'newsy.' We don't want a six o'clock news vibe at 7am. I think that is why Anne was so loved and people were so loyal to her…she made mornings happier. I honestly think Brian Williams would be a great morning show person because he is so funny and just a great personality. There is no joking on the show anymore. Willy is ok but he tries to hard to be funny. GMA seems more 'real' and 'genuine' and that is what is important to morning viewers.

  150. Richard Bruce

    I also watch GMA and will never watch matt lauer again. What the did to ann was horrible and they deserve what they get.

  151. Anonymous

    Since NBC got rid of Ann so rudely and with so little respect, I have stopped watching the Today Show. Savannah is not the reason the show is dying. The network is.

  152. Joe Wheelock

    Willie Geist is NOT the answer. Out with Matt and Savannah, bring back Anne and bring on Chris Cuomo. Ratings would sore!

  153. Sue Haas Conrad

    Here is a thought: GET RID OF MATT AND SAVANAH and bring back ANN & MEREDITH. Real journalisic integrity, intelligence and personality….of course NBC lacks those traits so this will never happen. Have not watched since ANN was screwed, literally and have not missed it at all….

  154. Anonymous

    I like Matt ok, but liked him better when he didn't have the main chair. But Savannah she brings nothing, I mean was she suppose to replace Ann, I think not! Find a new girl how about that cute Black girl. If it's any consolation I switch back and forth, the guest line up is what dictates who I watch. I miss Robin Roberts.

  155. Tracy Whit

    Things have not been the same since Ann Curry left. And Savannah? who is she and where did she come from? to replace Ann w/ her made no sense. She is avg at best. and Al roker has the worse poker face. Did you see the thanksgiving day parade. the tension between them was as thick as butter. no spark on the Today Show anymore.

  156. Debbie Luiten Schafer

    I quit watching Today when Ann Curry was let go. It took me awhile to get used to GMA but now I really like it. It is surprising how many former NBC news people are there.

  157. Steven H. Foust

    I think to fire Matt Lauer over falling ratings is missing the real point. The truth be known, Good Morning Amorning is thriving becausei it has a great team of anchors and cohosts. Matt has been the same when Today was doing well, and now when it is loosing grips. Maybe the producers of Today need to be fired for constantly changing the women anchors on the show. Just give Matt better anchor support.

  158. Nic Conway

    I just get a feeling that he's a jerk, just by watching The Today Show for the past 30 years before he even got on the show. He just seems so arrogant.

  159. Dee Muñoz Attebery

    It's time for Matt to get the boot… I stop watching after Ann left…

  160. Bryan Maynard

    Yeah, this is why I don't watch the Today show. I prefer Fox & Friends. Also, what do you expect from the network that's Nothing But Crap…NBC…If they actually reported the news instead of editing everything to make liberals like Obama look like a saint, they may actually be worth watching. But because they won't and are just a media arm of the Obama dictatorship, I will refuse to watch them, because they refuse to actually ask the tough questions to Obama. Like about what happened in Libya.

  161. Roz Gregg

    I love Matt and Savannah and Natalie and Al. Ann was a nice person but boring as heck. The people they have on now are so much better and are perfect for morning TV. You guys that don't like them are idiots.

  162. Cindy Sterling

    It's the greedy, money-hungry, two-faced NBC executives, not Matt Lauer, who've caused a majority of problems, especially after their appalling treatment of Ann Curry. As much as I've loved and faithfully watched the show since its early years, I can't stand to watch it as much anymore, knowing how they dumped Ann Curry. Yes, I still love Matt, Al, Natalie, and Lester (frankly, can't stand the inexperienced upstart Savannah), but the NBC executives are the root of the problems and are no better than pond scum. They should apologize to everyone.

  163. Joyce Mead


  164. Deborah Carpenter Blum

    Lost interest and respect for the show and Matt Lauer after Ann Curry was let go.

  165. Nic Conway

    Me too. I just don't watch it anymore. I miss Ann Curry. She was so nice.

  166. Anonymous

    It's not Matt's fault regarding Ann Curry's reassingment. She is still working for them and I have seen her on Dateline, and overseas on camera assignments. I really love Matt and Al! He has been loyal to NBC and deserves every benfit of the doubt, and the cruelty and ignorance of these posts is more than I can stomach! I'm out!

  167. Anonymous

    NBC are you reading these comments. How many more have left TODAY since you.
    treated Ann Curry so badly. I have not watched the show since she left and do not.
    plan to. That was one HUGE mistake. GOOD MORNING AMERICA, more interesting and.
    NO oversized egos.

  168. James Ashley Gonzales

    Since Ann Curry has left Today show , I did STOP watching , I don't care for Matt! Therefore I started watch GMA………Plus can't stand Savannah too! Good Luck! God Save Iconic Her Majesty Madonna!

  169. Jacob Hauger-David

    Ann Curry for 55 or 56 was a sexy beatiuful woman with nice legs other then that Ann was a traffic journalist and Host and Matt Lauer is a looser hopefully Lester Holt or Natlie Morles will replace this fool soon. and Matt Lauer had his ass touched by Willie Giest another joke the Today show hired hopefully he wasnt replace Lauer hopefully Lester or the beatiuful Natlie Morales. Savannah is fool get rid of her to. replace her with Juliet Huddy of Foxnews.

  170. Ron O'Neal

    Lauer is a backstabbing low life. I'll never watch The Today Show as long as his sorry @ss is on the show. Arrogant punk.

  171. Lauryn Lil'Datzke

    i don't like matt lauer but i like that you're getting the hang of this FB thing!

  172. Thomas Murallo

    matt laurer should have gotten the boot a long time ago! he has had his time! if that happens, i bet ann won't shed any tears! tm

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