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Bonner Bolton Admits That He’s Secretly Glad To Be Out Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Bonner Bolton has been through a lot: suffered a broken neck, was temporarily paralyzed, stormed out of Dancing With the Stars rehearsals, received harsh criticism from DWTS judges, and eventually got eliminated from the ABC dancing competition show.

But Bonner Bolton says that he’s glad to be out of Dancing With the Stars, as he has made it far enough to prove himself and others that his body is “moving well enough.”

Bonner Bolton, the bull rider who had suffered a broken neck and was temporarily paralyzed before he was cast in Dancing With the Stars Season 24 with pro dance partner Sharna Burgess, stopped to chat with E! News reporter Sibley Scoles after the not-so-surprising elimination from DWTS on Monday night.

Bonner Bolton got candid during his chat with E! News, revealing that neither he nor Burgess, who were rumored to be dating after their first DWTS dance, were surprised when they got booted off the show.

Bonner Bolton, who became the latest DWTS contestant to be eliminated as the final four made it through to the Season 24 semifinals, admitted that he is “thankful” to have “lasted this long” in Dancing With the Stars, explaining that he wanted to inspire people with how well his body is moving even though he had been temporarily paralyzed.

“I wanted to discover how much it could move and I got to do that and I got to inspire some people hopefully.”

Dancing With the Stars judges gave Bonner Bolton a hard time before booting him off the dancing competition show on Monday night, with Len Goodman telling the bull rider outright that he should never have made it this far in the competition, according to the Daily Mail.

The tension during Monday’s episode was so thick you could cut it with a knife when Bonner Bolton took hits from judge Goodman like he was a punching bag.

Telling Bonner Bolton that he had gone “a bridge too far,” Goodman said he should blame viewers, rather than judges for his elimination from Dancing With the Stars.

The head judge also criticized Bonner Bolton for getting frustrated during DWTS rehearsals, when the bull rider stormed out when his pro dance partner Burgess’s choice of song (“Believer” by Imagine Dragons) reminded him of the horrors of his bull riding accident that left him temporarily paralyzed.

Bonner Bolton, whose jazz dance to Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” scored only 28 points, took criticism from the DWTS judges with dignity, insisting that he does not claim to be “the best dancer.”

Bonner Bolton went on to compliment his pro partner for “the guidance of this young lady” and said his brave “heart” helped him get this far in Dancing With the Stars.

Chatting with E! News following their elimination from DWTS, Bonner Bolton’s pro dance partner, Burgess, admitted that it makes her “a very, very happy woman, a very happy coach, and a very proud friend” that their dances on Dancing With the Stars helped Bolton discover what he’s “capable of.”

While Burgess admitted that it’s “sad” that she and Bonner Bolton had been eliminated from DWTS after such an emotional season, she says knowing that Bolton “feels happy with his journey” makes her very proud.

Burgess also praised Bonner Bolton for showing during his performances on Dancing With the Stars “how resilient as human beings we can be and that we’re capable of anything.”

“So, thank you to Bonner for that.”

For their last dance on DWTS, Bonner Bolton and Burgess showed off a very sexy jazz routine that may have been too sexy for Dancing With the Stars judges to handle. Judge Goodman, 73-years-old, admitted after the dance that he wasn’t that impressed with the steamy dance.

“I’m 73, a little bit too raunchy for the old guy really.”

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