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The Game: Busted For Being Too Dark, But It’s Not What You Think

Rapper The Game wants everyone to know that he was busted on Thursday night for being too dark, but his police interaction wasn not based on the color of his skin but rather the tinting on his vehicle.

The Game was on his way into the Roxbury for his birthday celebration when he was handed a ticket because his vehicles windows were tinted beyond state laws and because he was driving with no license plate easily viewable on his vehicle.

Given his gang living lifestyle the run-in with police was pretty casual. In fact after being handed the ticket The Game celebrated by giving everyone in his posse a Rolex for Christmas.

Later in the night The Game was spotted on the street with a bottle of champagne in hand.

Perhaps receiving a ticket before going into the club to drink was a bit of lucky fortune, it could have been worse if he had been caught drinking in public and then getting into a tinted vehicle with no license plate.

This is the second time in 2012 that The Game has come under fire for his actions, a video recently surfaced in which The Game and his crew are seen beating up fellow rapper 40 Glocc.

The Game’s reps have not commented, then again there isn’t much to say.

He promised to continue his hard living lifestyle when he broke onto the music scene and so far The Game has lived up to that promise.