Patent Application Filed By Sony: New Controller That Can Split In two

Patent Application Filed By Sony For New Controller That Can Split In Two

A lot of people have been wondering what the future game consoles from Sony and Microsoft will look like. Along with new game consoles, Sony and Microsoft will more than likely come out with new controllers as well.

According to NBC News, documents released this week by the U.S. patent office show that Sony appears to be working on a new version of its Move motion controller. There new concept allows the controller to split into two pieces.

Sony has filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for what it calls a “Hybrid Separable Motion Controller.”

As you can see above, from the image submitted to the patent office, the design seems to meld the orb-topped Move controller with the more standard-issue Sixaxis controller.

The patent was originally filed last year but was only made public by the patent office this week.

The patent documents describe how the two halves can be joined and separated, it also shows how the two halves can operate independently of each other.

The idea of a controller that merges a standard controller and a motion controller into one convenient package is rather intriguing.

Of course, whether this device ever actually makes it to market remains to be seen. But with Nintendo launching its new Wii U game machine with a tablet controller, it will be interesting to see how Sony and Microsoft choose to advance game controls with their own next-generation systems.

For its part, Microsoft not only appears to be working on the next generation of motion-sensing Kinect controller, it has filed a patent for what looks a lot like a gaming holodeck for the home.

Either way, early indications suggests that motion controlled gaming is here to stay.