WWE News: 'Raw' Women's Superstar Injured During WWE European Tour

WWE News: ‘Raw’ Women’s Superstar Injured During WWE European Tour

The stars of WWE Monday Night Raw are overseas right now for a huge tour but one star might have her visit there cut short early. At an event in Liverpool, England, Emma and Mickie James teamed up to fight Sasha Banks and Bayley and the match had to be stopped early due to injury.

According to fans on Twitter, Emma was laying across the bottom turnbuckles when Sasha Banks prepared for her double stomp. The move went off wrong and Emma landed badly after the stomp and injured her shoulder. The referee threw up the “X” with his arms, which signifies that a real injury happened in the match.

The referee them immediately stopped the match after the injury and physicians attended to Emma and then helped her to the back. The bad thing for Emma is that this isn’t her first injury in the ring and this might put her back on the shelf again just short weeks after she made her WWE return.

Emma originally joined the WWE back in 2011 at Florida Championship Wrestling, which is what soon morphed into NXT. She originally starred in Shimmer as Tenille Tayla and changed her name to Emma in the WWE developmental system.

WWE News: 'Raw' Women's Superstar Injured During WWE European Tour
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The original for Emma in NXT was as a clumsy dancer but she soon began to pick up wins despite being purposefully awkward in the ring. By 2014, Emma made her Monday Night Raw debut by showing up in the audience holding up signs promoting herself. When she finally made her debut, it was a continuation of her awkward, clumsy character.

Emma reached her highest success at the time in a comedy duo with Santino Marella and that storyline continued until Santino retired from the WWE. She continued to work after that as a wrestler and then returned to NXT in 2015 for the WWE to repackage her into a different gimmick as her clumsy dancer persona had reached its dead end.

Emma turned heel for the first time since entering the WWE in 2015 and started a feud with Bayley, the most over babyface in NXT. Emma changed from her clumsy dancer gimmick into the same kind of “Mean Girls” gimmick that Summer Rae and Sasha Banks had used in the past.

Emma returned to the main roster in 2016 and teamed with Summer Rae, continuing her heel persona. Two months after her WWE main roster return, Emma suffered a back injury at a live event and had to leave to recover.

That October, the WWE started showing vignettes about the “makeover of Emma to Emmalina” but it was a misstep and nothing ever happened with that angle. It all ended with Emma coming out as Emmalina and then saying that she was now going to start her “makeover of Emmalina to Emma.” The reason that the angle was dropped was because the WWE didn’t think Emma could pull off the character.

WWE News: 'Raw' Women's Superstar Injured During WWE European Tour
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Emma finally made her return in April of this year and moved back into the same role as a “Mean Girls” heel that she played before her back injury. Interestingly, the injury that occurred in Liverpool. England was at yet again another live event and not a televised episode of Monday Night Raw.

The word is that this is a shoulder injury and it might be enough to take Emma out for an even longer period of time. With that back injury taking Emma out for almost a year, this won’t help her career. Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Micky James, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax lead the women’s division and this injury will move Emma even further down the roster.

More news about the Emma injury on the WWE tour of Europe should come over the next few days. Until then, this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw takes place in London’s O2 Arena.

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