'Married At First Sight' Spoilers: Anthony And Ashley May Already Be Discussing Having Kids

‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Anthony And Ashley May Already Be Discussing Having Kids

The Married at First Sight spoilers could point to a rough patch for Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta, with their very new relationship facing a challenge from Ashley’s meddling family members — but a potential bright future that could even include having kids.

Though the three couples featured on the new season of the Lifetime reality show have gotten off to a good start through the first three episodes, there are signs that Anthony and Ashley could hit an early test in Thursday’s episode. Previews for the episode showed Anthony putting his foot down after Ashley revealed that her sister had been putting “stuff in my head” and sharing advice about their relationship.

As People magazine noted, the tension between Anthony and Ashley comes to a head during a kayak ride in which they discuss the over-involvement of her family. On the trip, Ashley had some trouble navigating her kayak and said she was getting some troubling advice from her sister, Lauryn.

“Right now, a shark could come and think that we are that fish that my sister keeps telling me about,” Petta told her husband. “I mean, it totally makes sense.”

“No it doesn’t make sense. When’s the last time you’ve seen a big orange and red fish?” Anthony shot back. “I need to have a good talking with your sister.”

When the couple returned to shore, Anthony noted that Lauryn was offering too much unsolicited advice on the relationship, including her suggestion that the couple move in together.

“Letting family and friends really chime in on a relationship too much can be harmful to it,” Anthony said. “Just stay out of our head.”

“[Lauryn] needs to realize that this is my wife now,” he added. “If we’re continuing this journey long-term, which I’m 100 percent hoping we are, she can’t just jump in and freak us out or anything like that.”

But aside from the tension surrounding their family, there are some Married at First Sight spoilers pointing to a happy ending for Ashley and Anthony. As Monsters and Critics noted, after a bit of a wait to get comfortable with each other, the couple seemed anxious to consummate their marriage and even seemed to be on the same page about starting a family.

“I want to have kids so badly,” Ashley admitted to her husband.

Anthony was a bit surprised at how frank she was about plans to have a baby, but didn’t seem too off put at the idea of it.

“Nobody wants that just yet! But, you never know,” he answered.

There were some potential spoilers, even as Married at First Sight stated that Anthony and Ashley could be the couple who would last beyond the first few weeks. As sociologist Pepper Schwartz noted, via the Chicago Tribune, the couple seemed to have the right formula to make a marriage that lasts.

Schwartz also hinted that Anthony and Ashley share a strong bond for their desire to have children.

“Anthony and Ashley are a great match because they both love children and they’re both ready to be mom and dad. And they have these big extended Italian families,” Schwartz said.

And even though Ashley’s family caused a bit of tension in Thursday’s episode, Anthony’s mother said in the show’s first episode that she saw the two as a perfect match, and Ashley’s father said he felt comfortable giving her away to Anthony.

The spoilers about Ashley and Anthony could have a historic precedent on Married at First Sight. There have certainly been a few success stories on the show, including Jamie and Doug, who met and got married on a previous season and are now still together and expecting their first child together.

Those who want to see if the Married at First Sight spoilers come true for Ashley and Anthony can tune in on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime. The episode can also be seen on the show’s official page.

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