Riley Sheahan

Riley Sheahan DUI Arrest: Watch Dash Cam Video

Grand Rapids, MI — Police dashboard camera video of the alleged “super drunk” DUI arrest of Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan has been posted to the web.

Sheahan, who currently plays for the Grand Rapids Griffins, was dressed as Teletubby Inky Winky when he was pulled over by police for wrong-way driving on a one-way street, arrested after failing field sobriety tests, and allegedly blowing a .30 at the police station (a BAC nearly four times the legal limit).

The audio is not great on the video (see below), but it does sound like one of the officers asks the player if likes the Teletubbies or something along those lines. The DUI traffic stop incident occurred about midnight on October 29, but the information about the arrest, including the dash cam video, only recently emerged. Reportedly, Shehan has been disciplined by the Griffins.

The Red Wings prospect has been charged pursuant to Michigan’s new “super drunk” law which took effect on October 31, 2010. If convicted under that state’s tougher drunk driving statute, he could receive a six-month jail sentence and deportation back to Canada.

Sheahan, 20, the Red Wings top draft pick in 2010, also faces charges of providing false information after being stopped in connection with using another player’s ID.

The super drunk law applies to first offenders who test at a BAC of .17 or higher (repeat offenders face even more stringent penalties). In addition to the jail sentence and hefty fines, the offender’s driver’s license is suspended for 45 days followed by 320 days of restricted driving during which the individual must have an ignition interlock device installed in the vehicle.

Watch the Riley Sheahan dash cam video of his DUI arrest:

Watch a local news report about the Riley Sheahan arrest: